Accuracy in Prediction:

Using Solar Arcs and Midpoint Pictures

by Noel Tyl


The prediction technique of solar arcs is resourceful and powerful. It is based on concepts of primary directions formulated by Ptolemy early in the second century, but this technique, refined over centuries, is much simpler. The system of solar arcs takes prediction potentials well beyond the main limitation of secondary progressions, i.e., the minimal progressed movement of the planets beyond Mars.


The Principle of Solar Arcs

There are two principles in solar arc interpretation. The first is to personalize the general degree-for-a-year (i.e., day-for-a-year) symbolism that is the backbone of secondary progressions (and which intrigued European astrologers for hundreds of years, especially since the late sixteenth century). The second is to use that symbolism throughout the entire natal horoscope.

The ultimate refinement of the system as we know it today uses the exact arc of the Sun from the birth position to the secondary progressed position in the birthday month of any given year of life and applies it to every planet, the ascendant, midheaven, and lunar nodal axis in the birth horoscope. A new, thoroughly dynamic progressed horoscope is created!


The Exact, Personalized Solar Arc

Using the secondary progressed Sun position as the benchmark focus for a symbolic projection into the future allows this prediction system to capture and use the individual's actual rate of natal Sun motion, as opposed to using a one-degree projection or an average (Naibod) for all horoscopes regardless of whether the natal Sun's motion is in fact fast (a winter birth) or slow (a summer birth).

The "magic" of the system takes place when this exact, personalized solar arc increment is added to the position of every natal significator; the natal horoscope is uniformly progressed in terms of the symbolically developing Sun, and new, telling aspects are formed between the solar arc positions and the natal positions (the planets and the angles).


What the Computer Program Does

The computer does all the computations, of course, but the Matrix Solar Arc Prediction Package also annotates every direct solar arc (solar arc planet in relation to natal angle or other planet or solar arc angle to natal angle) and every midpoint picture occurring in any horoscope at any time in the past or future!

The measurements are made precisely, and a text-image of what the arc-picture suggests is presented in the printout. It is as easy as reading the newspaper to see, literally, years at a glance, punctuated by the arcs of major change and the behavioral nuance before and after. So quickly, the power of solar arcs is personalized and translated into modern behavioral potentials.

The computer program gives a monthly reference for all relevant predictive arcs.


The Square-Family Aspects

Solar arc theory only uses aspects within the square family: the conjunction, semisquare, square, sesquiquadrate, and opposition. The theory is that squares (and all related aspects) "make things happen" while other aspects keep things as they are. The relationship of solar arc planets to natal planets and angles is not necessarily defined in terms of the quality of aspect (although conjunction, opposition, and square seem stronger than semisquare and sesquiquadrate); it is the contact that is important, and this contact is expressed in terms of a simple equation. For example: SA =. This particular equation means that solar arc Uranus forms a square-family aspect with natal Mars, which suggests the sudden application of great energy, the exercising of dominant will; a disruption through feud or combat; an accident. The interpretation has to be adjusted to fit the individual's reality situation at the time of the occurrence.

Solar arc theory also extends to solar arc aspects with midpoints between planets; 858 are possible! For example: SA =¤/, which means that solar arc Saturn is conjunct, semisquare, square, sesquiquadrate, or opposed the natal Venus-Pluto midpoint (whatever the distance between those planets may be). This aspect suggests the fear of losing love, and during the month of the occurrence there is a sense of the tragedy that is possible.

Another example: SA =¦/. This is solar arc Mercury forming a square-family aspect with the midpoint of Jupiter and Neptune in the natal chart, which suggests an active imagination, learning to communicate fancifully; visualization; changing character; inspiration.

Direct Solar Arcs dominate; the "heavier" planetary equations are the more significant; and all solar arc projections must be framed within the individual's reality situation and potentials.


Arc, Transits, and "Time Orbs"

Arcs become background blueprints of developmental growth. Transits then become the accents that "set off" the potentials of the developing horoscope at any given period of time. For example, transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto define large periods of time, focused on particular concerns suggested by their slow passage through any given house. When an aspect "connection" is made with natal planets in the given house or elsewhere, the structure of life is affected in terms of that given house and the house ruled by the transiting planet.

These effects synchronize with solar arc development, often amazingly. There may be four or more solar arc "pictures" coming into focus within a four-month span of life time, and two major transits click into the sequence, timing and specifying the potential occurrence or reaction in life.

Margaret Thatcher, for example, had SA = in June 1990, certainly a signal for career attention during that period. Then, five months later: SA =/­, upset and change; and then, in January 1991: SA =, certainly suggesting a major professional change and tension with one's "place in the Sun."

These very strong background solar arcs cast a Time Orb over a period of some seven months. Transiting Pluto became the slow trigger, stationary on Thatcher's ascendant for a month in July 1990 at the beginning of the solar arc Time Orb period. Other transits started to come into play; the die was cast; reality was alerted to the potential for change; Thatcher resigned as Prime Minister of England; history continued. Solar arcs and transits had measured the entire process eloquently and, indeed, also gave testimony of Thatcher's future beyond her resignation. Arcs never stop forming!


Getting the "Feel" for Solar Arcs

Let's say you have a strong planet in a cadent house (12th, 3rd, 6th, or 9th), heading for an angle (counterclockwise, of course). Count the degree-distance that planet has to go to cross that next angle. As a generalization, let the number of degrees be "years" of your life and take into account in a general way the number of minutes of distance, with five minutes of arc equaling one month of time. Think of what occurred in your life at that time of angle-conjunction and relate it to the nature of the arcing planet, the angle, and the house ruled by the arcing planet.

If you were very young, still living through your parents' lives, perhaps there were important changes in family life due to changes in their lives, or nothing at all. If you were out on your own, you should be able to zero in on major developments in your process of becoming.


The Outer Planets Arcing

Pluto arcing to conjunction with an angle will be most powerful: a tremendous adjustment of life perspective. Neptune arcs to angles will often correspond with a loss of ego definition, impressionability, and wandering off the track. With Uranus, sudden fractious change; with Saturn, a maturation through change under pressure for strategic growth.

At the midheaven, a job can be at issue or, for a youngster, certainly something that affects the family through one of the parents. At the seventh cusp, relationships take on dramatic emphasis for adults or, again for the young, through the parents' jobs, since the seventh cusp is the midheaven of the parent in the 10th house. At the fourth cusp, there is undeniably a whole new beginning. At the ascendant, there usually is a personal challenge to stand up and be counted in some way that undeniably touches the rest of life.


Planet-to-Planet Arcs

A second projection possibility is to advance any planet into a powerful new relationship with a natal planet, again counting the degrees/minutes of distance and calling them years, as a general time approximation. For example, Sun arcing to conjunction with Venus or Venus arcing to conjunction with the Sun: If this arc occurred in early adult years, it usually corresponds to a time of romance, marriage, or a birth. The square, opposition, or conjunction between solar arc Pluto and natal Saturn, or solar arc Saturn to natal Pluto, usually marks a period of painful loss, of losing prior to renewal (a most difficult time). The house ruled by the arcing planet most often fills out the interpretation.


Summer and Winter Births

When using the degree-for-a-year generalization, summer births will require (over a span of about 30 years of life) about one more year of life to complete the arc symbolism than the number of degrees measured to form the solar arc aspect. Winter births will be right on the money!

But don't be concerned with these technicalities: The Matrix Solar Arc Prediction Package takes care of the measurements. Then, working with Tyl's images, you can take your clients into the future!


About Noel Tyl's Book

Prediction in Astrology has been called "the most complete presentation of solar arc theory and practice ever written in English." It can be purchased from Llewellyn Publications by calling 1-800-THE MOON.

Solar arcs are taught extensively in Europe. This predictive method has not had full exposure by any means in the United States. Noel Tyl, the prominent American astrologer, has been deeply involved with astrological teaching on both continents for some 20 years and, in his latest book, Prediction in Astrology (Llewellyn Publications), he has provided astrologers the most complete presentation of solar arc theory and practice ever written in English.

Tyl's book and his lectures show how simple and yet how dramatic solar arcs are, and Tyl shows how interpretations are derived. Basically, the sense of the planets brought together in square-family aspects by solar arc projection is the same as those same planets making aspects with each other by transit. Within midpoint pictures, of course, the synthesis involves three points of reference. While there are many nuances in such dynamic interaction, the relationships are ever so clear in interpretation. Full details of the entire subject of solar arcs are presented in Tyl's Prediction in Astrology, and his interpretive images for all possible solar arcs (based on the formative work with solar arcs done some 50 years ago by Rheinhold Ebertin) are presented in the Matrix Solar Arc Prediction Package.

In this day and age, in any astrological interpretive or systemic discussion, we must always acknowledge the computer, what it can do accurately, time after time after time: it gives results. The rest of the job is up to the astrologer. The Matrix Solar Arc Prediction Package takes Noel Tyl's interpretive work and presents the results to you for your study and application. The interpretations will be instantly clear to you; the words used in the interpretive images are modern and to the point, backed up by Tyl's vast experience; and the power of solar arcs as a predictive technique is yours at the press of a button!

 Solar Arc Pictures for Martha Stewart                              Jan 01, 2005 to Jan 01, 2007
 Aug 03, 1941 01:33:00 PM EDT 074W04'41" 40N43'41"


2005 Jan 03         Ma Sqr Me/As                 Negotiating with others; deciding on the best course of action in collaboration with advisors.

2005 Jan 17         Su Ssq Ju/As                   Pleasantness with others; enthusiasm brought to the fore.

2005 Feb 11         Ve Ssq Ne                        Love in a swoon; erotic imaginings; artistic ideas.

2005 Mar 20        Pl Sqq Mo/Ma                 Powerful opinionation; demanding nature.

2005 Mar 21        Ne Sqr Ju/As                   Living with hope and speculation; dreaming; projecting the niceness of things; not admitting the adverse.

2005 Apr 15        Ve Sqr Su                        Idealization of outlook; feeling love; the artistic "touch."

2005 May 14       Mo Sqr Sa                       Awareness of ambition, strategy, direction.

2005 May 15       Ma Ssq Su/Me                Excitement; nervous drive; energies to tackle a project; possible quarrelsomeness.

2005 May 30       Pl Sqr Ma/Ne                  Apparently irresponsible attitude; selfish pursuit of one's objectives; devil-may-care attitude.

2005 Jul 13          As Sqq Sa                        One's position of maturity, wisdom, control, and patience is shown openly.

2005 Jul 24          Ur Ssq Ve/No                  Intense, sudden attraction to someone; quick liaison; making friends with someone out of the ordinary.

2005 Jul 31          Ne Sqq Su/Ju                  Increased sensitivity; the sense of things spiritual; loss of concentrated orientation.

2005 Aug 09        Mo Opp Ju/As                 Largesse, kindness; a happy time.

2005 Sep 07         Ju Ssq Ur/Pl                    Enormous success potential.

2005 Sep 09         Ve Sqq Me/Sa                 Frustration in romance; fickleness; needing reassurance.

2005 Sep 16         Mc Sqq Me/Ma               Bravura; the champion salesperson; ready to win the fight.

2005 Sep 17         Ve Sqr Pl/Mc                   Attractiveness; emotional charisma; appearing sexy.

2005 Oct 18         Me Sqr Ve/Ma                Physicality, love, and togetherness influencing the mental outlook; writing about love.

2005 Nov 14        Ur Sqr Mo/Ve                  Sudden romantic feelings and attachments; intensification of sexuality.

2005 Nov 25        Mc Sqq Ju/Sa                  The philosopher; thinking with grandeur.

2005 Dec 19        Mo Sqq Su/Ju                 The feeling of needs fulfilled; good health; fine relationship.

2005 Dec 19        Sa Cnj Me/Pl                  Insistence of a point of view; unrelenting demands; driven by fear of failure; needing control.

2005 Dec 19        Ju Cnj Me/Ve                 Expansive idealization; perhaps religiousness; aesthetics; publishing; artistic achievement.

2005 Dec 25        No Opp Sa                       Meetings of a serious nature; a lonely position.

2006 Jan 03         Sa Ssq Ju                        Control tempers zeal; opportunities are carefully evaluated; success takes on long term security; one has "made it happen"; strategy.

2006 Jan 24         Ur Ssq Ve/Ne                  Intensified fantasy setting up impractical expectations; going too far; susceptibility to exploitation through ego aggrandizement.

2006 Jan 24         Ur Ssq Ma/Mc                 The big push; the quick advance; winning right away; rashness; argumentative; inflamed.

2006 Feb 16         Su Sqq Sa/Ur                  Tendency to rebel; egocentric drive against controls; separations in order to find one's way.

2006 Feb 17         As Opp Su/Ju                  Great enthusiasm; infectious happiness; successful teamwork.

2006 Mar 23        No Sqr Ju/As                   Needing to be with other people for their support and appreciation of who one is.

2006 Apr 20        Ne Opp Sa/Ur                 Break down under emotional pressure; new vision fighting to be understood; sadness; feeling lost.

2006 Apr 24        Ma Ssq Pl                        Extreme force; persuasion; control; brutality; excessive effort.

2006 Jun 07         Ur Ssq Me/As                  Impetuous opinionation can irk others; being critical.

2006 Jun 08         Su Ssq Ve/Mc                 Being very strongly aware of oneself; confident sense of attractiveness; success.

2006 Aug 01        No Sqq Su/Ju                  Meeting happy/wealthy/successful people; new plans with others that feel "bound to succeed."

2006 Aug 09        Ne Sqr Ve/Mc                 Imagination; artistic achievement; losing touch with the most satisfactory ways of relating and loving.

2006 Sep 08         Mo Sqr Sa/Ur                  Emotional courage emerges under duress; changes for freedom.

2006 Oct 16         Ur Cnj Su/Me                 High excitability in the nervous system and thinking process; sudden eruptions of temperament; quick trips; new circumstances.

2006 Nov 07        As Sqq Sa/Ur                   The loner's position is established; indecision.

2006 Dec 28        Mo Opp Ve/Mc                Feelings about romance; relating to others deeply; being valued for one's work; recognition for a job well done.