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AngelinaJolie and Brad Pitt

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Jun04, 1975

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Dec08, 1963

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The CompositeChart

One and one makemore than two, and when two people get together a third party emerges: thecouple. As a couple, a team, a dynamic duo, you both become part of somethinglarger that can give you greater power and potential than either has alone. Asthe two of you become one, a totally new horoscope emerges, called thecomposite chart, which describes what you have become by linking up, what yourspecial, mutual universe looks like from inside and out. It may be verydifferent than either of you alone, or it may just reinforce you both, but itis what you are together, so embrace it. When you move to a new location, youmodify that chart, and your image together and what you can do with it maychange significantly. As with your individual charts, you have an inside thatdoesn't change with a move and an outside that changes with locality. To see ifyou have the best possible fit in this new place, here's a look at both.


A compositechart shows the midpoints between two charts' planet positions. Horizons uses anew method to allow the relocation of a composite chart. The composite planetpositions are placed into the chart of the first person in the composite pair.


Angles in Signs

Ascendant inCancer

Your new imagehere is upfront, close, and personal -- which can seem reassuring and caring tosome and quite invasive and threatening to others. You'll seem more attuned tothe feelings of others, but once you're in the door, be prepared to takeresponsibility for the space you have invaded. On the opposite side, youyourselves may be a bit more touchy than you think you are.


Midheaven inAries

You can gettagged as too easily picking a fight here, which comes from taking things toopersonally and moving too swiftly to protect your interests. On the other hand,if you're looking to get tangled up and personal, this is just the place to be.Whatever is said about you, it is often without second thought, and changesjust as easily.


Planets on Angles


Any planet onone of the angles (Ascendant, MC, Descendant, IC) of your relocation chart willbe greatly strengthened when you are at the place of relocation, very much likeif it were on the angles of your natal chart. If the Sun is on an angle, you'llhave more confidence; if Mars is there you'll have more energy, and so on.Moreover, you don't have to actually go there to get the effect. Having aplanet on a relocated angle will accentuate that place for you even if you areonly doing business with people there over the phone. You have an accentuatedquality to people in such places that you may not have elsewhere.


CompositeNeptune Sxt DS (Strong)

You're likely tofind yourselves running into (or attracting) a pretty dreamy crew here, meaningeither rather lofty or totally clueless. Either one works for you, but don'texpect too many hard-nose realists to be flocking to your company. You fitnicely down the middle, where possibilities become probabilities.


Neptune inFifth House

Come herelooking for inspiration and you may find it -- but don't expect it to come inexactly the way you had planned. The Muse has her own plans for you here, andyou'll be well to let her have her way so both of you benefit. There may besomething that arouses mutual memories of childhood here, so keep your antennasup.


CompositeMercury Tri AS (Strong)

You'll be easilyarticulate here, and explaining yourselves will come so easily that you won'treally have to do much at all. A single glance, and they know you know whatyou're talking about, so you don't need to go into details. Your actions speakto illustrate what you say, so your appearance together says it all.


Mercury inNinth House

Together you canfind your heads in the clouds here, but when you come back down to earth you'llbring a little bit of the sky with you. By opening your heads to major newapproaches, you put yourselves on an unforeseen track that may be hard to writehome about. How are you going to find the words? But then, that's the point.


CompositeJupiter Sxt MC (Strong)

You may becomeknown here for the mysteries you seem to penetrate and the wisdom you pullforth out of your back pockets like a rabbit out of a hat. It's a lot aboutsleight-of-hand and the trick is to do it only occasionally and don't give awayyour secrets. Insights seem to flow easily from the hidden places of your mindand experience.


Jupiter inNinth House

The sky's thelimit here, at least as far as you can conceive it when you're workingtogether. That doesn't mean every dream will come true, but it will be a goodstarting place for new plans, new directions, bigger and more enthusiasticprospects. That may not be true for each, but it's the chemistry when you'retogether in this landscape.


Composite SunSqr MC (Medium)

Yourpersonalities may clash with what you have to do together here, orcircumstances may force you into a mold that doesn't suit you. You're probablybest off handling things separately when you do it live and in person andtogether when it's a general career push. You'll waste less time that way.


Sun in EighthHouse

Coming here canput you on a mutual quest for personal buried treasure that somehow thesurroundings inspire. There's a key to something you've been looking for, orsomething you've lost, that lies in the resources others can provide you withhere. You're archaeologists digging up the roots of your own evolution.


CompositePluto Tri DS (Medium)

Your faith inyour inner creativity and greater vision are an inspiration to yourselves andothers here, because it's easy to make it come true by living it. Your beliefsare not judged either by your words or your deeds, but in the way you transmitboth and make yourselves a welcome presence in the world.



Pluto inThird House

You can get yourday-to-day message out forcefully here, and when it comes to argument the twoof you are a force to be reckoned with. If you're coming from inner faith andbelief, that will get you everything -- if you're just pushing for anadvantage, it will be temporary and ultimately unsatisfying. Only insist if youknow you're right.


CompositeSaturn Sqr AS (Medium)

You may have toovercome a natural inclination to be too harsh on yourselves here. It's easy topull out because you haven't enough confidence, and that can be aself-fulfilling prophecy, because it shows. Exercising caution is one thing,but crippling self-doubt is another. Be careful, but go with what you've got.


Saturn inTenth House

Because you'llappear accomplished, you'll gain respect here, but not for promoting the latestthing. Concentrate on bringing home the benefits of what you've done togetheralready and there will be a market to buy. Too many experiments can get youoff-track here, so stick to the tried and true.


CompositeUranus Tri DS (Mild)

Your innatecreativity and problem-solving skills make you in demand here, where you areable to provide new ideas and approaches that haven't been seen around theseparts. The key is that you can sell them as ready and acceptable solutions,because they clearly now work for you in your own lives.


Uranus inThird House

You both mayfind you meet the most unusual people and have the strangest contacts everhere, for no particular reason except that they just show up unannounced. Inthe same vein, your own approach to getting things across may seem inventive ornovel here, so networking should be an interesting, if unpredictable endeavor.









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