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Many Happy Returns

Solar Return Report





Michael Jackson

August 29, 1958

9:00 PM

Gary, Indiana




Solar Return calculated for:

August 28, 2004

10:08:39 PM

Santa Barbara, California

















151 1st Avenue #109

New York City, NY 10003

Phone: 212-979-2966


*** Astrological Data of Birth ***


Sun      6 Vir 12                Neptune   2 Sco 35

Moon    15 Pis 38                Pluto     2 Vir 10

Mercury 25 Leo 23                Asc.     18 Ari 13

Venus   17 Leo 09                MC        9 Cap 34

Mars    22 Tau 04                2nd cusp 24 Tau 35

Jupiter 28 Lib 33                3rd cusp 18 Gem 46

Saturn  19 Sag 08                5th cusp  1 Leo 58

Uranus  13 Leo 30                6th cusp  1 Vir 55


Tropical  Placidus   Daylight Time observed

August 29, 1958   9:00 PM

GMT: 02:00:00   Time Zone: 6 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth place: 41 N 35 36 87 W 20 47



Astrological Data of Solar Return:


Sun      6 Vir 12                Neptune  13 Aqu 23

Moon    24 Aqu 20                Pluto    19 Sag 33

Mercury 26 Leo 59                Asc.      7 Tau 23

Venus   20 Can 50                MC       23 Cap 22

Mars    11 Vir 56                2nd cusp  7 Gem 29

Jupiter 24 Vir 14                3rd cusp  0 Can 53

Saturn  23 Can 07                5th cusp 19 Leo 15

Uranus   4 Pis 45                6th cusp 23 Vir 30


August 28, 2004   GMT: 05:08:39

Santa Barbara, California 34 N 25 24 119 W 42 12



Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction   :  7 Deg. 00 Min

Opposition    :  6 Deg. 00 Min

Square        :  6 Deg. 00 Min

Trine         :  6 Deg. 00 Min

Sextile       :  4 Deg. 00 Min

Semisextile   :  2 Deg. 00 Min

Semisquare    :  2 Deg. 00 Min

Sesquiquadrate:  2 Deg. 00 Min

Quincunx      :  3 Deg. 00 Min

Midpoints: Conjunction and Opposition: 2 Deg. 00 Min



This astrological forecast report is based on an astrological technique known as solar returns. The influences begin approximately on your birthday and last until the following birthday.


Your Solar Return Forecast Report begins on August 28, 2004.




Zodiac Signs on the Ascendant and MC, and the Ascendant Ruler


The zodiac signs on the Ascendant and MC, and the house position of the Ascendant ruler at the time of the solar return are described below. Your social and career opportunities for the coming year are influenced by these signs and house placement.



Solar Return Ascendant Taurus :




    You will find that your accomplishments take on the speed of glue this year. This is an asset because you will never forget the fine details and finishing strokes that make projects into masterpieces. Every action you employ is well thought out, organized, filed, cross referenced and above all methodical. The only stick in the ointment for you is an unexpected turn of events that totally disrupts your nervous system and drives you  to another pack of cigarettes or activates your sweet tooth. You can work for hours on projects that people have lost interest in, because that's just the fun kind of person you are!


    Taurus on the Ascendant implies procrastination to some degree and difficulty breaking undesirable habits and behavior. Taurus brings materialistic, status-seeking tendencies to the foreground this year, and can be easily influenced by people of power and wealth although you may not openly show it. Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of sensuality and beauty, and this year physical attractiveness and physical training will become more important to you. A greater appreciation for good food, wine as well as weight gain can be expected. If you are a female the world of cosmetics and beauty aids will be employed to make yourself more attractive, as well as the latest and most flattering fashions and comfortable fitting, soft and luxurious. You will also have much more of an interest in art and music this year. Health wise your neck and throat areas are most vulnerable for you now, and since infections of the ear and earaches are on the rise, you will have to guard against them.


    Once you have a project finished, I defy anyone to try to make changes in your presentation. This is where your stubborn and strong willed nature is stimulated and the symbol of the Bull emerges. Like the homing pigeon who flies home the same way every time, you do everything in your lives the same way, day after day even if you hate the routine while complaining at the same time.


    As long as you are left alone at whatever you do, your mannerisms return to a domesticated state, waiting for the next poor soul to challenge your position. You never have to worry about being rushed or pushed around, nor would you allow it, unless there is a monetary incentive, roses, candlelight dinner, jewelry, real estate or love involved. Then  you become putty in anyone's hands.


    You are considered to be a rock, headstrong, opinionated, solid, reliable and dependable. You are sensible and practical in all matters and your appearance is cool, calm and collected, and unemotional most of the time, which masks a great strength which is an asset to you in times of struggle.


    Security on the job, finances which balance in your favor and a home which is your piece of the rock are utmost important to you. Should someone suggest a move or change to you, you are likely to put up a struggle that the world will not soon forget. You can be found sitting at the front door of your home, job or marriage (no matter how bad it is) long after everything has been changed, finalized or long forgotten.


    You have an enthusiastic approach to all things beautiful, whether love or art forms, and can be quite at home among nature. Your attractiveness has an earthy quality which makes people feel at home with you immediately. This is the spell you weave to get others into your web. Once inside you do not give them up easily, if at all. Look to the house where VENUS is located to see where your LOVE of life is located this year.


            Ascendant is in Taurus, Taurus Decanate


    You won't be pushed into doing anything but can be enticed by gentle means. You will have an attachment to creative and artistic endeavors and your pleasure loving nature is strong but will need controlling. The ruler is Venus, the planet of beauty and you will go out of your way to acquire through art, treasures, and whatever money will buy you. You have the vitality to achieve and accomplish anything that you choose. Stubbornness and the inability to share should be recognized and dealt with the best you can, usually through the efforts of service to others, which is a test of Venus here.


Ruler of Ascendant in 3rd house


    With the Solar Ascendant Ruler in the Solar 3rd house of communication, this is where social and intellectual learning is shared. This is where you will explore your community  or communicate to your environment, and to make sense out of it. The 3rd House is also related to education, all forms of communication and short journeys. The 3rd House brings importance to brothers and sisters, childhood friends, neighbors and the outside world. Most importantly, it is where you as an individual fit within the structure of the world around you this year, and your ability to relate to it.


Solar Return MC Capricorn:


    Since this is the most "visible" part of the solar chart, it represents how you are actually seen in the world by others. It represents your more outward or public face and where you are likely to encounter success, and your reputation in the world. Your goals involve money, your standing in the community and business matters. You may appear cold to others but you have disciplined your life on a specific goal, and some of the veneer that has built up needs time to wear down some. Just the same be aware of your cool and fault finding side and learn to modify it for your own good.


    With Capricorn on the Midheaven this year, difficulties can be encountered with authority figures or father figures feelings limited, restricted and unable to operate freely, or burdened with too many responsibilities. Career goals now will be strong, and jobs that offer the greatest security or position of authority over others will have a strong draw for you. Make sure that once you have achieved this position of authority over others, power doesn't bring you down in disgrace, and quite publicly.


    Your approach to your surroundings is careful, cautious, conservative, self-restricted, and realistic. You are not known for taking risks or chances which will leave you on the short end of the stick. Spontaneous actions is not a part of your personality because you carefully plan each action and activity. People will find you doing the same things at the same time everyday, with an appointment calendar that is full and very well organized to gain full benefit of your precious time.


    In business you are very clever and intelligent making careful choices and overworking to the point of fatigue. Asking others for their help does not fall within your realm of reality unless absolutely necessary and even then with the greatest reluctance. You work diligently to your goals of acquiring a position of responsibility and high office.


    People see you as very serious, having no sense of humor, yet quiet and always in a state of contemplation. Gushy expressions of feelings don't register on the internal scale for you, you have no idea what it is for. You work so hard on building the outer self to deal with life, that you have lost some of the endearing qualities.


    You aren't cheap, you are just a conservationist when it comes to the almighty dollar, and never let it get very far from your bank account. What you do spend on is items that will last a long time or secure investments.





Zodiac Signs on the Other House Cusps


The zodiac signs on the other house cusps affect your attitude to many areas of your life, and have a significant impact on what kinds of opportunities and challenges will present themselves in the coming year.



Gemini on 2nd cusp:


     The influence of Gemini on your second house of money puts a greater importance on using the mind on material matters and  making money. Since Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini, and rules what you think about, finances, making money and possessions are at the top of your list. Since Gemini also rules duality, you can expect to be working more than one job to support your financial and material needs. Sources of making money will probably come through efforts using the mind and not the hands. Look to the house where Mercury is located for additional insights as to how or where you will put this effort.


Cancer on 3rd cusp:


     With Cancer on the cusp of the third house of communication and learning, you will be very sensitive and compassionate to people in your environment. You instinctively know what other people need especially in your immediate environment. This position of Cancer and the Moon makes for an excellent memory and recalling details. Any slights, outbursts and hurt feelings will be remembered as well. Discussions will take place on an emotional level rather than intellectual, perhaps with rapid changes in mood as well. There will also be more discussions with, and about, brothers and sisters who you are apt to be very close with. Friends, family members and neighbors can also figure into your close knit family of communications as well. Look to the house position of the Moon, to see where your interests can be found.


Cancer on 4th cusp:


     With Cancer on the fourth house of the home, family, roots, real estate, property and security,  you shows a strong sentimental and emotional side regarding the home and family as a unit, therefore it will be very important to nurture them and be nurtured. You will put down roots and become a responsible parent and homeowner. You will be much more protective of your parents, or find you may have to take care of them. With Cancer on the fourth house, your assertive nature becomes more docile, although there can be some degree of moodiness between you, and family members. Look to the house where the Moon is located to see where your home security can be found.


Leo on 5th cusp:


    You have Leo on the fifth house of Children, recreation, romance, creativity, artistic abilities, hobbies, writing books (creatively), speculation and investments. You will have a strong need to strut your stuff and be on center stage for the world to see. The Sun is at home here, and romance, creativity and children will get top billing, however your creative interests can change by the minute. With this much ego energy located amongst all of this creative energy, constant pats on the back for a job well done are a necessity for you if you are to stay with a project very long. Otherwise, enthusiasm drops like a stone, and you are off onto something else. You will do more than your share of gambling, speculating and investing with a good amount of luck. Look to the house where the Sun is located to see where you might find your recreation and romance potential.


Virgo on 6th cusp:


     You have Virgo on the cusp of the sixth house of Work, Work environment, responsibilities, health, work and service for others, relationships with employees and co-workers, and your interest in physical fitness. You will have a great concern for the physical body, health and diet. In your work routine, choose jobs that allow you to do research or work with details, as this is your strong suit. Since you are a perfectionist now, finishing tasks and jobs on time will be difficult, and you can be quite demanding in work and in personal life. Virgo loves to criticize everything and nit pick every detail, so you may need to give the world some space. Look to the house where Mercury is located to see where you might find work or service to others.


Scorpio on 7th cusp:


     Relationships, partnerships, marriage, people you have close associations with, cooperation or lack of, contracts, and legal matters are all part of the seventh house, with Scorpio located here. You will be obsessed with each love and relationships, tinged with jealousy, possessiveness and battles for dominance. This is a powerful energy that can make the relationship grow, or destroy it through manipulation and control tactics. Since Scorpio is such a secretive sign, you may keep relationships secret from yourself. Look to the house that contains Pluto to see how you will deal with partnerships.


Sagittarius on 8th cusp:


    The eighth house deals with joint resources. Possessions that are not earned directly by you, but obtained through the relationship, wills, or pensions. It also has to do with money belonging to others such as taxes, corporate money, insurance, and the stock market. The eighth house also relates to the mysteries of life and sex. Sagittarius will have an influence on the above matters by bringing an extra air of good luck and good fortune in business, money and financial investments. Jupiter promises prosperity and abundance for you now. Look to see which house Jupiter is located in, to see where your joint money can be found.


Capricorn on 9th cusp:


    The ninth house is the house of long range goals and long distance travel. Religion, philosophy and higher education are ninth house matters. With Capricorn ruling the ninth house, you will be conservative in thought and ideas. Travel is not high on your list, and you may actually avoid it unless totally necessary, as in business matters. With Saturn being the ruler here, you will take your duties in religion, philosophy, law and education very seriously, and you will not take your responsibilities lightly. Look to the house where Saturn is located to see where your interests in higher aspirations can be found.


Aquarius on 11th cusp:


     The eleventh house has domain over achievement of goals and objectives, and hopes and wishes. Humanitarian efforts, clubs, groups, associations, sharing ideals are also associated with the eleventh house. People that support your efforts, friends and connections to the outside world can be found in this house. With Aquarius located in the eleventh house, the focus turns to people who are very unique, unusual or odd in some way. Associations here are intellectual rather than sentimental in nature. You are a group joiner, always ready to fight for a cause. Socially you will be very active and probably very busy. Look to the house where Uranus is located to see where you might find your friends, associations and group involvements and interests.


Pisces on 12th cusp:


     The twelfth house rules the subconscious mind, problems arising from unseen causes, and limitations in our lives. This house has rulership over behind the scenes activities, emotional problems, secrets, deceptions, problems to overcome, the side of ourselves away from public view, where the soul can step back and take a look at the world around us. The twelfth house also has rulership over prisons, hospitals, and other institutions that would remove you from society. Pisces energy on the twelfth house indicates that you have a great deal of compassion and sympathy for others, but you will keep it hidden and to yourself. You are a dreamer and visionary, but expressing your dreams and visions is extremely difficult for you to do. The lesson here is trusting your intuition, but it will be a difficult one. Look to the house where Neptune is located to find that area in which you retire from public view.





The Sun


The placement of the Sun in the solar return chart is very important and affects almost every area of your life!



Sun in 5th house:


    The Solar Sun is now in your 5th house. But what does the  position of the Solar Sun mean to you and how will it affect your life this year? The Sun indicates where the greatest growth will take place during the Solar Year and how it can express itself through creative means, success and recognition in life, or where it can be best identified.


    Your interests this year will be on amusements, recreation, children, new loves without commitment, just being yourself with no boundaries set on you, idealized romance, social contacts and to be out at places of fun and amusement and matters connected with pregnancy and childbirth. Your sexual drive will be stimulated as well. Look at the aspects to the Solar Sun this year to see what you can accomplish.


Sun semisquare Venus:


    Uncontrolled romantic attachments and pleasure seeking may be all in vain and cost you a bundle in the process. Be careful not to smother people with affections, or let them get an emotional hold on you that you cannot break. Remember that affections will not be returned by others this year.


    Emotional slights can cut like a knife even more so under this influence, so use caution in the remarks department. This year is notorious for overindulgence in the social and sexual department. This isn't the best time for a party because you can easily go overboard in the food department leaving you with a refrigerator full of leftovers. Actually what is going on here, is a childish need for attention that desperately needs fulfilling in whatever form it takes. All interests this year will focus on being self centered, so deal with it however you have to.


Sun conjunction Mars:


    Use a lot of restraint when dealing with others to avoid confrontations. The self confidence and assertion level is high so be careful not to use force as a means to an end. Games of competition, physical exertion or sports are highly favored or try a workout at the gym.


    In the business sector, there can be an active influence to be number 1, but don't step on other people in the process. The danger this year is being too IMPULSIVE, getting yourself into trouble. Start new projects this year, especially if it involves a good physical work out. One of the problems with this year is working around sharp objects of any kind, or machinery because the possibility of injury is increased.


    One of the unfortunate definitions of this influence is being "The Bully", so tone yourself down! Courage is a very positive attribute here in the face of danger to see you through it and you will not be afraid of anything. On the negative side you must be careful not to lose control, lose your temper or get into arguments that CAN lead to violence. The sex drive is strong as well as the pursuit of "lust" disguised as "romance" is in high gear.


Sun semisquare Saturn:


    Someone in your domestic arena or friends may depart this year. Delays and obstacles will confront you, but you can overcome them, just be realistic in your approach and you will be fine.


    Colds or the flu can put you to bed some time this year and your mental outlook will be on the negative side. This is a wonderful time to establish a method of doing something you have always wanted to do. Get a plan first, then go after it. Projects that you would have never attempted before can be successfully completed this year.


    A time when you are likely to feel discouraged. New beginnings requiring hard work and rigid attitudes to get the job done have arrived. This is an unfavorable year for social and romantic encounters.


    A year when you can feel very lonely and unloved. Your health may be vulnerable in the areas of: Teeth, back and heart. Your attitude will be very serious and you will feel like you are being held back.


Sun opposition Uranus:


    Freedom is needed, sought and desired at all costs this year, especially from circumstances that have you tied down or restricted in some way. Sudden romances can begin this year and end just as quickly, so don't expect anything long term from it. This is an unfavorable time for any group activities.


    This can be a time of electrical fires, so be more aware of the hazards in your surroundings. Murphy's Law is in full effect this year, so if it can go wrong it will, this year! Hold on to something and prepare for a shock in your life! This is not a good time for private negotiations because disappointments of the major kind are to be expected.


    You will experience difficulties in expressing yourself and that is hard to do with your foot in your mouth. Separations from others is possible this year because either of you or both need your own space. You will have the advice potential of a blind man, you won't see it, or take it.


Sun trine Node:


    Social activities and artistic expression are favored. Social popularity soars. You may assume a leadership role. Intellectual contacts and meetings can take place where you can assume a role to work as a team. Relationships with the public become more important and a woman can be united with a man.


Sun trine Asc.:


    Take some time off and have some fun and lighten up for this year. Recognition and success for past activities are bound to catch up with you, so plant lots of good seeds. A time of socializing with close relationships to everyone around you. Let your creativity run amuck and be contageous. Marriages are possible this year as well!





The Moon


The placement of the Moon in the solar return chart affects emotions, moods, domestic affairs and relationships with women during the coming year.



Solar Return Moon in 11th house:


    The Solar Moon is now in your 11th house. The Solar Moon rules your emotional needs and the specific houses show where your needs will lie and be met for the next 12 months.  The Moon shows where significant changes will take place during the year, and where relationships are formed.


    Hopes and wishes, friendships and goals take on emotional importance and emotional determination sees us forward to those goals. Time spent with friends is a wonderful outlet for personal thoughts and feelings as we have a deeper appreciation for friends in our environment this year. You may even form some new friendships or bonds that are emotionally satisfying. Emotionally we will support and protect friends moreso than other times and if they are in need, we are right there for them. We can be easily hurt though if those same feelings are not reciprocated or appreciated by others. Avoid being possessive, as this can drive people away rather than draw them nearer. If the Solar Moon makes stressful aspects while in the 11th house, there can be some friendships or associations with groups that become stressed.


Moon opposition Mercury:


    Communication will be difficult this year so delay anything inportant as much as you can for a more auspicious time. There will be an increased interest in people and their inner motivations, feelings, personal lives and experiences. This is a bad time for buying anything, because your EMOTIONS will rule what you buy.


Moon quincunx Jupiter:


    If there are people who try to restrict you this year, rebellion will be your reply, and a feeling of superiority over others and snobbery will not sit well with others. Confrontations with others of an emotional nature is a strong possibility. If people would just leave you alone, you would be just fine. Your generosity may go unappreciated or taken for granted. Money matters are not supported with this energy, and luck may not come your way in speculative ventures.


Moon quincunx Saturn:


    Consider putting off any large purchases and impulse buying, because prices will be higher than usual. You may experience depression for at some time during this year, so try to be by yourself  if you can. Responsibilities on the job can be very annoying as well. People in your environment will not be very supportive to your causes, instead you may find them cold, unfeeling and unresponsive to your requests for aid. It might be best to try and please yourself instead of others at this time. There can be emotional losses, separations or divorce if stronger aspects support it. Your health will also be on the sensitive side, and you may experience distrust for others, with self confidence non existent.


Moon semisextile MC:


    Meeting new women in your environment can have a very positive effect on you this year and success will be found dealing with the public. You have the ability to make changes in your life at this time, should you have the desire to do so.







The placement of Mercury in the solar return chart affects communication, and your ability to learn and express yourself during the coming year.



Solar Return Mercury in 5th house:


    Mercury is in your 5th house, and indicates areas of interests in your life this year, as well as health matters or where your thoughts are likely to be focused. Because Mercury "is" communication of every form, it shows where transactions, business deals, service to others    writing and communication will be focused.


    Communications with romantic partners can go on for hours. Expressing yourself, communications, reading, writing or mental games played with others, playing the stock market, playing jokes on others or using your mind to beat the odds at the race track are all emphasized now. If Mercury makes a difficult aspect while in the 5th house, the idea of having fun can come between the work matters at hand, or bring on a short bout of ill health.







The placement of Venus in the solar return chart affects romance and friendship over the coming year.



Solar Return Venus in 3rd house:


    Venus is in your 3rd house this year. Venus is the Goddess of  love and where you might find it and money matters and how you will handle it or what you might spend money on.  Venus shows where you are likely to find compatibility with love or money, or where favors can be found from others.


    Social activities are found in everyday surroundings. This is a great year to tell someone how you feel, even if they already know it. Short drives or making a purcahase of a new vehicle are favored this year and close family members will be friendlier to you now and news that is received will be pleasant and warm. Look at the aspects to Venus this year to see how you will accomplish this and where. Also note where your shortcomings will be found by difficult aspects to Venus. If Venus makes a stressful aspect while in the 3rd house, some insincere gestures may be made to be pleasant or unimportant matters may be talked about.


Venus sextile Jupiter:


    A strong attraction to all things that are beautiful exists this year. Take someone out to a candlelight dinner, or if you are an artist or compose or play music, this can be a very creative and inspiring time for you. Long distance journeys and dealing with people at a distance is highly favored and the ideals of people around you will be easier to understand. The sharing of philosophies of others is favored.


    You are in a very content state of mind, and favors business, finance, foreign investments, medicine and law. Legal matters decided this year will work out quite well and new friendships can be stimulating and wonderful. Rest and recuperate rather than work if you can, as this is a rather lazy time.


Venus conjunction Saturn:


    Deep commitments to love is this year possible, and can bring past loves back into your life. Possible throat problems can develop that need some kind of attention or women may experience late menstrual cycles which is also a side effect of this influence.


    Lower back aches and kidney problems can develop, so make sure to increase your water intake to keep your kidneys working correctly. Selfish concerns for your own welfare is an issue that you must take responsibility for.


    Remembering past joys can be a source of sadness if you haven't learned to let go and there can be a need for emotional and financial security can develop giving a boost to selfishness. There is a danger that loneliness can occur, but if you use it wisely to get in touch with who you are and what you expect from others and you might be pleasantly surprised. Limited finances can leave you stranded and broke.


Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus:


    Vacation plans can go right out the window this year and sudden and upsetting circumstances can bring separations from loved ones. Contracts and agreements can easily be broken, or you can be attracted to weird things in life, although they may not be necessarily good for you. Love adventures that start this year are likely to end as soon as the year ends. Don't try to convince people to make changes, they might not react too well to it.


    Relationships will be very disruptive as some moody characteristics can emerge. Repressed emotions, unfaithfulness, bohemian attitudes, a lack of direction and impulse spending are effects of this year. This is an unfavorable time for trying out new ideas or products. Avoid any risks in love and friendships, so learn to take your time in relationships, don't get carried away.


Venus Quincunx Pluto:


    Cutting back on fixed expenses can be difficult this year as heavy demands will be made on resources. Extramarital affairs can cause unexpected problems and intense sexual energy that must find a positive outlet. Do not make any permanent commitments, and make sure that you review all projects that you are working on very carefully to avoid errors.


    Circumstances out of your control can be the means to an end of relationships and here can be sexual incompatibility. Don't mix business with romance now and remember that relatives by marriage may be a pain in the butt. This is probably a good time to remain near home, and remember to avoid crash diets that won't work.


Venus opposition MC:


    Socialize, don't work this year! Express love to someone new or old, what have you got to lose? This year is great for the giving or receiving of affection, just don't demand anything from others, instead use kids gloves and charm to win the year. This is a difficult time for family, finances and profession. Chances are that if finances go poorly, it was your own fault and undoing that brought you to this point and getting organized will be difficult to do.







The placement of Mars in the solar return chart affects your drive, ambition, and vitality during the coming year.



Solar Return Mars in 5th house:


    Mars is in your 5th house this year. Mars is the planet of intense activity and the house it occupies by placement shows where that activity will take place. Mars is aggressive and can be quite selfish in its needs and desires, so be careful how you utilize this tremendous energy. Mars also indicates where new ventures or projects can begin, where you will be highly motivated, where you can expect to be much more competitive, but also quarrels if aspected poorly.


    Sex and lovemaking energy is very high this year and the potential for accident is present for yourself and children. Children may require more than normal attention now and be careful that family members are not neglected.


    Gambling and speculative ventures are not favored as a certain discipline will be lacking in your life. Sexual jealousy or frustrations are possible, so try to take the "edge" off by engaging in dancing or physical activity. You can be somewhat crude or invite physical harm to yourself now, or on the other hand you may get involved in a sudden and impulsive love relationship.


    If Mars makes a difficult aspect while in the 5th house, then your behavior can be characterized as undisciplined to say the least, especially in social situations. There is also a tendency to choose entertainment that is exciting, or watch horror or action movies now.


Mars Quincunx Neptune:


    You may discover that you have been betrayed by someone very dear to you this year, as deceptions can be found at the highest levels of work, government or domestic life. Getting the truth from others is not promising, and avoid potential hazards to your health or well being by using care in what you do.


    It is likely that you will be easily discouraged in your attempts to succeed and find your vitality is on the low side. Avoid wasted and destructive energies, impulsive actions, failures, misuse and abuse of others, criminal behavior and infections which are all side effects. Remember, your ENERGY LEVELS WILL BE NON-EXISTENT.


    Keep away from drugs or drinking because they will react adversely on your body and misunderstandings with others will be easy to come by, you won't have to go looking for them, they will find you.


    Confusion and chaotic conditions can easily arrive in your life now and new ventures or business should wait until the fog you call a mind clears. Dangerous conditions CAN exist around areas where escaping gas, toxic chemical or fumes, flammable liquids and gases are stored or located.


Mars trine Asc.:


    You might be experiencing a lucky streak of sorts right this year, but Solar Return Venus doesn't bring you the big bucks, so don't overdo it. A new love relationship may begin and all will go smoothly in matters of love.







The placement of Jupiter in the solar return chart determines in what areas of your life you are likely to have opportunities for growth and expansion during the coming year.



Solar Return Jupiter in 6th house:


    Jupiter is in your 6th house this year. Jupiter tends to expand your efforts and brings good fortune and positive change to the house it occupies. Jupiter shows where favor will be found from others, education, spiritual matters, learning and teaching.


    Your health should be good but you are likely to overindulge in the good life causing you to put on weight. Your work place will be fulfilling and you will enjoy taking on more work. If you have been ill, this is an excellent year for the body to heal or recover. Opportunities for employment can arise and teaching, travel, laziness, spiritual healing and better health care practices are favored. If Jupiter receives a difficult aspect while in the 6th house, there can be a lazy attitude adopted towards work.


Jupiter sextile Saturn:


    There is sure to be an increase of recognition and respect coming your way this year and people can easily come to you for advice and counseling as well. There will also be an evident feeling of joy being with others as well.


    Those projects that you have been working on for so long can pay off  now, and working with people or groups of people in some sort of structured unit has the greatest chance for success. Foundations for heavy responsibility go along with events now, but take note that as soon as this influence is over, it will become very quiet in your life. Consider the time that follows a giant tranquilizer and use it to take some time off for rest.


    You will achieve the greatest success by using the middle of the road approach, and long range business and financial matters look good. Opportunities can be gained through hard work and expect some growth potential from business, professional or educational pursuits.


    This is a super time for friends and social get togethers which may involve authority people or older people than yourself.


    Progress can be made in business, career, or your education, but make sure to make honesty your guideline in dealings with others, especially in business. Opportunities may come to you from authority figures or people more mature or older than yourself.


    In matters of love you will be more optimistic than usual but mixed with an equal blend of caution.


Jupiter square Pluto:


    Whatever you do keep your motives, intentions and dealings with others honest, above board and on the right side of the law this year. You may burn bridges to your past in favor of the future and new beginnings. There will be an overwhelming need for power over others, just be careful that you don't use people for your own purposes and then discard them. You will notice that you pick up some very bad eating habits as well. Jealousy is a danger with this placement.


    Reforming others comes under the gun of influences as well, so be careful of who you are trying to reform as well as your motives for doing so.. Even though you aren't the authority here, that won't stop you from thinking you are. Expect very radical changes in thinking and attitudes which may have you a bit baffled as well as those around you. Other conflicts will be seen in litigation, joint finances, insurance, taxes and alimony. In your work practices, make sure to take care of all the little details and be especially careful not to overlook anything, because missing the finer points of any project can be your downfall.


Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Asc.:


    You can be somewhat GULLIBLE this year, accepting the words of others at face value. You will be unable to accurately read the intentions of people even though they "appear" to be well meaning. There will be a GREAT INCREASE IN YOUR SOCIAL life, as well as an attraction to alcohol and drugs. Any news that you hear about someone can be the result of "GOSSIP" and should be taken lightly until it can be verified, and not repeated anyway.


    Review your present relationship, chances are you have taken it for granted and modifications need to be made. Don't make promises this year because they will be very difficult to keep for one reason or another, no matter how sincere your intentions are. Excessive debts and expenses can pop up on you and tie you down, and in the area of religion, education and cultural matters, you may find people at odds with your thoughts or beliefs.


    You have taken on way to much work this year, how are you going to do it all? Are you the type of person who has 10 jobs started and is going to finish them all but never does?  Be careful of friends whose only purpose is to use you for their own benefit and dump you afterwards. Hey, I never said it was going to be fair! You will meet people on a daily basis who will be in opposition to your great ideas. The problem is that you are trying to be someone special at a time when a more humble approach should be adhered to.


Jupiter trine MC:


    This year will be a very successful time for your career and there will be a strong need to expand your social life, become more active in sports or include more travel, perhaps connected with your job.


    Business expansion is favored this year, and self confidence can be a real asset to you. Others may look to you as a leader for their causes.


    Financial gains are likely and you are not likely to squander it on useless items. This is an  excellent time for buying or improving your home and also favors politics, publishing, teaching, lecturing, religion and law. Support can come from people in authority or somehow connected with the government.







The placement of Saturn in the solar return chart determines where you will encounter obstacles, difficult lessons, and where discipline will be needed in your life during the coming year.



Solar Return Saturn in 3rd house:


    Saturn is in your 3rd house this year. The purpose of the planet Saturn is to teach us and help us to mature in the houses associated with Saturn. The stronger we resist these changes, the stronger the effects will be felt until we submit to a more structured way of life.  Saturn brings with it obligation, commitment, responsibility and a more serious demeanor. An increase in work, self control and discipline, as well as disappointment and delays, matters from the past returning, people in authority or government agencies.


    Serious studies, concentrating and disciplining the mind, less communicative to your environment and problems with people in your immediate environment come under this influence, including relatives and neighbors. You may be unable to communicate suffering from foot in mouth disease, depression, withdrawal and discouragement. Use the utmost caution when signing any contracts and agreements this year.


    You may develop problems with your automobile, or suffer breakdown in equipment. If Saturn makes a difficult aspect while in the 3rd house, then you may be surrounded by negative thoughts and worry. Responsibilities can develop around family members or neighbors.


Saturn opposition MC:


    You can feel quite insecure about any recognition that comes to you this year, preferring to be unnoticed and taking a subordinate position to stay out of the spotlight. There can be some sadness over the loss of a love as well.


    Challenges can come to confront you, and many choices are available in your life direction, but which one to choose, that is the dilemma. You may be feeling somewhat cut off from the world or lonely, so it is important for this to happen so you can get in touch with the inner person to make very personal changes by yourself


    Relationships will undergo unbearable tests and the weak ones will not survive and obstacles are sure to arise in the business arena. This is a time to make adjustments in your life, so don't let emotional connections prevent you from your life's work.





Uranus, Neptune and Pluto


The placement of the 3 outer planets in the solar return chart indicates areas in your life that are likely to take surprising twists and turns, where idealism and illusion may enter your life, or where compulsive or extreme situations may arise in your life during the coming year.



Solar Return Uranus in 11th house:


    Uranus is in your 11th house this year. Uranus is the planet that causes us to make changes of the sudden and electric kind in our lives with very little regard as to whether we want to or not.  Where matters are apt to be unpredictable, where we separate ourselves from our environment as well as attractions to the new and untried. Original ideas, awakening to new concepts and unconventional behavior highlight Uranus in the houses.


    Friendships, hopes, wishes and plans change. . . suddenly, and peer pressures can become disturbing. Be willing to change your plans and above all be flexible in your thinking. If Uranus makes a difficult aspect while in the 11th house, friends can be very unreliable and not have your best interest in mind, or you may be very unpopular around your present group of people.


Uranus sextile Node:


    You can meet people quite suddenly this year who seem to be sharing the same destiny as you are. You seem to be magnetized which draws new friends to you quite easily.

    It  is  very  impulsive  to  take  shortcuts  to  change  without  the  benefit  of  improvement.


Uranus sextile Asc.:


    There can be a strong attraction to someone in your life who is very unconventional and somewhat a rebel and they will have very strong Aquarian qualities. You will find that there is also an increase in your enjoyment while showing affection to others. There will be nothing "dull" about you during this year.


    Increased freedom is needed in relationships if they are to survive and new interests, hobbies or studies will be sought.


    You will be have a fascination or attraction to technical or scientific areas, while being exhibiting a very impulsive and nervous constitution needs to be satisfied.


    Sudden contacts can bring wonderful opportunities to you, and travel is favored as well.


    Relationships that start under this influence may very well cease at the end of this year, granted it was electric and wonderful, but this time period does not support a long lasting one.


    Unexpected partnerships in business can develop as well, but wait until after this year is over to see if it will be a strong one.


Solar Return Neptune in 10th house:


    Neptune is in your 10th house this year. Neptune is the Grand Master of illusion, deception, imagination and inspiration, perhaps all at the same time. Psychic and intuitive aspects can emerge from our personalities either consciously or subconsciously and new concepts that are somewhat poetic, compassionate and humanitarian can easily arise. As long as we remain realistic in our approach to life, we shouldn't encounter too many lessons though. Expect Neptune to put you through many changes of perceptions and your views or reality will be altered several times as well. Neptune is where you are vulnerable, gullible, and where mis-information, false hopes but spiritual enlightenment can be found.


    Your career can take on an air on confusion this year and can turn out not to be what you thought it would be. This placement favors careers that are related to service to others. The ambitious side of your nature to get ahead will be missing, along with the drive to get you there. If Neptune makes a difficult aspect while in the 10th house, there can be a lot of fantasy about who you wish you could be, but not able to achieve that status. Your private life can also be a matter of public record as well.


Solar Return Pluto in 8th house:


    Pluto is in your 8th house this year. Pluto is the master of digging down beneath the surface of who you are and bring some very powerful yet subtle changes into your life. Pluto is where your OBSESSIONS can be found this year, where your personal "power" can be found, major changes in life, and changes in life with regard to groups of people.


    Disputes over shared resources, taxes, death, hidden elements and matters pertaining to death change the way you look at them can occur this year, so avoid being manipulated by them. If Pluto makes a difficult aspect while in the 8th house, then forces out of your control can cause disruptions in your life.


Pluto Sesquiquadrate Node:


    Do not use this time for planning retaliations against people who have wronged you, even though it will be strong, so resist the temptation. Be careful of USING people for your own purposes as well.


    Associations can become very burdensome this year and tension and intolerance for others can lead to unwise choices. Aspirations for power can lead to problems or frustrations.





Midpoint Influences for the Next Year


     Midpoints are an astrological technique that became popular among astrologers in the latter half of the 20th century. They are very important in the solar return chart.



Neptune Opposition Sun/Venus   Orb: 0 Deg 08 Min


    Romance takes a turn into fantasy, dreams and illusion; the ego needs to be satisfied in any manner deemed necessary; deceptions will come through your expectations, and have nothing to do with reality; seeking pleasures through sex, drugs or alcohol.


Neptune Opposition Sun/Saturn   Orb: 1 Deg 17 Min


    Relationships can be a cause of loneliness because of errors and illusions caused by yourself or others; sorrow and feeling a sense of loss; lack of energy and vitality; uncertainties; rigid plans become mellow.


Asc. Conjunct Moon/Venus  Orb: 0 Deg 12 Min


    Relationships will be very affectionate and warm; popularity is high; time shared with others; your environment will include more women than usual; the need of people that you meet on a weekly basis will be much more important; a greater interest and concern for people and their welfare.


Asc. Conjunct Moon/Saturn  Orb: 1 Deg 21 Min


    The way you express yourself will be tinged with cool, calm and collected attitudes, making you seem very reserved; perhaps you have a real need to stay detached to avoid overconfidence, overenthusiasm, and a strong desire to protect your very vulnerable and sensitive feelings and emotions.


Venus Opposition Moon/Pluto   Orb: 1 Deg 06 Min


    Love has run amuck; you are feeling great and ready for a love adventure; romance has arrived in your life; feelings are intense to say the least; deep emotional involvements; sensitivity to extremes in love; intuitive responses or intuitively knowing about a love relationship; strong and passionate romantic feelings.


Saturn Opposition Moon/Pluto   Orb: 1 Deg 11 Min


    A time to let things go and start new another time; you may feel defeated or understand  that some loss is eminent causing depression and regret; selfish needs and desires can surface because of fears that are very real this year, and your sense of "survival" can be challenged.


MC Conjunct Moon/Pluto  Orb: 1 Deg 25 Min


    Your propensity for emotional nervousness and excitement will be high; deep fears or anxiety can develop around the job, or at home; emotional upsets at work; toxic conditions on the job; new plans and ideas centered around work that have not been fully thought out.


Sun Conjunct Mercury/Mars  Orb: 1 Deg 44 Min


    If there was ever a year to make a point or make yourself heard, this is it; take a stand for what you believe; arguments and debates that are welcomed; the ability to process and make decisions will be quite strong; loud discussions.


Uranus Opposition Mercury/Mars   Orb: 0 Deg 18 Min


    You will be able to do two things at the same time; make plans and think out ideas while you are running, jogging or while on the road; your judgement is not that great, so rethink what you are doing; your nervous system will be excitable.


Mars Conjunct Mercury/Jupiter  Orb: 1 Deg 20 Min


    If you need a year to be heard or bring your point to others, this year is the one to do it; pursuing knowledge or education; increased accident potential while traveling.


Moon Opposition Venus/Jupiter   Orb: 1 Deg 49 Min


    Circumstances that arrive in your life this year will be warm, friendly and congenial; popularity with women; dining out, being with friends; eating or overindulging in the luxuries of life; luck, opportunities and increases of money that make you emotionally happy, perhaps through a woman.


MC Opposition Venus/Saturn   Orb: 1 Deg 23 Min


    No matter what you do, you may never be happy with what you have accomplished; you may be feelings somewhat unappreciated or worthless this year; sexual barriers.


Moon Opposition Jupiter/Saturn   Orb: 0 Deg 40 Min


    When you feel something is right, you will stick with it no matter what; ups and downs in spiritual, psychic or intuitive matters; business and social activities involving the public; disappointments or emotional delays.


Node Opposition Jupiter/Pluto   Orb: 1 Deg 57 Min


    You will be working with others in complete harmony, bringing success to yourself; increased needs to be the center of attention; breaking ties with others after you have gotten what you wanted.


Asc. Opposition Jupiter/Pluto   Orb: 0 Deg 30 Min


    Your ability to organize projects will come under favorable notice; added self importance and defining your own egotistical needs.


Node Conjunct Saturn/Neptune  Orb: 1 Deg 41 Min


    This is a wonderful time to CANCEL meetings with others because you will not be in sync with them; it is a time of withdrawal from situations; joint efforts to reverse corruption in life.


Moon Conjunct Uranus/Neptune  Orb: 0 Deg 16 Min


    You are headed in the right direction, and have the insight to know it; weakness; mental imbalances; disassociating yourself from women or emotions that are no longer necessary; confusing emotional circumstances or women.


Neptune Conjunct Uranus/MC  Orb: 0 Deg 40 Min


    Your behavior can be characterized as frustrated, so withdraw for awhile and regroup; creativity is on the rise, and recognition MAY be in the offing.


Jupiter Opposition Neptune/Node   Orb: 0 Deg 04 Min


    Special feelings and bonds with others; religious feelings shared in relationships; strange contacts and bonds with others.


Jupiter Opposition Neptune/Asc.   Orb: 1 Deg 10 Min


    You are at peace with the universe, and may attract good luck to yourself for this reason; need for legal action or responses; generous to others.


Mercury Opposition Pluto/Node   Orb: 0 Deg 15 Min


    You will be sure to take the lead in any intellectual conversations or communication; conversing easily with powerful or influential people; fated and powerful contacts for communication.


Mercury Opposition Pluto/Asc.   Orb: 1 Deg 29 Min


    The drive towards dominating other people is strong; considering hypnotic suggestion.





Interaction of the Solar Return and Natal Chart


     The following influences are based on the relationship of the solar return to the natal chart. These influences tend to bring about changes in attitudes and your perspective on life.



Natal 1st on solar Asc:


    With your Natal 1st house on the Solar Ascendant, a fighting and very aggressive spirit will demand to be heard, and fighting for your rights, hard work and accidents are accident prone behavior is highlighted. You are bound to be a bit pithy if things don't happen fast enough for you, just remember to bend in situations and give in where needed or accidents, injuries and illness will find you.


Natal Asc in solar 12th house:


     With your Natal Ascendant now in the Solar 12th house, the things that you must do daily to maintain a spiritual and soul identity become a strong focus. The 12th house is related to secret enemies and the unconscious, as well as service to others, behind the scenes activities, as well as your retired and private side. Most importantly, it is where you as an individual fit this year.