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Vocational Guidance Report




Oprah Winfrey

January 29, 1954

7:50 PM

Jackson, Mississippi




























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***** Introduction *****


    This report is designed to serve as a guide in finding your true vocation. At the same time an analysis of your personal characteristics, strengths or inhibitions, unused potential, karma, creativity, ability to earn money, work in relation to your employment etc., is given. At the end you will find a synthesis of the foregoing that will help you to summarize and clarify your mission in this life. Throughout this report numerous indications of possible vocations or professions related to your astrological influences are outlined. It is suggested that you reflect on this information so that in the end your own intuition can lead you to the best selection.







***** Astrological Data of Birth *****


The birth chart is a map of the positions of the planets at the

time and place of birth. For the benefit of students of astrology,

these positions and other technical information is listed below:


Sun      9 Aqu 39               Neptune  26 Lib 04

Moon    12 Sag 32               Pluto    24 Leo 08

Mercury 20 Aqu 16               Asc.      9 Vir 36

Venus    9 Aqu 39               MC        7 Gem 51

Mars    23 Sco 57               2nd cusp  5 Lib 36

Jupiter 16 Gem 38               3rd cusp  5 Sco 30

Saturn   9 Sco 04               5th cusp 10 Cap 22

Uranus  20 Can 17               6th cusp 11 Aqu 15


Tropical  Placidus   Standard Time observed

GMT: 01:50:00   Time Zone: 6 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth place: 32 N 17 55 90 W 11 05


Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction: 7 Deg 00 Min

Opposition : 5 Deg 00 Min

Square     : 5 Deg 00 Min

Trine      : 5 Deg 00 Min

Sextile    : 5 Deg 00 Min

***** Chapter 1 *****

Your individuality. Your personality.

Your emotional needs. Your mentality.


    To find the ideal profession, you have to know yourself first. There are activities you are suited for according to your nature, and others you are not. Your ideal occupation should favor the expression of your individuality (Sun) and your personality (Rising Sign), satisfy your emotional needs (Moon) and permit the development of your intellect (Mercury).





    You were born under the sign of AQUARIUS and your ruling planet is Uranus, which makes you rebellious, independent and unconventional.


    Your Sun sign is FIXED and this impels you to fulfill an organizing function, either in thought or action. Your attitude is firm, persistent, stable and decisive. You have the ability to concentrate profoundly on your projects and to stay firm in your purposes. In spite of this, you will have to cultivate a certain flexibility to avoid obstinacy and selfishness.


    Aquarius is an AIR sign and this makes you curious, sociable and mentally very active. All occupations that stimulate your intellect and the possibility of communicating will be very favorable. You need variety, harmony and the exchange of ideas.


    You like to be free and do not adhere to routine or the limitations of daily life. Because of this, your manner is personal, informal and sometimes a bit too hasty. You are very curious and attracted to everything that is special, different or mysterious. You enjoy travel, adventure and the possibility of meeting new people and places. You can communicate easily and make friends everywhere you go. Your independent attitude permits you to relate to everybody and not to commit yourself to anybody. You learn things that interest you very quickly, but also get bored quickly when a subject is slow or tedious.


    Your life will be filled with changes and surprises, some will be planned and others totally unexpected. You are very creative and you always put your personal touch on everything you do. You have the ability to invent, transform and change your environment. Your demeanor and the course of your life will always be unpredictable.


    You were born to change the world around you, to provide new ideas, styles and conventions. Your way of thinking or acting probably will be criticized, but it will teach others to widen their horizons and open their minds. You were born to break the rules, procedures and duties, especially when they become outmoded or obsolete. Your humanitarian, altruistic and futuristic vision will permit you to think about the function of groups and to render your help to them. Another of your missions is to create, to invent, to innovate and to develop your creativity and imagination.


    To evolve, your spirit needs to learn to develop patience with the things you cannot change or with people who are unable to keep up with your pace. You have to control your eccentricity, rebelliousness and wrong ideas so that you don't waste your energy protesting things that you can not accept. You could easily fall into immature and erratic modes of thinking, or quickly change your feelings and interests, and act with indifference and coldness toward others.






    Others see you as an intelligent, practical, industrious and efficient person. You exhibit your ability to see the details and to solve daily problems, especially other people's problems.


    In spite of your great abilities, you have a big disadvantage: your insecurity. You have an inner shyness and a need for reaffirmation from others and because of this, you become stressed, make sacrifices, are complacent and repress your aggressiveness. You are delicate and emotionally complex. Most of the time you give much more than you receive in hopes of finding a reciprocal attitude in others, but in this you are sure to be disillusioned. You have to learn to express all characteristics of your Sun sign (described previously) with freedom and security. You are inclined to analyze each step you take too much and in the end may not accomplish anything.


    The profession you choose will have to allow you to express your sense of order, your need of serving, curing, helping and solving other's problems; avoid working in tense places, under the supervision of aggressive people, or where you can't expect stability and security for your future.




YOUR EMOTIONAL NEEDS: Moon in Sagittarius


    Your emotions are fiery, intense and changing. You can't tolerate boring, very passive or monotonous activities; you love conquest. Throughout your life you will be drawn to more than one situation or difficult or impossible goals to accomplish. You despair when you are unable to get what you hope for, however, when you obtain it, you may tire of it or lose interest.


    You are very curious and strongly attracted to novel situations, conquest or adventure. You are a bit immature and naive and generously share everything you have. You express your ideas freely and often neglect others' sensibility, which may cause you to say things in the wrong place or to the wrong people. Your anecdotes in this regard will be frequent. You like to meet people of different culture and ethnic origin. You love to travel, especially to strange and remote places. You feel the need to expand your horizons and dream of an accomplished future. On the negative side, you tend to procrastinate or have a lack of commitment.


    Subconsciously, you have a strong desire to expand and to exceed your current limits. In previous lives you may have done a lot of traveling to distant lands in order to study, preach or teach philosophy, law or religion. Because of this, you are not used to staying in one relationship or in a particular place. You long to be with people you may have known sometime ago, far away from your home. It is easy for you to learn languages and you are not afraid of the unknown. You may have suffered certain injustices or may have been a witness to them. Therefore, today you have a strong feeling for the law and are protective of people in inferior situations. In this incarnation you have the need to share all your knowledge and wisdom, and seek to overcome the feeling of loneliness or isolation that you have suffered in the past.


    The profession you choose will have to satisfy your emotional need to know, to learn, to teach, to expand your consciousness and your mental as well as your material limits. You need to express your enthusiasm, joy of living and confidence in yourself. You have to avoid dogmatism, exaggeration or self-indulgence.




YOUR MENTALITY: Mercury in Aquarius


    You have a discriminating, original, creative and progressive mind with great capacity. You cling stubbornly to your own ideas and will not respond to impositions or orders from others. You are very curious, intuitive and a good observer. Your sharp mind is objective and you are clear in your opinions and will rarely be dominated by your emotions when speaking. You are very intelligent, which allows you to learn any subject quite rapidly, provided that you are interested and do not get bored with it.


    Your way of communicating is open, spontaneous and without restraint or prejudice. You love to talk with everybody, especially those who attract your attention or curiosity. Although you seem to be flexible, you won't change your mind and are not easily influenced. You are not likely to worry about formalities, traditions or social acceptance. Your ideas are tuned into the Age of Aquarius: future-oriented and freedom-loving. Your family, friends or superiors may not understand you or think you are an eccentric; the reality is that you live far beyond the present.


***** Chapter 2 *****

Your abilities and your emotions, inhibitions and strengths.

Hidden talents or challenges, Karma.


    The location of the planets in the houses and the relationship between them can increase or decrease their power. Aspects of the Sun are related to our strength and those of the Moon affect the emotional world and are expressed on a subconscious level.



     Aspects that affect your INDIVIDUALITY:


Sun in 5th house:


    Your success is related to any creative, artistic, sports or recreational activity, or one of teaching, especially children. This influence also indicates success in speculative businesses, investments that imply certain risks or games of chance. The Sun in this position inclines one to parent outstanding and successful children.


Sun Conjunct Venus:


    You have great ability to work with your hands or to do other artistic endeavors. Your creative and aesthetic sense needs to find expression and a channeling process; it is necessary for you to use these abilities because it could help you to beautify your environment. You appreciate the finer things in life and like beautiful things and luxury.


Sun Square Saturn:


    You may see life as a challenge and feel that everything you want to obtain implies a sacrifice of some type. Sometimes your attitude could be overly exaggerated and realistic, leading towards pessimism. You have to learn to be more positive and to change your mental programming of "everything is too difficult". Being positive is more effective and allows you to accomplish your goals with greater ease.


    You are likely to have many karmic tests during your life that could bring frustration or delays with your plans. You will have to keep your mind calm to be able to understand the lesson you have to learn each time. Basically, you will have to overcome the fear of assuming responsibilities, relying more on yourself and avoiding being overshadowed by your father or superiors.


Sun Sextile Moon:


    There is a harmonious balance between your ego and your emotions. Your inner balance allows you to act calmly and moderately, and you are likely to attain the things you want without many problems. You are firm and sound in your decisions and are well suited for a profession in the public arena.




     Aspects that affect your EMOTIONS:


Moon in 4th house:


    You love your home, are strongly attached to your family and may find it difficult to cut the ties that connect you. This love is also extended to your city, your country, your traditions and everything that is part of your history. You like to collect things and could do well in projects related to land, cultivation, and real estate.


Moon Opposition Jupiter:


    Your are likely to be too generous, which could generate problems for you. You have to learn to place limits on your offerings and not to rely so much on others. You have a tendency to exaggeration, showiness and a certain extravagance. You tend to be too confident of your possibilities, which makes you prone to have losses in business or litigations. You can be indulgent, lazy and negligent. To avoid problems, you have to learn to be more organized and to put order in your life.


Moon Sextile Venus:


    You are likely to have many friendships and will be very popular with others. You can easily relate to others and show great sensitivity in your dealings, which lets you get along well with everyone and allows you to make friends easily. You also have good taste and are very interested in artistic subjects.




HIDDEN TALENTS: Leo on 12th house cusp


    You will have to increase your self-esteem, confidence and power of decision. You are likely to have inhibitions that don't allow you to freely express or act on your ideas. You are afraid of your own power and aggressiveness, which lowers your energy or enthusiasm. You have a tendency to think too much before acting, and most of the time this restricts your own impulse. You have to learn to relax, to amuse yourself more, to laugh about your own mistakes and to express your sense of humor openly. You also may not use your creativity and artistic talent sufficiently.


    This influence could bring confrontations with powerful enemies, you could have problems with authority or encounter dangerous situations with large animals.


Pluto in 12th house:


    Your wasted talent is your capacity to be a leader and to direct others. You have a complex emotional life with many unexpected and unconscious reactions. You are reluctant to face changes in your life and prefer to cling to the past. Because of this, you work better behind the scenes in touch with needy people, where you will be able to show your ability to understand the psychological problems of others. If you don't learn to alleviate your inner stress, you could suffer some mental or physical ailments that are difficult to diagnose.


***** Chapter 3 *****

Expansion (Jupiter) and retraction (Saturn).

To give and to receive.


EXPANSION: Jupiter in Gemini


    Your sense of expansion manifests through your intellectual capacity. You are very intelligent and noted for your mental powers. You have a need to study, to read, to inform yourself and to exchange opinions and ideas with others. Knowing more about the topics you are involved with makes you feel more confident and powerful; your growth in life is based on that. On the other hand, you have to learn to combine your great ability to reason with your feelings, because under this astrological influence the mind is more developed at the expense of the emotions.


Jupiter in 10th house:


    You are likely to have great professional success with many opportunities to advance and grow. Because of your leadership ability, self-confidence and integrity, you would do well in law or as a manager in any company. Your material growth is bound to the application of your strong sense of justice and morality. You are proud, materialistic and ambitious, and will receive recognition at an early age. Your professional work will be extensive and you will feel that you have accomplished a great deal in your life.


Jupiter Opposition Moon:


    It is probable that you may have had overly indulgent parents and because of that tend to be very complacent today. Avoid carelessness, laziness and don't let things slide. You also should avoid surrounding yourself with people who protect you too much and make decisions for you. It is important that you learn to discipline yourself and to direct your energies more carefully.


Jupiter Trine Mercury:


    You have the ability to organize and plan enterprises. Travel and any activity that helps to expand your mind is very rewarding for you. Communicating and learning foreign languages is easy for you.



RETRACTION: Saturn in Scorpio


    The inhibition principle affects your libido and the expression of your strength. You have tremendous willpower, energy and face life with intensity. You have a magnetic personality, and you demand much of yourself and others, though your approach will be subtle, persistent and determined. You make an effort to contain or repress your energies; you don't easily show the intensity of your feelings and give the impression of being in control, but this is not good. You will have to learn to release your inner pressures without fear and to freely show your preferences. You probably are not sure of exhibiting your emotions.


 Saturn in 3rd house:


    You have a penetrating mind that is capable of good concentration. You may have trouble communicating, as you tend to be inhibited in expressing your ideas and emotions. You also may be prone to melancholia or depression. You think conservatively and prefer realistic and concrete ideas to the abstract. It is important that you foster positive thoughts and replace those you have learned during childhood. Your principal frustration could be that of not studying or not reaching the intellectual level you desire. It is important for you to persevere with your studies.


Saturn Square Sun:


    You could experience delays, complications or frustrations with your plans. You will have to increase your self-esteem and confidence in your own ability. This astrological aspect could bring people into your life who will inhibit you or discourage you in your objectives; these people may be your boss, a friend, relative or your own mate. A tendency to frustration may be rooted in your subconscious which allows you to play the victim (this applies especially to men), and throughout your life you have learned to gain the attention of others through your problems. You have to abandon this behavior and affirm the thoughts that from now on you accept all the success you deserve, and that all you need comes easily into your life.


Saturn Square Venus:


    You tend to feel unloved or rejected by or indifference from one of your parents (probably your father). This makes you shy and unable to demonstrate your emotions freely, and minimizes your ability to progress in life. Chronically discontented, you often sacrifice happiness for duty. You tend to be on the defensive and fear rejection and lack of acceptance. If you don't overcome your inner complex, this aspect could bring sentimental as well as economical failures and loneliness. To solve this problem, you have to evaluate each one of your talents, increase your ability to love, and rely on each of your goals without waiting for approval from others.



    Success in life depends to a great extent on the balance between giving and receiving, expanding and retracting. Even dwelling on the one and only failure you may have had is like not attempting anything.


***** Chapter 4 *****

Finances, source of income.

Work in relation to your employment.


    Described below are some possible sources of income. They may coincide, or not relate at all to your professional vocation.



FINANCES: Libra on 2nd house cusp


    Your financial balance may depend to a large extent on your marriage or partnerships. There is a possibility of relating to wealthy people who will help to solve your financial problems, but this would generate a strong dependency on them. You have many talents, but need the support of someone close to advance in the material world. You are likely to change jobs several times.


    You could earn money through social activities such as public relations or those relating to art, beauty, decoration and the world of aesthetics in general.


Neptune in 2nd house:


    You may have inspirations and good ideas about making money, but if you don't learn to manage it, you are likely to have fluctuations involving loss and fraud or theft. You could do well in activities that permit you to channel your imagination and intuition, or those related to any kind of service or investigation, especially chemicals, gas or water. You should avoid too much credit buying, and shouldn't carry much cash with you, because cash tends to flow through your fingers. In general, you will have to watch your associations, as you tend to be an easy prey for money-making schemes. This position generates a danger of losses or thefts.


Ruler of 2nd house in 5th house:


    Your income is related to creative endeavors, publications, entertainment, sports or arts, investments that imply certain risk or speculation, education or children. You are likely to earn money through some pursuit that will offer satisfaction and pleasure.



    Earning money is in direct relationship to our self-esteem. If we consider ourselves valuable, money flows and comes into our lives. Work done with love and pleasure doesn't weigh us down and offers a better profit.



WORK IN RELATION TO YOUR EMPLOYMENT: Aquarius on 6th house cusp


    Your work in relationship to your employment will be expressed by your originality and inventiveness. You are very intelligent and have the ability to find new solutions to problems that are presented. In general, you seek recognition for your aptitudes or service, and if you are unable to receive it, you may change jobs several times. You may have trouble relating to your co-workers, as you may find them to be different than you are. You are more comfortable in occupational positions that bring you in contact with the public and permit you to communicate freely.


Mercury in 6th house:


    You are contented if your work place stimulates your ideas, imagination and communication, especially jobs related to publication or means of information. You need to express your thoughts and like to feel that you are in a place where you can continue to learn and grow intellectually. This placement favors communication with your co-workers and superiors in general.


***** Chapter 5 *****

Your creativity and recreational activities.

Other skills and hobbies.


    Hobbies are also part of our personality and through them, we express to a great extent our creative ability. It is important to enjoy our leisure activities and to complement them with our work or profession to reach greater balance. In our culture, we tend to place importance only on that which brings us money, thereby neglecting the expression of important parts of our personality.



YOUR CREATIVITY: Capricorn on 5th house cusp


    Your favorite recreational activities will be those that bring you in touch with earth and nature. Because of your responsible and serious attitude, you may find it difficult to allow yourself pleasure and amusement. You have to increase your leisure activities and permit yourself to have more time for distractions. You may be interested in intellectual activities, reading, writing, exchanging ideas, or investigating a special subject. Your creativity is stimulated by silence; you need to withdraw from others in order to find yourself. Meditation or any other technique of relaxation will help you to draw more profit from your own creativity.


Sun in 5th house:


    Some of your pastimes could be: dancing, acting, modeling, telling jokes, participating in political or social groups, writing plays or books for children, collecting valuable objects or works of art, doing crafts, magic tricks, designing or creating toys, fashions, decorative objects, gold jewelry etc. You enjoy activities that bring you to the center of attraction.


Venus in 5th house:


    Some of your pastimes could be: singing, dancing, acting, painting, drawing, decorating, sculpturing ceramics or copper, handicrafts in general, writing poetry, music or love stories, designing fashions, cosmetics or decorations, pastry, or participating in social activities.


***** Chapter 6 *****

Your vocation, profession, probability of success and

social recognition.


Gemini MC


    Your destiny will lead you down different roads, seeking constant change and you will probably have more than one profession. Your great intelligence will allow you to excel in everything you start, even though you may not have received a complete education. You have nice behavior, a good memory, a persuasive capability and wit, but boredom with routine and inconstancy will be your worst problems. That is why you will need to choose a profession that will allow you to be in contact with different people, to go to different places and to vary your schedules. Communication should never be missing in your life, as that is what is most fulfilling for you. Also, people can have a strong influence on you, and some of your changes could be suggested by your family, friends or mate.


    Your career choice could be one of the following professions (or all of them!): journalist, speaker, travel agent, merchant, writer, teacher, transportation, comedian, teacher of languages, translator, commentator, critic etc., and any other profession which would allow you to be an intermediary.



Jupiter in 10th house:


    You are likely to have a lot of professional success, and many opportunities to advance and grow. Because of your leadership ability, honesty, and trust in yourself, you could excel in politics, the law, sales in general or reach a high position in a corporation. You have a deep sense of justice and morality. You are proud, materialistic and very ambitious, and will receive recognition at an early age. Your professional work will be extensive and you will feel fulfilled in the future. This astrological position brings luck to advance in life.


Ruler of 10th house in 6th house:


    Your professional success is related to your ideas on service. No matter what profession you choose, it will be more gratifying for you if you feel that you are helping others. This astrological position favors professions linked to medicine, therapy or nutrition. If you do not have a career, you are likely to work in a company that provides some kind of service.


***** Chapter 7 *****

Summary. Your unique talents.


    Each of us is born with a unique talent, and our function in life is to express it. Following are descriptions of the principal astrological influences that form your unique abilities. Although some probable professions are listed, your true vocation is a combination of all these elements. After reading these paragraphs, reflect on them and let your intuition help you to find your own synthesis.





    You were born to change the world around you, to provide new ideas, styles and conventions. You were born to break the rules and eliminate old procedures and duties, especially when they become outmoded or obsolete. Your humanitarian, altruistic and futuristic vision will permit you to think about the function of groups and to render your help to them. Another one of your missions is to create, to invent, to innovate and to develop your creativity and imagination.


    Professions ruled by Aquarius: inventor, writer, politician, investigator, scientist, computer programmer, aviator, astronaut, announcer, artist, journalist, sales representative, astronomer, astrologer, musician, composer, electrician, metaphysician, and all atypical or novel occupations and those related to social or political organizations.




    The profession you choose will have to allow you to express your sense of order, your need of serving, healing, helping and solving others' problems; avoid working in tense places, under the supervision of aggressive people, or where you can't expect stability and security for your future.


YOUR EMOTIONAL NEEDS: Moon in Sagittarius


    Your job will have to satisfy your emotional need to know, to learn, to teach, to expand your consciousness and your mental as well as material limits. You need to express your enthusiasm, joy of living and confidence in yourself.




    Your career choice could be one of the following professions: journalist, speaker, travel agent, merchant, writer, teacher, transportation, comedian, teacher of languages, translator, commentator, critic etc., and any other profession that would allow you to be an intermediary. You have a need to project your ideas and intelligence.