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Relocation & C*C*G Interpretation





onApr 25, 2006

atManama  Al-Manamah, BAHRAIN






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Aug29, 1958

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TheRelocation Chart

A relocationchart is simply an ordinary natal horoscope moved to a different location. It'sa chart cast for the same cosmic instant of birth, but looked at from anotherlocation, as if the birth happened there. The planets' sign positions allremain the same, but they will appear in different houses at differentlocations, thus altering their strengths and areas of influence.  So, if you were born in New York, forinstance, and then moved to Paris, your relocation chart would have any firsthouse planets shifted about 90 degrees clockwise into the tenth house; tenthhouse planets would be shifted into the seventh house, and so on, thus givingyour natal chart a whole new look for your Parisian adventures. In fact, if itturns out to be a significant improvement, you might even want to move there.Or, perhaps you might just want to visit when you are doing the kind of thingsthat your Paris relocation chart favors -- work, play, health, creativity --depending on your planets' relocated house positions.


TheRelocation Map

Although any onerelocation chart opens up new possibilities for you when you travel, if you puta lot of them together and trace them on a map you get a set of marked-outroads of opportunity that stretch around the world, each of which will addstrength and emphasis to specific parts of your personality and potential.There is a geographical ribbon running many thousands of miles around theglobe, every mile of which gives you Mars rising, adding to your energy andindividual power whenever you are on it. Another gives you the Sun rising,another, the Moon, and so on. Around the other side of the earth are similarroutes on which your planets are always exactly setting, on the cusp of theseventh house. Similarly, there are north-south pathways each 12,000 miles longwhere individual planets are on your Midheaven or IC if you go to them.Together, they make up an often-intersecting set of personal highways, a gridof 40 planetary lines that mark out your chart's strongest places for relocation,where one or more natal planets are on the angles.


And if that'snot enough potential roads to travel on, there are a total of 180 global linesthat depict where your 45 major planetary midpoints are on the angles, adding asubtle substructure to your planetary potential. Altogether, they depict yourown personal World Wide Web of highways and byways that add special strengthsto your chart and promise new heightened adventure and return for simply takinga trip. You'll find that there's hardly a place on the planet you can gowithout discovering a new slant on life, a new take on what you already haveworking inside you.


Windows OfOpportunity

Finally, as yourpersonal progressions and transits move along and affect your natal chart,these same changes will be touching your relocation chart as well, but oftenquite differently. This will mean that certain parts of the world open up asunique windows of opportunity for a limited, but golden time. A look at thesewill tell you not only where to travel, but when is the optimum time to bethere as well. Find out the best of where and when, and then book your ticket,with the stars on your side.


The ArmchairTraveler

You don't haveto actually show up at a strong relocation place to have it affect you. You maywell find that areas where you have locality planets, midpoints, transits, orprogressions on the angles have a way of waltzing into your life unannounced,or that you'll find yourself dealing with people who live there in a way thatis described by your chart in that locality. In the era of electronic worldtravel, you may not need to go out of your door to find your differentrelocation charts working for you.



Angles in Signs

Ascendant inVirgo

You'll be wiseto play your cards a little carefully in this environment, or at least make itseem that you are. If it looks like you're picking up every stitch, you can letsome go and get away with it, as long as you play the part. If you show youknow your proper place, the place will be yours.


Midheaven inGemini

This iscertainly a place where people will talk about you, so you may have reason tokeep an especially close ear to what they're saying. You can go far on afavorable breeze, but things can turn on you rather suddenly, so make sure youknow local protocol and always have some specific backup options available.


Planets on Angles


Any planet onone of the angles (Ascendant, MC, Descendant, IC) of your relocation chart willbe greatly strengthened when you are at the place of relocation, very much likeif it were on the angles of your natal chart. If the Sun is on an angle, you'llhave more confidence; if Mars is there you'll have more energy, and so on.Moreover, you don't have to actually go there to get the effect. Having aplanet on a relocated angle will accentuate that place for you even if you areonly doing business with people there over the phone. You have an accentuatedquality to people in such places that you may not have elsewhere.


NatalPluto  On  AS (Strong)

This will likelybe a place of considerable challenge, somewhere you will change or be changedineluctably and without quarter. In English, that's do or die for you and thosearound you, though not necessarily quite that literal. You'll find that eitheryou don't have much choice about what goes on here or that you have to taketotal control in order to be sure of getting what you want. It may be a greatplace for life lessons, but they may not be easy, at least at first. Faith, andwhat it takes to follow it, is at a premium here. Determination is the name ofthe game, and be as willing to force a hand as to have your own forced,depending on who's better armed. Know when to hold up, fold up, walk away, orrun and you'll be OK. Stay here for long and you'll be a changed person, butdon't feel you have to, because no one expects it of you. But when you justcan't help it, this is where you'll find a run for your money, where you'll beplaying for keeps.


Pluto inFirst House

You may findyourself being especially forceful here, and you may have to be in order to getthings done. The trick will be to do it like a natural force and not like anego trip. That means checking out your motives before you push your waythrough. If you don't really need to do it, let someone else ahead of you.


NatalSun/Mercury  On  AS (Strong)

Let yourpersonality speak for you here, tell your story, and you'll be understood, evenif you're just learning the local language. You can sell yourself here andclarify just what you want with plenty of follow-through. Remember that it's anego trip and let your ego reign, but articulate it, write it down, make acontract out of it.


Natal NeptuneTri DS (Strong)

You haveimagination -- your own and others' -- going for you here, and playing partsmay come quite naturally to you, without having to give up your own trueidentity. A sense of what people would like to see you as comes naturally, andso does your natural ability to actually fit the idealized mold.


Neptune inThird House

People will sayanything here (and you reply in kind), but getting them to be specific and makeairy conversation turn to concrete results may be a bit dicey. It's notnecessarily insincerity or dishonesty that's to blame, just good intentionswithout solid foundations. When needs are specific, insist on clarity --otherwise be happy to shoot the breeze.


Natal JupiterSsx IC (Strong)

It's easy forpeople here to think of you as the latest and greatest, as that will be whatthey naturally hear first. Your job is not to get in the way of that rumor anddo all you can to confirm it. Make the most of free good press and then add alittle bit to keep the ball rolling and you're set.


Jupiter inThird House

You inject a lotof optimism into the air here, and you're likely to be on the phone a lotpassing out the good word. You can also encounter a lot of hot air doing justthat, so encourage expansion but try to keep out the riff-raff. All talk and noaction comes easy, but you always have to start somewhere, and that somewherecan be you.


NatalSun/Pluto  On  AS (Strong)

You can pushyour way to get your way here, but you may find that the surroundings pushback. If it's transformation you're looking for, it's to be had, but at theprice of giving up some part of your ego not easy to part with. Remember whereyou are and that the locals have the edge, even when you seem to be on top.


Natal NeptuneSsx IC (Medium)

You can betagged as a dream-maker, a wish-fulfiller here, and whether you become anotherWalt Disney may be all about how you play the hand that's given you on arrival.What people hear about you may not be real, but it's not bad, either, andpretty easy to step in and fill the role in a comfortable and profitable way.


NatalMoon/Uranus  On  MC (Medium)

Whatever sudden,spontaneous moves you make here, they will stick to you, so watch what you doin public. You can find yourself in the midst of adventure, but you shouldavoid spats that may reflect your feelings of the moment but don't do justiceto your reputation. Emotional insights abound, then spread around.


Natal JupiterTri DS (Medium)

It's easier tocome off like you really are ahead of the game here, simply by being optimisticand making the first step, any step. You roll right into the trends andprobably look like you're leading them, and all without much effort. A positiveattitude comes easy, and it eases your way anywhere you show up.


NatalMercury/Pluto  On  AS (Medium)

If you let yourideas get too intractable, you'll be in for a battering -- although you mayfind you're up against some serious prejudice here. Avoid confrontationalissues -- instead seek the mutual depths below that transform surface tensioninto a shared sea. Where you find stubbornness and willfulness, there you alsofind commitment.


NatalMars/Saturn  On  DS (Medium)

People may seemforceful yet demanding at the same time. They'll be in it for the long haul, soyou should be prepared to play the same game. Spontaneity of action may be at apremium, and intention and follow-through are everything. If you're not asserious as those you meet up with, humor them or they'll want none of you.


NatalSaturn/Neptune  On  IC (Medium)

There may besomething about this place that cramps your dreams or seems to put painfulreality in the place of hope. Not a great vacation spot, but could be good forbusiness if you're trying to remove the fantasy factor and boil downpossibilities to a single focus. Your Santa Claus rarely visits here, in alllikelihood.


NatalSun  On  AS (Medium)

You shine with abrighter light here, and you can put out more personal influence and have itmatch the surroundings more here than in other places. On the other hand, youcan be pulled into an ego trip without really knowing it, as beckoning flatterycan draw you out beyond your real supply line. Nevertheless, it will feel likeyour Sun is always rising and you're basking in the blooming light of day,because that's literally the case. After a fashion, you'll feel like you wereborn here and that your flowers were made to blossom in this fertile soil. Thatmay or may not be a guarantee of long-term success, but it can do a lot to fuelit. Because you feel you're on familiar ground, you can project yourself withgreater confidence, since you, in some very inner sense, "speak thelanguage" and identify with local issues and culture. You'll bewell-received for this very reason, but always remember that in some moretemporal sense you're a "come-here" and not a "from-here,"so don't overstep boundaries like you own the place. Speak from your heart andyou'll be heard, but don't presume to speak from the hearts of others.


Sun in FirstHouse

You can come onas strong as you want here -- you have an excess of sheer personality powerthat can carry you farther than you might think. That's partially fromsomething about the area that gives you a boost of ego and pure energy andenthusiasm. In general, you can sell yourself and name your price.


Natal Moon/Venus  On  MC (Medium)

If you're askedwhat you want, respond sincerely and an all-points bulletin will go out to getyou what you need. Your emotional motives are on display, however, and you'llhear about it later, so make sure it's something you want to hear about. Youcan become a magnet, so watch that you attract only what you really like.


NatalSun/Venus  On  AS (Mild)

You can come onwith charm and personality here and it will get you everywhere. Let your lightshine and make clear what it is you want and you'll likely get it. You'll giveand receive a little bit of sunshine whatever the weather outside, and as longas you're honest and open, you'll reap the rewards of an open hand and heart.


NatalJupiter/Saturn  On  IC (Mild)

For whateverreason, you may have an unusually good read on how people relate here, how theyplay the rules, how they play each other. That makes this a great place forbusiness if you choose, and for easy and enlightening socializing even if youdon't. Basically, it seems like home after some fashion, so the game comesnaturally.


NatalMercury  On  AS (Mild)

You can leadwith your head here in ways that might be more difficult elsewhere. Somehowwhat you say will get across more clearly and your ability to analyzesituations will be particularly strong. In a similar vein, you'll be able topick up on the local lingo especially well; so if you have to go to a secondlanguage, you'll be able to do so more swiftly and communicate well despiteinitial language barriers. It is as if you find a shared mindset which you canimmediately address because you already know what's being said, since it's whatyou were talking about to begin with. Remember, however, that head, heart, andhand are different functions, and though you may agree intellectually, theremay be other subtexts that aren't so unusually in tune, so don't presume you'vegot everything surrounded just because you think you do. Agreements spoken orput on paper may come with ease, but take care that when the discussion is overyou are all really on the same page at unspoken levels as well. When all issaid and done, what's done is done and what's said may be only worth the paperit's written on. Nevertheless, you've got a distinct working advantage here.


Mercury inTwelfth House

Thoughtlesswords could get you in trouble here, so edit what you say before you let it outinto the environment. Inappropriate ideas (that might not seem so to you at thetime) can come back to haunt you, so spend as much time listening as you dopromoting your own version of things. You'll go deeper that way.


NatalSun/Uranus  On  AS (Mild)

You can be atyour most brash here, and you probably will be. Spontaneity will get youeverything, and don't be afraid to change your mind, because so will everyoneelse, often out of the blue. Don't tie down your plans, but keep opportunitiesopen-ended, as they will turn on a dime and so will you.









Relocation Wheel




Relocation Scoring Graph




Manama  Al-Manamah, BAHRAIN - 050E35'00",26N13'00"


C*C*G Planets on Angles


Transits toAngles

Location chartsrespond to transits very much like your natal chart. Although Jupiter, forinstance, may not be transiting your natal Ascendant right now, it istransiting your relocated Ascendant somewhere, and that somewhere is likelywhere you'll easily get a lot of extra attention and enhanced personalprospects if you go there or start doing business with people there. The samegoes for the rest of the planets, so you can travel to seek or to escape theirtransits at the place of your choice.


Progressionsto Angles

Although youcan't escape your natal progressions, you can go experience them someplaceelse, particularly where a favorable progressed planet relocates right on anangle and thus gets extra emphasis. As with transits, your progressedrelocation paths will tell you where it's happening according to the nature ofeach planet. Being that they are progressions rather than transits, the effectwill be more internal than external, but noticeable all the same.


ProgressedMercury Ssx IC (Strong)

Your ability toput your career goals and accomplishments into words grows a notch this yeararound here -- or, rather, it grows into what may have been clothes that didn'tquite fit before. You can comfortably promote yourself because you're at easewith who you are and what you've done -- the script is second nature for awhile.


ProgressedVenus Ssq IC (Strong)

If you're notentirely satisfied with your own accomplishments, others here will have aproblem with it as well this year. It's partly because you're more interestedin moving on to the new, but you shouldn't allow that to get in the way ofpride in your own resources. One flows from the other, after all.


ProgressedMercury Tri DS (Strong)

You'll feel veryon-message here this year, but without having to make a big deal about it.Words just flow more smoothly out of your mouth and your brain is naturally ingear without having to pump the clutch. Body language does a lot to get thepoint across, and you may not even know it's happening unless you catchyourself on video.


ProgressedMars  On  MC (Strong)

A long-termability to focus on career and professional matters is coming to light here, soit could be a good place to get work and promote the work you are doing. It'snot so much the physical energy itself that's on the rise, but your growinginclination to put your shoulder to the wheel in areas that have real effect.



ProgressedMars Sqr DS (Medium)

You're in aseveral-year period of personal wastefulness here that saps your resourcesbecause it's hard to focus your energies. False starts, detours, and generaltiming problems need to be addressed so that you can get the mileage younaturally should. When in doubt, just wait until you're sure you really have tomake your move.


TransitSaturn Ssx AS (Medium)

You're in for ayear or so of fairly consistent support from the situation in this locale, atleast insofar as you show yourself to be a part of its establishment and don'trock the boat. People look to you for security, so remember the feeling forwhen it comes time to reverse the process.


TransitSaturn  On  DS (Medium)

This might notbe the place to go right now, unless you love pressure and hard work. Thatdoesn't mean you'll get work here, perhaps the opposite, but you'll be expectedto do double duty in any case. If you want to look older, it's the place to be,as you'll appear a bit more serious and traditional. Expect at least a year ofthis here.



Transit PlutoSsq DS (Medium)

Expect severalyears here when trust may be an issue and pressure may seem the only way ofgetting your way. You're best off avoiding confrontations, as they will onlylead to complications, so find a negotiated way out whenever possible. Butremember, it's up to you -- blind faith in a positive outcome won't bring one.


ProgressedMars Sxt DS (Medium)

You're in aseveral-year period of heightened effectiveness and strength here, possiblywithout being really aware of it. Just count up your recent daily progress,however, and you'll notice the difference compared to previous years. It'sderived from getting into the rhythm of the place and thus wasting no energy.


ProgressedMercury Sqr DS (Mild)

You may catchyourself giving mixed messages this year, especially as it relates to your bodylanguage and gestures, so check your mirror and your video cam before you givea speech to the locals. It's not that you don't know what you mean to say, it'sjust that the point gets lost in the way you're laying it out, so work on yourscript and direction to iron out the kinks.


Transit PlutoSxt DS (Mild)

You're in for afew years of engendering a lot of faith in yourself here, just by showing up.You look reliable, somehow, like when the chips are down you can pull everyonethrough, so you might as well live up to the potential and be a fount ofcertainty to those around you. If you say it will be OK, it will.


ProgressedMoon Ssq AS (Mild)

You can feel abit at odds with yourself here for a couple of months, feeling a bit disjointedin the way your reactions bubble up. Timing is off, as you react too soon ortoo late because your antennae aren't quite in tune with what's going on. Itpasses, so in the meantime be deliberate when spontaneity fails.


ProgressedSun Sqr DS (Mild)

Keeping your egoappropriately packaged in your skin may be a challenge here for a year or so,as it's easy to go overtax your physical limits with your own enthusiasm andthe message in your heart may not be reflected in your mirror. Looking the partwill ultimately be essential, so tweak your exterior to suit.