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Ry Redd's

 Cayce Past Life Report






John F Kennedy


May 29, 1917

3:00 PM

Brookline, Massachusetts

















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               HOW TO USE THIS REPORT



In  the  pages which  follow,  you  will  see  descriptions  of  your  character  traits, relationship  potentials  and  challenges, as  well  as  career potentials,  and  even  more.


All  or  most  of  these  sometimes  intimate  descriptions  will  be  linked  in  some  way  with  your  past  lives  and  your  experiences in  the  planetary  realms  between  lifetimes  (the interlife).


Yet,  you  may  ask,  how  can  this  information  best  be  used?


First,  HELP  YOURSELF.   The  enclosed  uplifting  commentary can  only  be  truly beneficial  if  you  see  it  as  a  means  of  self-help  and  self-transformation.    So  to  get  the  maximum  practical benefit  out  of  each  page  of  this report,  focus  on  connecting what  you  read  with  what  is  going  on  in  your  life  now.


Next,  LOOK  FOR PATTERNS.    When  you  see repeated  references  --  for instance  to  similar  careers, pursuits  or  vocations  --  you  should  consider these  references  seriously.    They demonstrate  a  positive  karmic connection  which  you  now  have  with  these  same  career-related  potentials  from  past  life  endeavors.   So,  because  of  prior  life  success,  these areas  of  expression  should  be  easier  for  you  to  find rewarding  or  to  succeed  in,  as  compared with  in  other  areas.


Also,  pay  close attention  to  REMEDIAL  MEASURES.   For  instance,  you  may  be  given  an  affirmation  to  use  in  meditation  (or  a  prayer).    Or  you  may  be  given  a crystal/gemstone  to  wear.    These means  of  balancing  out challenging  vibrations  can  indeed  be  very  helpful, especially  if  used  in  a  hopeful  manner.


Finally,  this  report  is  a synthesis  of  past  life  and  planetary  interlife interpretations originally  given  clairvoyantly  by  Edgar  Cayce,  for individuals  with  your  same planetary  patterns  at  birth.   So  in  applying  this report  to  your  personal life,  you  should  RESPECT  INNER  GUIDANCE  --  through  dreams,  meditation and  past  life  regression for  example  --  as  primary  resources  for  this  kind  of information;  and  most  important, RESPECT  YOUR  FREE  WILL!  You  alone  must choose  and  know  what  is  really  best  for  you.


    Your birth chartinterpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of yourbirth.


Astrologer Ry Reddcalculated on computer the astrology charts for hundreds of people who receivedreadings by Edgar Cayce which contained astrologically based information. Bystudying these astrology charts, Ry Redd determined what planetary influenceswere most likely responsible for the readings by Edgar Cayce. In many cases theastrological basis of the Cayce readings appears to be very straightforward.From this information Ry Redd was able to develop, in conjunction with thecomputer programmers at Cosmic Patterns Software, an analysis of your birthchart as Ry Redd believes that Edgar Cayce's psychic readings would haveinterpreted it. Ry Redd's research effort was exhaustive and was conducted overmany years, some of which was spent at the Edgar Cayce library at theAssociation for Research and Enlightenment headquarters in Virginia Beach,Virginia.


For the benefit ofstudents of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information,are listed below:


Sun     position is  7 deg. 51 min. of Gemini

Moon    position is 17 deg. 13 min.of Virgo

Mercury position is20 deg. 36 min. of Taurus

Venus   position is 16 deg. 45 min. ofGemini

Mars    position is 18 deg. 26 min.of Taurus

Jupiter position is23 deg. 03 min. of Taurus

Saturn  position is 27 deg. 10 min. of Cancer

Uranus  position is 23 deg. 43 min. of Aquarius

Neptune positionis  2 deg. 40 min. of Leo

Pluto   position is  3 deg. 16 min. of Cancer

Asc.    position is 20 deg. 00 min.of Libra

MC      position is 23deg. 46 min. of Cancer


TropicalZodiac   Standard timeobserved.

GMT: 20:00:00     Time Zone: 5 hoursWest.

Lat. and Long. ofbirth: 42 N 19 54   71 W 07 18


Sidereal Sunposition is 15 deg. 08 min. of Taurus

Sidereal Moonposition is 24 deg. 30 min. of Leo


Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction:  8 Deg. Applying and  7 Deg. Separating

Opposition :  7 Deg. Applying and  6 Deg. Separating

Square     :  6 Deg. Applying and  5 Deg. Separating

Trine      :  7 Deg. Applying and  6 Deg. Separating

Sextile    :  5 Deg. Applying and 4 Deg. Separating


Harmonious aspectsare: Trine or Sextile

Inharmoniousaspects are: Square or Opposition


Your Past LifeReport begins on the following page . . .

Your Moonharmoniously aspects Jupiter.


        High ennobling qualities are yours from your soul journey in the Jupitersphere between lives. Uplifting influences, then, arise from your experiencesin both your Jupiter sojourn and in past life positions of prominence, mostlikely on a high, history-making level as a spiritual leader. You are then, aloving, noble soul in your interactions with others, causing them to have faithin themselves (and in you).


        In fact, with your greater possibilities in giving aid in every manner,you would make a WONDERFUL minister. You would also be successful inmanagement, administration, economics an politics. Coming from your past livesof service on behalf of others, you may guide and direct many souls thislifetime.


        While you have quite a temper, you are very capable of controlling itand turning it into channels through which better influences come, both toyourself and to others.


        You should also have a greater deal of the world's material goods foryou to use and share with others. You are therefore one with an elevatingoutlook and lifestyle, and will give a lot to the development of other souls.


        Drawing on the resourceful side of your akashic record -- where yoursoul development through caring service from past lives is stored -- you arelikely to experience great blessings. While some may see you as"lucky", what is really happening is that soul links from previouscompassionate incarnations are attracted to you and want to help you. This goodkarma will especially bring you benefits in your home life, particularlyconcerning your mother, with whom you have a strong, mutually beneficial bondfrom your deep cosmic past. [2903-1, 140-3, 2855-1]


Your Moonharmoniously aspects Mars.


        The ever-emotional Moon points most directly to past lives where youexperienced karmic emotions, including lower Mars-ruled passions. Theseemotions have been tempered and moderated during your previous lives. Thisprior resolution of your passionate animal side is carried over for yourconstructive use in relating to others on a personal level in the present.Therefore, regardless of your sex it makes for good relationships with women.


        Past life indicators include a recent lifetime in America's pioneer daysand an earlier incarnation involved with the Roman Empire. These likelyexperiences give you a great deal of courage.


        Also, from your previous lives and your soul journeys in the Mars sphereof consciousness between lives, your subconscious feelings are in basic harmonywith your expressions of energy. Positive influences of this resourceful aspectincline you not only to be courageous, but also energetic and healthy, withexcellent recuperative powers and an overall strong vitality.


Your Moonharmoniously aspects Mercury.


        Your strong mental urges and high intellectual abilities in virtuallyany direction you choose arise from your afterlife soul journeys, that is, theactivities of your superconscious when absent from the material, earth plane.


        Now, at the time of your birth there was a particularly favorablepattern between the Moon, mirror of karmic emotion from past lives and Mercury,heavenly realm of the mental. This carries into your present life from yourprevious one a great deal of harmony between your mind and emotions.


        For instance, in a prior incarnation, perhaps in your immediatelyprevious life, you may have been, or at least closely related to, an importantpublic figure. During that lifetime your communication and basic social skillswere highly developed, perhaps out of necessity.


        Moreover, you read from the resourceful side of your akashic ledger atthe time of your soul's earth reentry at birth. This brought back to you fromyour previous life a basic integration and natural coworking of your feelingand thought processes.


        Your mental-emotional harmony together with your powerful intellectgives you an extraordinary capacity to communicate your ideas to others,whether privately one-on-one or publicly before a large audience. Thesecommunication skills, together with your alert mind, interesting conversationand sharpness of perception, all combine to make you a natural teacher andwriter, especially in training the minds of the young and in carrying out apersonal mission to deliver a specific message.


        Perhaps worded in your own way, let your prayer be something like,"Lord, I am grateful for the ability to respond to others with genuine,loving concern. You have given me the willingness to lend a sympathetic ear,and the moving stories I hear prompt me to help people in need. Also, Lord, Iam grateful for a good memory, and for the skill to communicate my thoughts andfeelings effectively. With these gifts, may I spread Your message of love tothose who yearn for hope and understanding." [3948-1, 2459-1, 140-3]


Your Moon is inan inharmonious pattern with Venus.


        You may experience particularly painful emotions at times of feelingunloved and unappreciated. The Moon is reflecting those emotions back to youfrom your past relationships and experiences, both in the Venus dimension oflove and in previous incarnations in the earth. Your vulnerability andhypersensitivity involving affection is probably linked with one who in yourprevious life was, or in this life is, your mother. Also in a past life you mayhave been unloving and uncooperative. This may be blocking you fromexperiencing more love and cooperation from others in the present.


        You can balance this part of your akashic account by continually givinga great deal more than you seem to receive and by bending over backwards tocompromise in your relationships. Then you will see more and more love comingback into your life. To have friends one must be friendly and to receive loveone must give love. Thus your subconscious tendency to feel unloved, neglectedor rejected will be overcome by actively, willfully CHOOSING to be more lovingand cooperative.


        Financially you may have a tendency toward carelessness, and thereforeneed greater wisdom in handling your money, especially in setting spendingpriorities. You are more likely than most to experience both very lucky periodsas well as periods when everything you deal with may seem to "go topot."


        These ups and downs relate especially to your investments and expensesstemming from tendencies such as overindulgence in evening pleasures likepartying. Disappointments come from this inclination towardself-aggrandizement. This can be balanced by learning to apply yourall-powerful will to control and develop yourself, as if you were pushingyourself to exercise harder.


        Remember that the Creative Forces have given each of us both the powerto be over all that has been created in the material realm, and the opportunityto work with the constructive forces in the spiritual realm. If these becomeclouded by self-aggrandizement, by self-indulgence, by the desire for fame andfortune, then we become confused and erratic. But if we continuously look tothe spiritual value in our relationships with the mental and material, there isharmony, peace, understanding and wisdom in the knowledge of the divinitywithin.


        You may face other challenges in your social interactions.  Here is a prayer aid for this which youcould phrase in your own words: "Sometimes I feel uneasy or inept in asocial atmosphere, Lord, yet I realize that I may serve your purpose to have meinteract with people. Therefore I pray You will teach me how to handle myselfbetter when I am among strangers or in unfamiliar surroundings. Prevent me fromfeeling nervous, self-conscious, or intimidated by others, lest I allow thesefears to stop me from seeking growth through personal relationships. Byextending my hand in friendship to those that I meet, I ask that all myapprehensions will cease." [2855-1, 257-5, 2459-1]


Your Mercury isconjoined with Jupiter.


        You have natural leadership and organizational capacities in all thingsthat have to do with making things better for others, such as bringingreconstruction in someone's life. In social work, nursing, counseling orministry you would excel in any training or learning endeavor which involvedhelping provide a fresh start for those who have temporarily lost hold onthemselves. With a built-in strength to lend courage and aid to those that areweak or impoverished, others naturally turn to you for help. You could easilyexcel as a leader in educational and welfare work with service organizationslike the Red Cross. You could also do well, for instance, as the supervisor ofa spiritually-oriented day school. Past life involvement is likely withorganized groups such as the Early Christian Church.


        You are inclined toward people and positions of affluence together withhigh personal potentials for mentally and physically influencing others. Youraspirations toward these conditions will be through your intellectual abilitiesand interests. Your Jupiter and Mercury experiences also make you a naturalleader in the intellectual, social, political and financial affairs of thosewith whom you are in close contact. You are likely to have an exceptionalinterest in the financial conditions of those with whom you may be associatedand in the mental study of financially-related conditions. Past lifeassociations with the powerful and the just are also indicated, especially withinfluential Jupiterians of their day, and in specifically Mercurianintellectual, communications capacities.


        You identify strongly with principles and beliefs, especially those ofgroups, organizations and masses of people. Also likely is a past life in whichyou were a teacher who helped establish principles in education which effectedmany lives.


        This prior lifetime strengthened your present mental abilities andintuition yet there is the need to avoid becoming too self-sufficientintellectually. For instance, you dislike to be criticized while dislikingcriticizing almost as much. Remember that constructive criticism given or takencan be very beneficial. You have natural critical ability in the creative artsand could easily develop a good writing style.


        Your Jupiterian experience with Mercury blesses any endeavor to servethe masses or groups of people, rather than individuals on a one-to-one basis.Following such pursuits is a distinct means through which the greaterfinancial, mental and spiritual developments may come to you.


        You may be considered material-minded, even hard-hearted, stubborn, andwith little thought of affections for affection's sake. You are also ambitiousand power-seeking and may well achieve material gains, even at times positionsof importance. However, you may be very lonesome this lifetime if you do notdevelop a special appreciation for the value of kindness and warmth inrelationships with others. [1859-1, 142-1, 633-2, 3357-1, 1723-1, 1637-1]


Your Mercury is conjoinedwith Mars.


        Your participation in spats or arguments can become very disturbingthrough the anger felt. At times you may even like to argue. You are veryself-determined yet with high mental abilities. You are nonetheless one thatcan be easily reasoned with. You will resent any strong criticism or unduepressure being put upon you in requiring you to do things.


        You are not only exceptionally intelligent but at times somewhat powerhungry. There is the likelihood of feeling intellectually self-important as aresult of your high mental abilities. This inclines you to desire positions offame and power. We should always be reminded that power in our hands when we donot consider the Source of all power can be worse than an albatross around ourneck: it can be a millstone which drowns us.


        A past life as an astrologer-soothsayer or powerful priest in ancienttimes, say in Persia or Egypt, may constitute the karmic roots for yourtendencies intellectually to overpower and manipulate others with yourknowledge. Long ago you may have used your position for personal gain with theresult that in the present there may be tendencies toward self-exaltation.Present misuse of mental -- specifically higher consciousness -- powers, is probablyrooted in just such a selfish lifetime long ago.


        Since then, your likely sojourns in the consciousness dimensions ofMercury and Mars have brought your occasional intellectual power-tripping intothe present. One way to keep such urges under control is to hold fast to anideal founded neither in earthly or exclusively intellectual things. Instead,set an ideal rooted not only in spiritual applications of your own remarkablemental gifts, but also in that of others.


        You are exceptionally well balanced mentally and physically. You areprone to giving and demanding much detail work both from yourself and fromothers. You have a strong striving for detail as well as an overall practicalorientation of your strong mental energies. You are inclined toward the studyespecially of historic subjects. You have an open mind, apparently, on anyquestion, yet you make all final decisions for yourself.


        The major challenge to these potentials is what could be your mildhang-up on being mentally high and mighty. That is, you are probably verydetermined in your purposes, perhaps going at times to extremes to gratifypersonal wishes which are unexplainable to others. You are one that might dowell to heed the injunction, "Mind not high things but humble yourself tomen of low estate".


        In a past life in ancient Egypt in the Court of the Pharaohs forinstance, you were probably of high estate. Before that you may well have beena teacher in India, where your present extraordinary mental powers anddexterity had its origins. [1635-3, 1334-1]


Your Mercury isin an inharmonious pattern with Uranus.


        This interpretation of your challenging experience in the Uranus andMercury dimensions between earth lives is given with an eye to maximizing yourstrengths and minimizing the faults. Having a prophetic, psychic channelingcapacity, you are one who speaks what is on your mind at once. Yet if what yousay causes offense to be taken and it is necessary to apologize, you will nothesitate to do so. Then, almost as quickly, you are likely to fly off thehandle again very easily.


        Your at times erratic mental impatience and irritability can be overcomethrough will's application, especially in the choices you make in your relationshipswith others. It is absolutely essential, then, that special care be taken inchoosing the right associates and partners, particularly your spouse. So, tomake the gains in this world that are your due, it is necessary that youcontrol yourself through applying your will consciously in this direction.


        Peculiar to this birth pattern, your eccentric mental-communicationchallenges are more internal, being the result of your own confusion thanbecause of what others have placed in your path. However, your inspirationallysharp mind allows you to adapt yourself to most any situation. And with yourabilities in writing and reporting of history-making events, you would do quitewell in journalism, especially in coverage of international affairs anddiplomacy. Hence your greater vocation lies in the area of communicationsprocesses dealing with things of historic import and of a diplomatic nature.


        However, without the manifestation of your will power, you are prone tobe in disputes. In these primarily intellectual disagreements you will be ableto prevail in most instances. This is due to your exceptional mental abilities.Your psychic powers are present as talents for analyzing the minds of others.Yet, with sudden changes often coming into your experience, your willful mentalactivities as well as use of your psi faculties have the distinct tendency tobe overtaxing.


        In your bewilderment at times concerning this challenge, it is well thatyou apply your will to look not for differences but rather for where there canbe agreement. For as you magnify differences of opinion as well as differencesin what you choose to do versus what others prefer, you are building barrierswhich can be quite difficult to overcome. All such barriers become karmicobstacles which must eventually be met. It is best in the long run -- andusually in the short term as well -- rather than willfully engaged, that suchimpatience with others' opinions be willingly avoided to begin with.


        Having very decided likes and dislikes, then, you are therefore one whooften finds yourself confused. Being somewhat impulsive, when overtaxed andconfused you may suddenly decide that something must be done NOW, even if it isthe wrong thing. There is really nothing wrong in this as long as you maintaina balance and learn patience.


        One way to do this is through meditation and prayer. You might try anaffirmation like, "When my mind seems to race ahead of itself, I willdiscipline my thought processes and express myself calmly and clearly. Ratherthan jumping the gun on any issue, I will assess information with utmost carebefore forming an opinion or taking action." [234-1, 195-14, 3062-2]


Your Venus istrine Uranus.


        Your experiences in Uranus and Venus between lifetimes bring you unusualtalents along with renewed contacts with unusually talented souls you knew inyour cosmic past. Knowledge about your interplanetary afterlife associations --such as souls you knew during a Venus sojourn -- is revealed to you throughyour dreams. They come as INNATE influences; that is, mental experiences, daydreaming, visions or dreams -- as you are given to having. And too often, youmay tend to disregard them, or too seldom pay attention to them. As said in theScriptures, not of yourself alone may you do it, but in love, in truth, inhonor you may. For these are your helpmeets, if you hold fast to them. Theyarise from the influence of your afterlife associations in the Venus sphere.


        In other words, accurate premonitions of future events are frequentlysymbolized in your dreams. How often have you envisioned through symbols ordreams those very things that happened to you later! For from the Uranianinfluence you are naturally inclined to these things that are mystical innature, and you love to delve into these things.


        In fact, your intuitive faculties make it easy for you to expressthrough color, music and lyrics, harmonies which are certainly beyond thisthree dimensional world. Your creative talent is a resource which only awaitsyour willful development. This is very much like having a mother lode of goldrunning beneath your house. It only needs to be dug up to be of considerable,immediate value.


        Uranus is the EXTREME influence, making for tendencies to be anextremist.  Yet much of this istempered by the Venus influence. Hence music, social activities and atemperament that may be brought out by gentleness, kindness, patience, orsimilar virtues attributed to love in its pure form, all make for benevolent,positive influences in your life. Uranus especially brings a love of mystery aswell as a love of spirituality, while Venus makes for a love of children andthe home. Creative, inspirational writing for children would be an excellentoutlet, then, for these gifts of yours.


        For instance, in helping children and adults with emotional problems artor music therapy is an area in which you might excel. Therefore your abilitiesin creating or writing stories related to activities in these directions mightbe developed successfully, from your Venus and Uranus afterlife experiences.


        Yes, your ideas are as original, and deep, as your creative outlets arevaried. Yet do look within yourself regularly. There will be tendencies for youto have great imaginative powers pertaining to things in the spiritual worldwhich are unseen by others, especially concerning your abilities to gain fromunseen sources those lessons, those visions, those pictures for others that maybring understanding to many people. In manifesting this will you gain the mostin soul growth this lifetime.


        Also, know that this inner study and directed contemplation will bringyou understanding and helpful influences which in turn will bring you theharmony and peace as promised in the Christ. This is not the peace which theworld recognizes under that name, but a deeper peace which gives withoutasking, loves without hating, is patient and never jealous.


        Happiness, honor and a genuine joy in life can stay with you throughseeking this peace within. At the same time be mindful of those who have losthope in the material things of the world which so easily fade away. Do shareyour spiritual upliftment as well as your own material and financial resourceswith others more needy, as you are likely to attract them all throughout yourunusual life. [444-1, 2450-1, 1923-1, 2530-1, 2175-1]


Your Mars is inan inharmonious pattern with Uranus.


        Making your soul flight from your experience in the Uranus dimensionbefore beginning another earth life, you made a consciousness visit to the Marsrealm. Some of your Uranian lessons in how to deal with extremes -- forinstance through your urges for independence, originality, and evenclairvoyance on the higher mental level -- were over energized in the Martiandimension. As a result, you chose to carry into your present life certainchallenges to be met. In other words, this is an adverse influence, giving youa quick-tempered nature, as well as extremes at times when you become moody,apparently without cause.


        Now, by choosing a birthday when Uranus and Mars were in an adverseaspect at your birth you called up from your akashic ledger a pattern ofattracting people from past lives into situations which will test you,especially by challenging your need for freedom and independence.  One of these prior lifetimes was likelyto have been during the height of the Roman Empire.  Whether as a Roman or as one closely involved with theancient Roman culture, say during the early Christian church period, you oftenfaced conflict and confrontation.


        Therefore, beware of wrath in your inner self, and in grudges which may bebuilt through the influence of anger in your relationships with your fellowman. For, discontent comes first within yourself by what appears to be thecutting off of privileges, or of the freedom of your movements in what youthink of as your personal interests. Be sure and weigh this well before youact.


        For example, you are likely to have someone in your immediate vicinity,such as your spouse, who has a quick temper. He or she would test your need tolearn always to react with patience and forgiveness. Or, you could findyourself somehow seeming always to be in stressful situations, especially inyour work, where contentions and competition offer even more testing of yourability to respond with moderation and restraint.


        Because you took your position from the influences of Mars and ofUranus, there are latent influences exhibited in your personality throughoutyour life because you are surrounded by these forces of Mars which brings manycontentions of every variety. With like attracting like, there must be tensionin your magnetic-aura field from your past lives which attracts this stress andtension -- in addition to drawing discord to you, there can be danger throughsudden accidents or some form of unexpected violence.


        Also, something you say or do which appears thoughtless, reckless anddisruptive to another may be to you just good sound sense and candid, freeexercise of your own power. Yet present through the influence of Mars areelements of contention and dissatisfaction which bring much distress at timesto yourself as well as to others.


        There is the need, then, almost to be overcareful and overthoughtful inyour judgment and actions so that others cannot overreact adversely. At thesame time, when conflicts do arise, try to bless them as opportunities for youto learn yet more patience. For, it is only through patience that we can withintegrity claim, truly possess, our souls. [2385-1, 265-1, 1735-2]


Your Mars isconjoined with Jupiter.


        You were born when your soul flight paths from the afterlife realms ofJupiter and Mars intersected. The conjunction of these two influences called upfrom your spiritual record distinct opportunities and challenges from your pastlives. For instance, you may well have been a great British or Roman leader, agovernor-diplomat in ancient Persia or Egypt, as well as a counselor-healer inseveral lifetimes.


        These past lives and your experience in Jupiter brings you muchpotential in working successfully with the public and with groups of people(Jupiter specifically rules groups rather than individuals, and dealings withpeople rather than things). Also from deep in your cosmic past comes yourunique capacity to quiet others who are so upset or obsessed that theirbehavior borders on madness or even possession.


        At the same time, no one will ever call you lazy --stubborn at times,yes (and even that can be directed to your advantage) -- but never lazy! Youhave a great deal of pride, energy and candor. In fact, having a high nervoustemperament, you are somewhat rash at times both in being too direct and frankin what you say as well as what you do. After showing poor judgment by takingthe law into your own hands, as it were, you then have to deal with your guiltfeelings.


        Your very same abilities both to be blunt and to be a calming force uponothers, unless applied also to yourself by bringing a quieting within you inthe context of an earnest, constructive attitude, may work toward your ownundoing.


        Therefore you must first seriously set a clear ideal or higher spiritualgoal. Then, with equal seriousness, examine your actions, motives and feelingstoward others in candid comparison with what you have set as your ideal.Finally, KNOW your ideal: that it can or will always keep every experiencespecifically in the way in which only positive, helpful forces may be built,both in your life and in the lives of those around you.


        Warnings, then, might be given concerning the potential retarding effecton your spiritual growth by your rather impulsive tendency at times to haveyour own way. No other soul can demand that you do or not do anything; yourwill must be directed by suggestion to your soul or higher self-awareness (thatis, directed to your subconscious or superconscious).


          In a mannersimilar to self-hypnosis, specific constructive suggestions could be made aspositive statements either told to you quietly by a companion, prerecorded ontape to be played just when you are about to lose consciousness in sleep.Alternatively, you could frame this suggestion as a prayer or affirmationworded something like, "Father, please guide and protect me when I feelthe urge to be reckless, rash and want to take the law in my own hands. Doteach me self-discipline and respect for the rules of moral, peaceful living.Help me to see the good intentions of those who want to help me focus my energyand to know that their restrictions are good for my overall soul growth this lifetime."[3340-1, 1397-1, 234-1]


Your Jupiterharmoniously aspects Saturn.


        You are patient, persevering, honest, sincere and inclined toward thearts. At the same time, you have marked executive abilities with a somewhat masculinemind in your ability mentally to project goals and physically to carry themout. Yet this rather Saturnian frame of thought is almost always tempered withyour Jupiterian urge to seek higher, ennobling influences as the criteria for amore spiritual life.


        From your experience in Jupiter, were you to apply your natural sense ofgood judgment in counseling others, you would be successful in helping them tostraighten out their mental and emotional problems. This you could best dothrough a practical integration of imagination and deeper soul visions whilevisualizing the positive psychological effect being created. One way suchhealing could be carried out is through guided imagery and group prayer. Insuch ways you could accomplish a great deal for yourself and for others.


        Through this kind of application, you are able to share with others inneed a safe, sane understanding of what you uniquely know, believe, dream of orenvision and hold deep within yourself. Yet do not forget that while to knowand not to do anything with what you know can count against you in souldevelopment, to not know yet to do the best that you know, feel and experiencewithin is counted as true spirituality and righteousness.


        Jupiter's influence also tends you to have relationships with groups andlarger numbers of people, rather than isolated individuals. Saturn's influencemakes for many specific projects and activities which are full of financial andsocial prospects but often do not materialize to the fullest extent possible.These instances should be seen as clear opportunities not for longsuffering inthe sense of duty but for developing a higher patience as an opportunity forsoul growth, peace and harmony within. This is that patience through which youknow and therefore most truly possess, your own soul.


        Now, your experience in Saturn is one to which you cast yourself asbeing insufficient in earthly terms and in the present, you have theopportunity to rebuild, remold or resuscitate your inner soul forces in linewith your outer objectives. From Jupiter you have a truly philosophical andreligious spirit behind your Saturnian, worldly ambitions. Because you arewilling to apply what you know and work for what you want, you will achievesuccess.


        In the application, then, of your own talents will come a contentmentthat you are living up to your ideal, regardless of how others may criticizeyou. Above all, do not criticize or condemn yourself. Instead, act in such away that you will always do the very best with what you have in hand at anygiven time. Let the consequences be in Christ's keeping. [1728-2]


Your Jupiter isin an inharmonious pattern with Uranus.


        As a soul between death and rebirth you chose to experience Uranus, thepsychic dimension of extremes, in such a way that you unlearned some of thespiritual lessons you absorbed in Jupiter, the realm of UniversalConsciousness. Your choice of this soul flight plan resulted in these twoplanets being in a challenging aspect at the time of your earth re-entry, orbirth. One tendency from this choice of planetary experiences is for you to bean unorthodox ideologist and religious pioneer. You can rationally express thedeeper, broader sense of esoteric, liberal, or even radical beliefs, as opposedto their more personal, intuitional or psychic side. Yet you are likely toreceive most of your mental urges from intuition and psychic experiences.


        With ideas running rampant in your fertile imagination, you are verymuch a Uranian in mind and an Atlantean eccentric in purpose. You may well haveexperienced a long interval between your last earth incarnation -- as far backas your lifetime in Atlantis or the Atlantean period of early Egypt -- and yourpresent one. One result of your likely extended experience in the heavenlydimensions of planets such as Uranus and Jupiter (and your relativeinexperience with the earth plane) is your appearance to others as a religiousextremist, dreamer and visionary. Often misunderstood by others, you areprobably seen as being very deep but so strong willed, impulsive andimpractical as to be considered self-centered in your search for truth.


        There are several areas where extra patience and forethought on yourpart may be needed. One concerns your likely impatience and irritation with theway individuals, spiritual groups, Church or political organizations and"New Age" sects interrelate regarding control over more esoteric,unconventional and liberal ideas. That is, your fast and freedom-loving,independent mind may often have a difficult time with slower-thinkingindividuals and groups who wish to remain with the status quo.


        While various religious movements are of special interest, rather thanthe teachings themselves, you are often more interested in what the applicationof a specific belief builds or creates in the lives of those who accept suchbeliefs. One consequence of this is that spiritual pride and hypocrisy areprobably anathema to you.


         If you consistently use self-control andallow yourself to be guided by ideals of the highest possible spiritual import,you can make quite a soul development opportunity out of the above obstacles.For one, you can use your exceptional abilities to be something of aprophet-pioneer by helping others outgrow narrow belief systems and confiningattitudes.


        Above all, keep in mind the great difference between tolerance andpatience. While tolerance involves not condemning others for their weaknesses,patience is finding in yourself the soul that can be made one with the Christ,who promised us, "Seek and ye shall find; ask and it shall be giventhee." [773-1, 439-1, 957-1, 587-3, 830-1, 2708-1]


Your Saturn isconjoined with Neptune.


        Carried over from previous lifetimes you are presenting yourself throughthis pattern certain personal challenges to meet and overcome. And this verysame pattern is a resource for service and greater spiritual attunement. On onehand, you have a tendency to be material-minded, to have unusual powers,especially to work hard, to plan and carry out activities --particularlybusiness matters -- efficiently. You are likely to have marked mathematical andmusical ability, as well as a highly developed intuitive sense.


        Now, you chose a time of birth when Saturn, the dimension of limitationthrough change was near -- conjoined with, or conjunct -- mystical Neptune.This soul flight pattern involved your making a straight "bee-line"between these two planetary realms before beginning your present earth life. Asa result, you absorbed and merged mental urges from both these dimensions,which are essentially quite contrary in nature. For instance, Neptune, thewatery, dreamy, idealistic planet, tends to dissolve your practical, rational,Saturnian capacity to see the outer, material world clearly and objectively.


        One manifestation of your merging of these two different consciousnessprinciples is that you will either have two sides to your personality or twoperiods of your life, one being materialistic, ambitious, practical and perhapsa bit stubborn, and the other very idealistic, mystical and devoted tospirituality.


        On the other hand, there is the likelihood that your mystical temperamentmakes you an impractical dreamer who desires to retreat within rather thanrelate to the world outside. At such times career or business judgments wouldbe handled with correspondingly poor judgment, as the material world would thenbe of little concern to you. Obviously holistic balance and consistentapplication of your highest ideals mentally and physically as well asspiritually is needed here.


        Along with more negative, passive urges there may arise at times amoodiness and inclination toward depression, fear and feelings of futility.Group meditation and participation in church activities would be well for youin overcoming these tendencies. Also helpful would be mental exercises wherebyyou willfully forced your mind to analyze situations -- especially relationshipconcerns -- rationally and logically rather than irrationally and emotionally.[805-14]




        NOTE: The Zodiac signs of the Sun and Moon are

        analyzed below. First they will be analyzed in

        the Tropical zodiac. If the positions are

        different in the Sidereal zodiac, then they

        will also be analyzed in the Sidereal zodiac.

        Also, if the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac

        sign, then only the Sun position is interpreted;

         the Moon position, being the sameas the Sun

        position, does not need to be interpreted in

        this case.



             Your Sun is in Gemini (Tropical zodiac).


        Coming as you do under the double sign of Gemini, there are likely to betwo natures within you as far as your inner, subconscious urges areconcerned.  One of these urges isto seek to know (and this thirst for knowledge may sometimes involvequestionable things or conditions, at least as far as others areconcerned).  The other part of thisdual urge from Gemini's influence is your innate as well as outwardlymanifested spiritual seeking for a greater, better and more perfectrelationship with another. At times these two urges may be more in conflictthan most people ordinarily experience.


        Also, as in other in Gemini children this tendency towarddouble-mindedness at times may find expression in inclinations to change yourmind and overspeculate about things. With application of your will, these inclinationscan be curbed.


        Now, you were probably part of European culture during the Middle Ages,when there was considerable action and adventure, for example in the continualfeuding and strife among the many fiefdoms, families, tribes, castles andkingdoms comprising Europe before its present consolidation into severalnation-states.


        You may even have been among the gentry or upper class of France orEngland, attending or participating in jousting tournaments, making longjourneys to the Crusades against the Muslims in Palestine, or involved withtrade exchanges with the caravans going to and from India and China.


        In other words, because Mercury is the planet which rules or symbolizesthe essence of Gemini, overall you may have experienced in one or more of theselifetimes a sense of restlessness enduring into your present life.


        Finally, centuries or even millennia earlier, you may have led a life inwhat has become known as Australia or on one of its neighboring South Pacificislands. [674-3, 962-1]


             Your Moon is in Virgo (Tropical zodiac).


        As to the activities which are innate or outwardly manifested in yourlife, coming in the astronomical constellation of Virgo, at times you may havethe appearance of being too self-sufficient in your relationships with others.Hence you may be considered somewhat eccentric, especially in your choice ofassociates and friendships.


        There is also a likely tendency for you to approach life in a veryrational way, resulting in your being considered by others as having a rathermaterialistic turn of mind.  At thesame time this also gives you the ability to train or direct the training ofthe minds of young people.


        Long ago, one of your likely past lives was in an ideal nature setting,where you were known for your courage and for your ability to heal.  From this distant lifetime you are lesslikely than most people to be dominated by others and you are usually inclinedto carry your share of responsibilities. This experience may have been in Southor Central America as a member of one of the native cultures in the Amazonforest of Brazil or the Aztec Indians of Mexico.


        Mercury is the planet which rules or symbolizes the essence of the signVirgo.  Higher levels of learningand teaching, then, have been yours in these lifetimes, from successfulinteraction with nature to more religious pursuits like participating in theHoly Crusades to Palestine and neighboring lands.  You may also have followed Alexander the Great on hishistory-making and Greek culture-expanding military excursions into Arabia andIndia. [365-3]


             Your Sun is in Taurus (Sidereal zodiac).


        Taurus' influence inclines you to be somewhat headstrong, with a veryset and determined manner.  Henceyou are not always understood in everything you try to do, or in things whichyou know yourself to be true. Yet long-lasting are the influences you make onothers with whom you have deep associations from previous lives.


        Remember, success or accomplishment in life is not a matter of somegreat force or influence.  Just astaught by the Master, it is not the power of the storm or of the earthquake orof great noises and the like. Rather it is the still small voice speaking from within you whichbecomes the influence through which movements of truly great forces reallyarise.


        Since your childhood, being outdoors and living close to nature isprobably more significant to you than to most others. This love of nature andthe great outdoors is from one or more past lives spent on a farm or in naturesettings.  For ages countries onthe Mediterranean such as ancient Egypt, Greece and virtually all of theancient Mideast lived in close contact with nature.  So did the Native Americans of pre-Columbian America. Andsurely you were one of them.


        Farming, fishing and hunting then, are among your familiar pursuits(even if they only involve occasional outdoor activities like gardening, boatingor indoors, tending flowers and plants). You also probably have greater confidence in holistic, natural healingapproaches than in modern medicine's "advanced" yet artificialtechnology.


        Now, Venus is the planet which rules or best symbolizes the essence ofthe sign Taurus.  Of course, Venussymbolizes the female sex. Centuries ago in oriental cultures women were more feminine -- andexperienced much more respect -- than today.  A lifetime in Asia and lands like China, then, are also a likelypart of your past life experiences.[1149-1, 1641-1]


             Your Moon is in Leo (Sidereal zodiac).


        Leo symbolizes the consciousness wherein there is strength, creativityand virility, as well as a certain headstrong or willful nature in how youapply yourself in relationship with others.


      For instance,reading biographical or historical novels about European royalty, daydreamingabout the courts of Kings and Queens of modern Europe or ancient times andother grandeurs of the past may bring to your conscious mind memories ofprevious incarnations when you were at the forefront of things.  Hence to this very day there probablyremains within you considerable inner strength along with a strong feeling forbehind-the-scenes intrigues as well as a powerful sense of individualism.  These qualities are probably connectedwith your past life experiences involved -- directly and indirectly -- withleaders of society and government.


        You are also likely to have an above-average interest in the greatartistic and spiritual accomplishments of the grand cathedrals and greatchurches of Britain and Europe, as well as the ancient temples of theMediterranean world.


        In addition, you may have been one of the higher-ranking Vikings who,like other royalty, also had an exciting lifestyle.  And in far earlier times, during and after the last days ofLemuria and Atlantis, you may have been among the Incan pyramid builders in themountains of South America, the Mayan plains of Central America, and of course,Egypt, the land which is virtually synonymous with great pyramids.


        The Sun is the ruler or symbol of Leo, and represents strength and soulforce.  So, from the Sun'sinfluence and the past life experiences summarized here, you are inclined tohave a special sense of pride and dignity which, depending on how you applyyour will and the ideals you have set for yourself, can either enhance orhinder your relationships with others (and hence either advance or retard yoursoul growth this lifetime). [533-20, 2905-3]


                 Your Past Life Decanates


          According toan ancient Vedic astrology method

     still  practiced  in  India,  Past  Life Planets  are  realms

     in which yousojourned between earth lifetimes. They

     are  identified  through  the  position  of  your  sidereal

     Sun and Moon in thedecanates (a decanate is a one-

     third  division  of  a  zodiac  sign;  each  is  ruled  by  a

     planet).  Any patterns involving these Past Life

     Planets  are  therefore  of  special  importance.    Pay extra

     attention, then, toany sections of your Report which

     interpret  these  planets.


     NOTE:    If  your  Sun  and  Moon  are  both  located  in  a

     decanate which is ruledby the same planet, then

     only  the  Sun  position  is  interpreted; the  Moon's

     decanate position,being the same as the Sun's,

     therefore  does  not  need  to  be  interpreted.


           Your Sun is in Virgo Decanate


     Your sidereal Sun isin VIRGO decanate, which is ruled by Mercury.  Mercury as Past Life Planet gives you a high intellectualcapacity, marked data handling or communications skills, a distinct thirst forknowledge and a natural aptitude for writing, teaching and research.


     A prominent Mercurianlifetime as an Egyptian or Hebrew scribe and/or teacher in colonial Asia,Africa or the early Americas is therefore likely.


           Your Moon is in Aries Decanate


     Your sidereal Moon isin ARIES decanate, which is ruled by Mars.  Mars as Past Life Planet points to an active, outdoor,courageous, passionate yet at times warlike nature.


     Your exceptional willto survive and endure is built up from military-related lifetimes in theancient Greco-Roman world or more recently (within the past century) inpioneering experiences in Great Britain/Europe, colonial Asia, Africa and/orthe Americas.