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Cayce Past Life Report






Bill Maher


January20, 1956


NewYork, New York












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               HOW TO USE THIS REPORT



In  the  pages which  follow,  you  will  see  descriptions  of  your  character  traits, relationship  potentials  and  challenges, as  well  as  career potentials,  and  even  more.


All  or  most  of  these  sometimes intimate  descriptions  will  be  linked  in  some  way  with  your  past  lives  and  your  experiences  in  the  planetary  realms between  lifetimes  (the  interlife).


Yet,  you  may  ask,  how  can  this  information  best  be  used?


First,  HELP  YOURSELF.   The  enclosed  uplifting  commentary can  only  be  truly beneficial  if  you  see  it  as  a  means  of  self-help and self-transformation.   So  to  get  the maximum  practical  benefit  out  of  each  page  of  this  report, focus  on  connecting  what  you  read  with  what  is  going  on  in  your  life  now.


Next,  LOOK  FOR PATTERNS.    When  you  see repeated  references  --  for instance  to  similar  careers, pursuits  or  vocations  --  you  should  consider  these  references  seriously.   They  demonstrate  a positive  karmic  connection  which  you  now  have  with  these  same career-related potentials  from  past  life endeavors.    So,  because  of  prior  life  success, these  areas  of  expression  should  be  easier  for  you  to  find  rewarding  or  to  succeed  in,  as  compared  with  in  other  areas.


Also,  pay  close attention  to  REMEDIAL  MEASURES.   For  instance,  you  may  be  given  an  affirmation  to  use  in  meditation  (or  a  prayer).    Or you  may  be  given  a  crystal/gemstone  to  wear.   These  means  of  balancing out  challenging  vibrations  can  indeed  be  very helpful,  especially  if  used  in  a hopeful  manner.


Finally,  this  report  is  a synthesis  of  past  life  and  planetary  interlife interpretations originally  given  clairvoyantly  by  Edgar  Cayce,  for  individuals  with  your  same  planetary  patterns at  birth.    So  in  applying this  report  to  your personal  life,  you  should  RESPECT  INNER  GUIDANCE --  through  dreams,  meditation and  past  life  regression for  example  --  as  primary  resources  for  this  kind  of information;  and  most  important, RESPECT  YOUR  FREE  WILL!  You  alone  must choose  and  know  what  is  really  best  for  you.

    Your birth chartinterpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of yourbirth.


Astrologer Ry Reddcalculated on computer the astrology charts for hundreds of people who receivedreadings by Edgar Cayce which contained astrologically based information. Bystudying these astrology charts, Ry Redd determined what planetary influenceswere most likely responsible for the readings by Edgar Cayce. In many cases theastrological basis of the Cayce readings appears to be very straightforward.From this information Ry Redd was able to develop, in conjunction with thecomputer programmers at Cosmic Patterns Software, an analysis of your birthchart as Ry Redd believes that Edgar Cayce's psychic readings would haveinterpreted it. Ry Redd's research effort was exhaustive and was conducted overmany years, some of which was spent at the Edgar Cayce library at theAssociation for Research and Enlightenment headquarters in Virginia Beach,Virginia.




























For the benefit ofstudents of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information,are listed below:


Sun     position is  0 deg. 04 min. of Aquarius

Moon    position is  2 deg. 27 min. of Taurus

Mercury position is12 deg. 51 min. of Aquarius

Venus   position is  4 deg. 21 min. of Pisces

Mars    position is  4 deg. 37 min. of Sagittarius

Jupiter position is29 deg. 42 min. of Leo

Saturn  position is  0 deg. 42 min. of Sagittarius

Uranus  position is  0 deg. 18 min. of Leo

Neptune positionis  0 deg. 23 min. of Scorpio

Pluto   position is 28 deg. 01 min. ofLeo

Asc.    position is  6 deg. 44 min. of Libra

MC      positionis  7 deg. 47 min. of Cancer


TropicalZodiac   Standard timeobserved.

GMT: 03:32:00     Time Zone: 5 hoursWest.

Lat. and Long. ofbirth: 40 N 42 51   74 W 00 23


Sidereal Sunposition is  6 deg. 50 min. ofCapricorn

Sidereal Moonposition is  9 deg. 12 min. ofAries


Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction:  8 Deg. Applying and  7 Deg. Separating

Opposition :  7 Deg. Applying and  6 Deg. Separating

Square     :  6 Deg. Applying and  5 Deg. Separating

Trine      :  7 Deg. Applying and  6 Deg. Separating

Sextile    :  5 Deg. Applying and 4 Deg. Separating


Harmonious aspects are:Trine or Sextile

Inharmoniousaspects are: Square or Opposition


Your Past LifeReport begins on the following page . . .

Your Sun is in aninharmonious pattern with Neptune.


        You are very unusual, highly intuitive and psychic.  You should be closely associated withthose who study such phenomena from the spiritual viewpoint, rather than purelyacademically, as phenomena only. You are a dreamy soul and certainly shouldkeep a dream journal: through your dreams, meditations and even daydream-reveriesyou have a natural mode of expression in which you can be a source of helpfulguidance. Through recording your dream life you can warn and guide many otherpeople, as well as yourself.


        You are highly emotional, almost obsessive at times, yet very calm atothers. This shifting of feelings is rooted in your difficulty in seeingclearly where your emotions are involved. This can result in self-deceptionupon occasion, and should be balanced by a focus on spiritual principles andideals rather than metaphysical ideas.


        While sincerity is a very important virtue to you, others do not alwaysinterpret your actions in this way. One reason for the disillusionment thatcomes with your likely conflict between integrity and deceitfulness is yourtendency to be continually seeking that which is just beyond your grasp. Thismystical, spiritual perfectionist attitude on one hand makes it difficult forprojects to be completed, while on the other at times causes others to doubtboth your intentions and your real abilities. In turn, you may begin toseriously doubt them too.


        While going even most of your life appearing to be peculiar to otherpeople and rarely understood, you have exceptional spiritual insight concerningsoul development in the earth plane. You are one whom others may be greatlybenefited through their contact with you.


        You should also stay close to water, yet not deep water like thatcrossed during long voyages. The water influence from Neptune will always bestrong in your body-mind and will help keep you tuned to a higher spiritualconsciousness.


        As a writer, the kind of unusual story you might excel in would have todo with the sea on one hand, say the situation of castaways on a South Seaisle. Alternatively, you could write imaginatively about souls in a purelyspiritual or holy life, such as monks, nuns, priests and others who have takencelibacy vows yet are faced with the demands of the material world.


        As a remedial measure to balance out vibratorily the challengesdescribed above, wearing the pearl would be well. [2175-1, 2533-1, 2448-2,2746-1, 2346-1, 1261-1, 2331-1, 1434-1]


Your Sun isopposite Uranus.

        From your past lifetime in Atlantis and therefore being virtually 100%Atlantean, many contradictory emotions and actions are likely to part of yourexperience psychologically as well as physically. For instance, there will beperiods when everything will apparently flow very harmoniously yet other timeswhen absolutely nothing goes right. Being highly emotional and self-willed, youmay often allow your sentiments to run off with your better judgments. Hencethe necessity -- like a strong electrical circuit -- of being well grounded,especially in an ideal centered not on what others can do for you but what youcan do for them.


        "Lord, I am your servant. Let me live a life so balanced that I become a channel through whichGod's love in the Christ can be manifested to others." This affirmation, alongwith consistent application of the one ideal of always being patient will beinvaluable in helping you resolve life's confusions. For, being to a largeextent a Uranian the urges you are likely to feel frequently arise from psychicexperiences, and at times bring confusion. Yet you should develop your psiabilities while avoiding the spiritualistic, occultist and the more medium-likeactivities.


        In fact, being so strongly influenced by your past life in Atlantis andyour experience as a soul in the Uranus dimension between lives, when you aregood you are VERY good, and when bad, VERY bad! This is one way you manifestthe extremism so characteristic of Atlanteans and Uranians (and if either ofthem, one is usually both).


        Your rebellious spirit, especially when others try to dominate you, aswell as your relationship challenges are probably rooted in past lives. There,say in the court of the French kings or Roman emperors like Nero, you may havefound few answers in religious trends of the day. Nor did you go along withthose who happened to be in authority.


        In the present, do act constructively on your need to be always guidedby a higher will. Following THE higher will of God in the Christ is a blessingthat can only make for a glorious opportunity to be a unique channel of servicethis lifetime. Perhaps in conjunction with the above affirmation also helpfulas meditation and spiritual centering aids are yoga and dance. They are likelyto be good outlets for your high sensitivities. [1885-1, 220-1, 1431-1, 1986-7,2720-1]


Your Sunharmoniously aspects Saturn.


        From several past lives you have developed a powerful drive to succeedthrough trying fresh angles, making new beginnings. Your endurance andpersistence come in part from your resourceful capacity to rub out the past andbegin over again. In other words, you have considerable capacity for enduranceof changes in this life experience. Your personal relationships often serve asa means for getting you into situations you ultimately need for yourdevelopment.


        For example, you have the uncanny yet practical know-how for developingrelationships in which you can better serve the needs of a specificenvironment, institution, or organization. Further, you are able to change yourassociations and surroundings toward more efficient activity without runningaway from your home and family responsibilities. With your close friends, youare very direct and are known for your honesty and integrity. You have the innateability to be of service to a great many people, by helping them makeconnections in a wide variety of endeavors.


        Know that the most important experience you can have is to know what ISyour ideal spiritually. Once the ideal is set, if you then entrust yourpurposes to such an ideal, you will find guidance and support when doubts andconflicts arise. With an ideal that can relate to all aspects of your life --physically and mentally, as well as spiritually -- you can surely become aleader in your chosen vocation. Indeed, your past lives karmically exert abenevolent influence in your natural inclinations for success in your career,especially through travel and the people you contact through travel.


        Regarding your career, you have special talent in management, sales andhandling large sums of money as, say, treasurer, financial secretary, budgetofficer, or accountant for a large organization. You have probably experiencedpast life patterns of involvement with trading or banking families like theAstors in early New York, or as a lender-treasurer in ancient Persia, or as thequartermaster during even earlier rebellions in prehistoric Egypt.


        In addition, you are one who enables others to see themselves in a lightthat they have not yet seen. But your abilities run more to that of a career asa leader or manager, or as one who will be a force behind leaders andexecutives. In this way may you excel or exceed the most in the present, bothfor your own soul development and for the service or aid which you may providefor others. [1916-5, 1213-1]


Your Sunharmoniously aspects Mars.


        You are easygoing in your temperament, but once aroused to anger you canrise as high as your quietness had formerly held you back. You also haveconsiderable vitality which is well to be directed toward nature, especiallythrough energetic, outdoor activities.


        Farming and gardening are likely to be especially rewarding, as well asresearch along agricultural and horticultural lines. Providing food and shelterfor individuals that have to do with their health, activity and energy arenatural drives, particularly in things pertaining to daily life homeconveniences.


        It is likely that you lived in America during its early frontier days,when many of these talents were developed out of necessity. Also related tothis prior lifetime is your powerful physical determination, especially incompetition: you simply do not allow yourself to be defeated by others.


        Colloquially expressed, you have "get up and go", or better,"true grit". You have a very distinct vim or vigor in yourself-determination to follow the right course of action.


        However, this may at times be expressed too aggressively, which may separateyou at least intellectually, mentally or communicatively from many of yourassociates and relations. This is a feature of your personality this lifetimethat can either be constructive or destructive. Hence be sure to avoid goingtoo far with your very active, determined drive toward self-expression.[2322-2, 1226-1]


Your Moonharmoniously aspects Jupiter.


        High ennobling qualities are yours from your soul journey in the Jupitersphere between lives. Uplifting influences, then, arise from your experiencesin both your Jupiter sojourn and in past life positions of prominence, mostlikely on a high, history-making level as a spiritual leader. You are then, aloving, noble soul in your interactions with others, causing them to have faithin themselves (and in you).


        In fact, with your greater possibilities in giving aid in every manner,you would make a WONDERFUL minister. You would also be successful inmanagement, administration, economics an politics. Coming from your past livesof service on behalf of others, you may guide and direct many souls thislifetime.


        While you have quite a temper, you are very capable of controlling itand turning it into channels through which better influences come, both toyourself and to others.


        You should also have a greater deal of the world's material goods foryou to use and share with others. You are therefore one with an elevatingoutlook and lifestyle, and will give a lot to the development of other souls.


        Drawing on the resourceful side of your akashic record -- where yoursoul development through caring service from past lives is stored -- you arelikely to experience great blessings. While some may see you as"lucky", what is really happening is that soul links from previouscompassionate incarnations are attracted to you and want to help you. This goodkarma will especially bring you benefits in your home life, particularlyconcerning your mother, with whom you have a strong, mutually beneficial bondfrom your deep cosmic past. [2903-1, 140-3, 2855-1]


Your Moonharmoniously aspects Venus.


        While other past life influences and symbolic aspect patterns related inthis report should be taken into account --particularly other more challengingones -- this favorable Moon-Venus pattern is excellent for marriage and familylife. Souls should be attracted to you from your cosmic past who will takepositive roles in the present both as your helpmeet/helpmate and as yourchildren.


        You will also probably attract souls from previous lifetimes who will bein positions to help bring you financial benefits, either through your career,marriage or in other ways.


        The Moon acts as the reservoir of your past life resources. Thesebenefits earned by you in previous lives are mostly of a Venusian nature. Inaddition to inclining you towards having an attractive and loving personalityyou are likely to have an above-average proportion of the Venus temperament,including optimism, charm, cheerfulness, and popularity.


        This aspect also brings a love of harmony and order, together withVenusian abilities domestically and publicly, especially in creative,art-related endeavors. You should pursue any opportunities to develop as wellas apply your artistic talents and your good sense of harmony and order.


Your Moon formsa square pattern with Sun.


        You chose a birthtime when the Greater and Lesser Lights, the Sun andMoon, were adversely aspecting each other. Now, the Moon directly mirrors your pastlife emotions, while the Sun is the medium through which your soul force shinesoutwardly as a unique personality in the present. At your birth these twoall-important Luminaries were squared off with one another in the zodiac. Thisset before you challenges to meet from your past lives.  And your material or physicalexperiences emotionally may become the greater urges at times.  Yet the innate and deeper urge, fromyour past life experience with what you have set as your guiding ideal becomemore impelling in your quieter moments (in meditation and just being still).


       Most of the obstacles you face center on a basic conflict between yourwill, personality and emotions, which is linked with your parents, with whomyou have karma to work out from previous lives. (If you are male, this karmiclink will be more with your mother; if female, more with your father.)


        There are two major ways this challenge is likely to manifest. First,you may tend to blame your parents rather than yourself for emotionaldifficulties which prevent you from following the life you want. You may havebeen separated from one or both of your parents when you were young. In thisinstance you may find yourself always seeking fresh experiences, but withoutthe stamina or stability to follow through successfully. This is a classic caseof being your own worst enemy, and requires an extra exertion of will power toobserve yourself closely.


        See to it that your actions truly live up to your personal ideals and spiritualgoals. Doing this prayerfully, all else will gradually fall into place."When I examine my attitudes, Lord, I sometimes find that they are not inharmony with my actions. Teach me how I may better coordinate these two sidesof my nature, how I may align my inner feelings with my outer approach to life.Do not let either my heart or my head govern my behavior, Lord. May they bothwork together cooperatively, forming a personality that is at peace with itselfand with others." [3188-1]

Your Moon is inan inharmonious pattern with Neptune.


        In coming into the earth's plane in the present, you came under adverseinfluences in Moon and Neptune. That is, Neptune, the dreamy planet of spirituality and mysticism, isadversely aspected with your Moon's emotional forces. This challenge brings youtendencies to be misled by others, as well as urges to delude yourself. Thewatery world of illusion and fantasy will also tend to mislead you unless youlive out your unique individuality, your true soul identity, rather than inyour outward personality.


        Now, the Moon is the realm of the subconscious mind and past lifeemotions. Because of its inharmonious pattern with Neptune, you are likely toface personal challenges -- such as difficulties -- such as difficulties withdelusion, deception and illusion -- largely through your insecurity andinferiority feelings.


        While you are not fully conscious of these feelings, strange, unusualand mysterious people from previous lives may be attracted to you. Having highideals and therefore trusting them -- perhaps indiscreetly at times because,after all, they probably trusted you in your cosmic past -- you may wellexperience difficulties through their deception of you.


        Also, because your mercilessly high standards you may attract souls thislifetime who may simply take advantage of your vulnerability. Applying theseidealistic, perfectionist standards to yourself as well as to others,discontent, complaints and frequent fantasy are likely to be the results.


        Moreover, special caution should be exercised in your dealings with theopposite sex. Such souls -- again from past life links -- are the ones you arelikely to be emotionally involved with and trust the most. And your parents,particularly your mother, are likely to be souls from previous lifetimes whomay bring you, for instance through some form of separation, particularlypainful emotional challenges at times.


        Through karmically attracting these relationships from your past lives,you will be giving yourself special spiritual and emotional growthopportunities, especially if you consistently engage in serious self-analysis.For instance, study your dreams, pray and meditate, and even explore thebenefits of counseling, all with the goal of knowing and accepting yourself inthe deepest possible sense.


        Above, all, know your spiritual ideal and try to set it in the light ofthe Christ. On a regular basis affirm your ideal in positive ways, such asthrough self-suggestion and guided imagery, to convert each of these obstaclesinto opportunities for greater wholeness and soul development.


        Moreover, do follow through with rigorous dream and self analysis, alongwith careful work with clearly Christ- centered ideals. By such means as these,you can force your will to overcome your tendency toward inner passivity andlaziness on one hand and, on the other, your difficulty in discerning what isfact from what is fiction. By willfully overcoming your reluctance to actpositively in your search for truth you will find yourself more and moresatisfied and successful in life.


        Also, inclinations toward confusion which arise in your life due to theurges that come to you from your dreams, intuitions and psychic experiences --while they provide balance and reassurance in other ways -- tend to confuse youand challenge you to know in whom as well as in what to put your trust. Onceyour ideal is firmly set in the Christ, just be sure to keep your activities inthe area of the psychic and spiritual rather than in the occult andspiritualistic. In fact, practicing spirituality rather than spiritualismshould be a helpful key to remember.


        Also, while you will have the desire to transcend earthly interests,spiritualistic practices should be avoided entirely, as should excessive use ofalcohol or drugs in any form.


        Moreover, in your likely preoccupation with death, the spiritual world orthe afterlife, use your power of reason rather than being ruled by youremotions. For instance, carefully study and try to apply the approach toreincarnation and planetary experiences between death and rebirth described inthis material. Also, spirituality rather than spiritualism, self-acceptancerather than escapism, should be helpful keys to remember.


        As for remedial measures to employ in your meditation and prayer life,consider using the following, either as a prayer or rephrased in your own wordsas an affirmation to use in meditation: "If I am emotionally vulnerable,Lord, if I am easy prey for those who would beguile or deceive me for their ownselfish reasons, I earnestly pray for Your protection. Teach me how to preventothers from manipulating me by their smooth talk and apparent friendship. Helpme perceive lies and falseness before a harmful situation develops. In all myinvolvements guide me, Lord, that I may learn to distinguish between what isfact and what is simply my own wishful thinking." [39-2, 2401-1, 1431-1,4286-3, 2855-1]


Your Moon is inan inharmonious pattern with Uranus.


        Uranus is the Atlantean planet, the dimension of originality andextremes, and the Moon is our "way station" between planetary sojourns.As such, the Moon is our reservoir of past life emotion and karma. You chose abirthtime when your afterlife soul experiences in the Moon and Uranusdimensions were in conflict through the difficult aspect pattern between them.This challenging aspect calls forth from your akashic chronicle challenges toface in your emotional life. The most likely original roots of this emotionalkarma lies in a long-ago lifetime in Atlantis.


        Having an intense, strong-willed, independent personality, you arelikely to be drawn between experiences that are extreme. Hence there haveprobably been periods in your life when financial or material things could bedescribed as having been very good and very bad, very pleasing yet very oftensad. You may often be ruled by judgments concerning financial matters, yetthere are other times when such judgments appear not to matter at all.


        In other words, you may often be financially preoccupied, yet allowgenerosity toward your friends and family to override rational decision making.There may be, then, an instability at times, when you are motivated bysentiment or friendship without even the appearance of reason.


        Because of these tendencies, it will be very important for you to setyour personal spiritual goals and ideals regarding your relationships, thenstick to them. Your choice of companions throughout your life will be ascritical as your choice of ideals to help you stay on the right track.


        First study yourself inwardly, through prayer, meditation and dreamwork. Know your motives; that is, what are the real reasons which prompt you todo the things you do with your fellow man. If they are selfish motives and arenot prompted by the desire to be a better channel, a better expression of theCreative Forces through your own relationships or activities with others, knowthat they must eventually bring confusion in your life.


        You might use self-suggestion via auto-hypnosis and guided imagery. Thismay help you to be more centered and spiritually attuned. Try to combine theseexercises with prayer and affirmations which assist you in turning within forguidance, rather than relying entirely on your own independence andwillfulness. Above all, pray for the resolve to be consistent in applying yourideals as set in the Christ. Prayerful study and contemplation of Jesus'promises in chapters 14-17 of Saint John's Gospel would be a pricelessresource. [1175-1]


Your Venusharmoniously aspects Neptune.


        You have a gentle, unassuming yet refined attitude to your friends andloved ones. Together with your outstanding integrity, these positive charactertraits are likely throughout your life to attract people who want to help andsupport you, though not necessarily in a material sense. Except for bringingattunement and resources by being near or traveling over large bodies of water-- and innately have the seashores, lakesides and riversides often called toyou as a place to live -- Neptune's blessings are primarily spiritual and wellbeyond the three dimensional plane.


        You may have been a devoted priest/ess or nun in a not-so-distant pastlife, and before that, a seer-diviner in the Holy Land during the time ofJesus. Your sacrifice and loving service then earned you interlife experiencesin the planetary realms of love and spirituality, Venus and Neptune. So at thetime of your birth, you chose to re-enter the earth when your soul flight pathsfrom Venus and Neptune were in a very favorable angle.


        More important, your past life of loving, nurturing and serving otherstogether with this opportune time of rebirth will bring you a major opportunitythis lifetime to manifest a deep love bond. This will probably be with anothersoul who is on a similar spiritual path.


        You also have latent but strong musical and artistic talents, along withpowerful intuitive, even at times mystical and psychic gifts. Were you todevelop these abilities, especially with your love of the arts, you couldbecome an inspired artist/musician who lifts the spirit of all who experienceyour creativity and inspiration.


        Most important, a greater and greater influence in your life will befound by being QUIET within. This is best done by listening to the still small voicein your body-temple, where the Christ has promised to meet all of us who seekto know and walk with Him. He has also promised to be your counsel, your guardand protector: hold fast to your faith in Him. Do remember the Christprayerfully also in your joys, as well as your sadness; in your pleasures aswell as pains.


        Hence, in your past lives you counseled and gave strength to manypeople. In this life, as before, you can share -- after attuning yourself forinstance through voices, musical sounds, the sounds of the sea and wind -- astrength in the Christ that will keep you in your way while helping you incounseling others.


        These latent and manifest inner talents and outward opportunities are aresult of your past lifetimes and soul travels between lives in the spiritualdimensions of Venus and Neptune. However, no urge is greater than your ownindividual choice. Therefore, as to whether or not there is overall developmenttoward Oneness in this life depends entirely on what you hold as your IDEAL,and even more important, on what you do mentally and physically RESPECTING thatsame ideal. Once a soul has advanced to the level of ideals which you hold,then having a sincerity of purpose in what you do is far superior to ANY urges,whether they be from past lives or from the planets. [963-1, 99-6, 1222-1,2444-1]



Your Venus is inan inharmonious pattern with Saturn.


        You have chosen, through this aspect, perhaps your greatest challengefor achieving either great healing or great hurt!


        By choosing a time of birth when these two planets were in aninharmonious pattern with each other in the zodiac, you brought with you intothis experience the challenging sides of your betweenlife experiences in Venus,realm of creativity, beauty and love, and Saturn, the dimension of deep change,self-purging and remolding. Because your soul flight paths from Venus andSaturn were thus at odds with each other, as a soul re-entering the earthplane, you read from and have since acted upon the debit side of your spiritualrecord.


        In other words, you are inclined to attract associations from previouslives which are the karmic source of relationship challenges you face thislifetime as well as difficulties in loving and appreciating yourself. Thesepast disappointments in love and disillusionment with marriage are beingbrought back to you for a proper hearing and, hopefully, a permanent healing.


        Since self-healing must be preceded by self-knowledge, recognize yourtendency toward separateness and self-centeredness, both of which hurt thoseyou love and those who would love you, were you to let them. As you get older,loneliness and related personal limitations may set in, including problems withfinances (Venus rules both love and money). Ironically, in spite of yourapparent self-sufficiency, you must face and overcome the difficulty ofstanding up alone in the world, of being truly independent emotionally.


        Your soul journeys in the spheres of Venus and Saturn between death andrebirth inclines you to hold yourself aloof from other people, their thoughtsand their opinions, because what suits you is usually quite self-sufficient.What relationships you have tend to be rather intense, unless you balanceyourself through spiritualizing your emotions.


        You are doubtful at times of the sincerity of others who try to proclaimtheir affections for you or who try to get close to you. At other times, thisintensity may manifest as jealousy when there is reason to suspect infidelity.Remember that, while all love is lawful, not all expressions of love areexpedient (for example, tolerating or encouraging adultery are not supportiveof soul growth, regardless of who is the "adulterer" and who the "adulteree").


         While at times you haverather striking tendencies toward extravagance, few souls are better bargainhunters! Such parsimonious behavior can be excessive, whether in companionship,in business or in any activity.


        All these qualities open up a distinct opportunity for sharing the manytalents with which you are endowed, to be applied as you see fit. You canaccomplish a great deal through the candid yet right use of words, preferablyaccompanied with music -- whether in writing, teaching, counseling, lecturingor singing -- providing what you say is uplifting and not just what people wantto hear. As a private pursuit and attunement aid giving expression to thebeautiful emotions, playing music would be good for you, too. Especiallyvaluable would be any stringed-type instruments such as the piano, harpsichord,harp, mandolin, guitar or violin.


        You are also probably good in accounting, accumulating facts andfigures, whether in finances or in creative fancy. You would do well in commercialart and advertising, ornamental and industrial arts, computer or videographics, designing logos and the like. Furthermore, whatever the career youbuild, work WITH a companion rather than just BEING a companion.


        Whether through words, music or art, you will find your greatest souldevelopment in leading others into the spiritual insight or recognition oftheir true self worth. To express love in your actions to others -- whetherindividuals, one on one, or in small groups -- is the greater service a soulcan give in this earthly experience. You can best show them the way to thegreater Light through your own personal example -- through love. This you cando by FORCING your will to an inner understanding both of your own worth and ofthe higher spiritual forces being exercised on your behalf in the present.


        Such growth is not likely to be easy, for your behavior is not alwaysconsistent. For instance, especially when you are alone, not working, orotherwise inactive, you may get discouraged and in such "down"periods condemn yourself. At the same time, you may tend to JUSTIFY your mannerof thinking because of what others have done or have failed to do. Rememberthat condemning yourself is as erroneous as condemning others. The greater needis to exert your will in favor of your urges for the beautiful and your abilityto see the best in everyone.


        Put into your own words, let your prayer or affirmation be somethinglike, "I will be protected from loneliness. I will be shown through mydreams and other ways how to devote more of myself to others, so that I mayestablish closer personal bonds. In dedicating myself to service for others, Iwill bear this commitment for the sake of learning how to genuinely care forothers and will be taught how to give and share joyfully with my lovedones." [2725-1, 1204-3, 2497-1, 1632-3]


Your Venus isopposite Jupiter.


        Your experiences between earth lives in the Venus and Jupiter dimensionsof awareness generally make for benevolent, positive influences in your life.Nonetheless there are some inclinations toward wastefulness and vanity whichneed curbing. Unless this is done and there is a gradual comprehension of yourtrue spiritual purposes, these influences toward excesses may become drawbacksin your overall soul development.


        Part of your extravagance, especially concerning money matters, comesfrom a moody, "I don't care" attitude at times which borders onself-destructiveness. This tendency may not be an obvious threat to your wellbeing until your later years, when you may well wish you had spent yourresources more wisely. One way to deal with this challenge is mentally to beginreplacing such urges with more practical choices in favor of self-preservationthrough creating attitudes of helpfulness and hopefulness instead.


        Careerwise, or as an avocation outside homebuilding, social servicewould be a good outlet for you, even if only on a volunteer, part time basis.Do follow in such pursuits and positive dealings with others, holding beforeyour inner Self the principle that what you sow is what you reap.


        Also, try not to let a single day go by without interesting yourself inothers and doing something specifically for someone else that has been ahelpful influence in their life.


        The following prayer/affirmation may be valuable as a resource in yourspiritual life to work with these challenges: "Although I have climbed thesocial ladder, I found that what I desired was beyond any enticement thatsociety had to offer. Lord, it is Your love for which my inner self yearns,keeping me unsatisfied with material rewards. Show me how to put extravagancesbehind me and prevent me from squandering the resources with which I have beenblessed. Teach me to lead a simpler life devoid of excess luxury andsuperficial attachments. In doing these things, Lord, I pray that I may preparea place for You in my heart." [1701-1, 1637-1]


Your Venus is inan inharmonious pattern with Mars.


        While constructively emphasizing your virtues and minimizing anyshortcomings, there is yet the need to point out your personal challenges froma likely Mars experience between earth lives. Perhaps after having experiencedthe love, beauty and sentiment of Venus, you chose to return to a newincarnation by way of the Mars dimension. There you probably undid a lot ofwhat you learned during your otherwise fortunate soul sojourn in the domain ofthe love planet.


        For instance, in Mars there is the inclination to be self-centered. Notin a hugely selfish way, but instead through a powerful determination to haveyour own way, even if shown that other means might be better.


        This challenge is mostly indicated in your relationships with theopposite sex, especially your spouse. In such circumstances, your passion andpower drive conflicts with your love nature. At these times you may be impelledby a one-track mind, being incapable then of giving consideration to yourpartner's point of view. Yet from your experience in Venus, you are able toexpress your more sentimental feelings and affections upon occasion, but moreas an emotional release valve than a means of giving and sharing love.


        While the means by which you go about your associations with others haveoften brought you a pleasing love life or marital relations on one hand orsuccess in business activities on the other, frequently they have broughtconsternation as well. If only to gratify bodily desires or to satisfy materialpositions in power or place in the world, they must eventually rust and eataway at the body-mind until there is even destruction to the soul.


        Bear in mind that all urges from astrological or planetary experiences andinfluences are merely inclinations and tendencies: you do NOT necessarily haveto react to them at all if you so choose. Instead, study, even saturate yourconsciousness with the promises of love and forgiveness in the Scriptures.Then, applying your will toward ideals derived from the Source in all phases ofyour relationships you will be more happy, harmonious and truly successful.


        You might try the following prayer as an inner tool for working withthese challenges. Put in your own words, it goes something like, "Lord,when my initial enthusiasm begins to wane and I find myself wondering why Ichose a certain course of action or relationship with another, please give mepatience and remind me that it takes an extra effort of will to maintain aninterest, as it takes unconditional love in order to sustain a relationship. Ifdifficulties arise, show me what You require, when I should proceed, when Ishould withdraw, when to take decisive action and when to surrender toanother's wishes. In all situations, Lord, may I be helped to eliminate selfishinterest which alienate those I really love." [2062-1, 1201-2, 531-1]


Your Mars is inan inharmonious pattern with Jupiter.


        In addition, Jupiter inclines you to have a broad vision concerning yourmoral, mental and spiritual associations and relationships in the materialworld. Your soul experience in the Jupiter dimension between earth incarnationsaccentuates this vision. However, with such a special Jupiterian experiencecomes special responsibilities. In making your soul flight from Jupiter, whereyour consciousness was expanded to great heights, you made an extended stopoverin the Mars dimension. Much, then, of the wisdom you acquired was lost, withthe result that in this lifetime there is the need for you to overcome certaintendencies. These urges especially include self-indulgence --including not onlyfood and drink but also preoccupation with your own beliefs -- and blaming bothyourself and others when things do not work out in your own interests.


        Very much wanting to be successful in all that you do, at times you aretemperamental, self-willed, over-confident and even brash. From your experiencein the Mars dimension after Jupiter and before your earthly reincarnation, youare often so active in pursuing your goals that you occasionally overshootthem. While Mars usually makes for tendencies toward anger and resentment, foryou most often the anger you feel is directed at yourself. Nonetheless you arelikely to be biased at times by your strong beliefs and opinions, and as aresult you may appear to others to be intolerant, even prejudiced.


        Also from your interlife experience in the giant Jupiterian dimensioncomes your inclination for having great thoughts and big plans dealing withlarge numbers of people and large amounts of money. In addition to beingintemperate and lacking in moderation, at times you are easily led, to thepoint of being taken advantage of by others. Defeats, especially financialones, may indeed come through the selfishness of others (in part due to yourlack of good judgment in business: avoid speculative investments).


          However,earnest analysis of your ideals -- especially those related to your materialgoals -- may well reveal that it is yourself rather than others which bringsabout these failures to follow through or succeed. For instance, while thereare indicators that you tend to be gullible upon occasion, more often it isyour own tendency to overextend yourself that gets you into difficulty.Constructive, creative outlets for to rechannel you emotionalism andexcitability include music, writing, religion and active, practical approachesto spirituality.


        So in carrying out an objective self-analysis, you might try honestly todetermine exactly why a given project went wrong, what role your own urgetoward excess played in the activity, how much was due to your actions ratherthan those of others and how it might be avoided in the future. In this sameself-healing process, an affirmation you might use either as a prayer, as anaid in your meditations or as a suggestion to your subconscious (alaself-hypnosis) could run something like: "When I catch myself taking ontoo much, I will slow down and see if the project is really too big for me tohandle. By watching myself in this way and moderating my actions I will achievebalance and be in a better position to be of service to others thislifetime." [1235-1, 1143-2, 953-4, 953-13, 1757-2]


Your Mars isconjoined with Saturn.


        You are always busy, both with your hands and with your mind. Yourambition, power drive and energy will always require a great deal of directionin the spiritual rather than the material or financial area of your life.


        However, because of a likely misuse in past lives, power may be deniedyou in this lifetime unless you put all your trust, purpose and hope in theChrist and His ways. Your tendency to worry and become blocked over situationsin which others disappoint you can be cleared up by trust in His power workingwith you.


        Now, Mars is the consciousness dimension concerned with activity andapplied energy related to material things. Positive expressions of Martianenergy include courage, valor and clean competitiveness. Negative expressionsare usually manifested emotionally as aggression and anger.


        On the other hand, Saturn is the realm of remolding by the necessity forchange. Martian energy is often restricted; for it must work within the commonsense boundaries of Saturn's urge for change and growth.


        This interplay of the forces of Mars and Saturn may manifest outwardlyas inertia on one hand or as serious challenges raised by those with whom youare associated, especially in career and financial decisions. The problematicactivities of those who oppose you are likely to involve their anger as well asyour own, or drives to satisfy personal wishes.


        In Saturn is therefore found many changes in your associations and activitieswith others, along with changes in your purposes and guiding ideals. As thesesomewhat traumatic changes have come in your life, your first reaction hasprobably been one of confusion. At these times you can always CHOOSE whether ornot to become involved in problems with others which cause you to lose yourhold on the real Life in you as manifested through the Christ-Consciousness.


        These personal power challenges are likely to remain with you until youchoose to recognize Saturn's potential for positive changes. Do this throughlosing your self wholly in the Christ and His purposes in always doing forothers. Consider not what others can do for you, but what you might do forthem. [3573-1, 1438-1]


Your Marsharmoniously aspects Uranus.


        Returning to the earth from an experience between lives in Uranus, youmade a well timed choice en route to make an extended visit in the Marsdimension. Your resourceful soul flight plan is reflected in an harmoniousgeometric aspect pattern between these planets at your birth. This flowingaspect is therefore prominent in your birth chart and bestows upon you anenergetic, courageous, highly individualistic and pioneering personality.


        With your great strength and endurance you are able to bear much in theway of heavy physical energy demands upon your body.


        Moreover, you are highly developed intuitively or clairvoyantly andmentally -- bordering on genius -- and have marked mechanical and scientificability.


        You also have considerable capacity for inventiveness in electronictechnologies such as computers, in design, especially architecture, and use ofelectro-mechanical methods in the healing arts (hydrotherapy and electricalmedicine are examples).


        Your extraordinary diversity of talents include athletics, law andcounseling as well.


        Together with a love of adventure, excitement and exploration, theseabilities and interests probably originated in past lives ranging from Atlantis(perhaps as a conqueror of new worlds in the Americas or early Egypt), toancient Persia and colonial America. [234-1]


Your Jupiterharmoniously aspects Neptune.


        You are one who would be called the old, or the more highly evolved, orgreater developed soul. You will benefit materially and spiritually thislifetime through applying your capacity to harmonize inner, soul-derivedintuitions and psychic perceptions -- from your experience in Neptune -- andyour outer, world-related judgment from Jupiter.


        In fact, you have a very unique and broad capacity for and receptivityto all things mystical, mysterious and creative (in both the natural andsupernatural sense). You are able to share with others the practical benefitsand material applications of mysticism and inner guidance as few may.


        In the application of your soul experiences in the realm of Neptune,with resultant mystical influences and unusual experiences in visions and indreams, when analyzed will be found to be most valuable to many an individualseeking to know the effect of metaphysical and mystical forces upon the humanfamily. Also, you could be an excellent investigator into traditionssurrounding lost civilizations like that of the Druids, Mayans or Atlanteans.


        When your mental and physical drives are from purely spiritual sourcesand your activities are entirely consistent with ideals of service for others,peace and harmony will be yours. However, when these promptings areself-centered, they will bring conflict not only mentally but materially,especially regarding your finances and health.


        Therefore, with gifts like yours, it is of the utmost importance tofirst find out through prayer and meditation what are your true motives, spiritualpriorities and ideals. Moreover, because of Neptune and its aspect at thisparticular time of the your sojourn into the earth, nearness to large bodies ofwater would enhance your spiritual and psychic attunement.


        Hence, engage yourself only in creative activities that are constructivespiritually; that is, which create new, positive experiences for many otherpeople. In addition to group healing endeavors and laying on of hands, youmight also pool your resources with likeminded individuals in the search forlost, hidden or esoteric knowledge. Yet do remember that your greatest personalgrowth will involve your psychic sensitivity: your greater development will bethrough the sensitivity in your intuitive abilities. [620-1, 670-1]


Your Jupiter isin an inharmonious pattern with Saturn.


        "The merchant is never the student, nor is the student ever themerchant." You might heed this saying, for your experience in Saturnbrings you such changes in your career that you may muddle it up by going intoo many directions at once. While you have a great deal of soul developmentpotential this lifetime -- and this go 'round for you is critical, as it is formost of us -- you could defeat yourself through an inclination at times to"give up." You thereby evade the responsibilities which come withhaving such powers and talents as you possess.


        The main self-defeating pattern to watch out for more specificallyinvolves your Saturnian urges for travel, a change of scene, always wanting afresh start and taking on far more than you can realistically handle. You arealso likely to need constant stimulation, with a tendency toward heroics, (butwithout sufficiently flexing your own spiritual muscles).


        Instead, your heroism and hero worship should be replaced withself-direction through following the IDEALS of spiritual heroes, patriarchs andprophets. An added reason for increasing the role of personal ideals forself-direction is your inclination to exploit situations rather than takingconstructive advantage of opportunities.


        This is not at all to say that you are irresponsible: quite thecontrary. You are much more likely to be in positions where you face heavyresponsibilities. However, confusions may often come as to the best way toderive the maximum benefit from them, both for yourself and for others. Withthese burdens comes a lifetime with a vast scope of experience, yet frequentlymisinterpreted by others (hence the confusion just mentioned).


        While at times taken advantage of because of it, you nonetheless usuallychoose to see only the good in others, and are a natural -- althoughoccasionally confused -- diplomat.


        In addition to diplomacy, your Jupiterian experience also gives youconsiderable vision in the financial, political, social and religious areas oflife. Applying yourself in these directions, especially though writing, a lotof help and good will come your way which you can share with a very wideaudience. [811-2, 1426-1, 1089-3, 2496-1, 773-1]


Your Saturnharmoniously aspects Uranus.


        From your experiences in Uranus and Saturn and a likely lifetime longago in ancient Atlantis, in the present you are able to integrate practicality,patience and common sense with intuition, initiative and originality. You aretherefore uniquely capable of pioneering leadership roles, for instance inintroducing Aquarian or "New Age" ideas into the more conservativemainstream.


        The essential requirement is that you depend more and more on yourselfand your own abilities. This self-assurance should apply not only to materialor financial matters but also should embrace your abilities to think thingsthrough on your own and to apply spiritual principles in your relationshipswith others.


        Whatever extreme changes that come to you are likely to be through theactions of others rather than any shortcomings of your own. Some changes willprobably result from your efforts to enlighten others through scientific,social, religious, humanitarian and political means, while having respect fortheir traditions and rights.


        Most of the changes in your experience will come periodically asopportunities for original accomplishments in new fields. Management andadministrative responsibilities in electronic communications media as well asparapsychology and esoteric sciences are also areas where you may accomplishmuch.


        After applying with characteristic determination your pioneering energy,often the status quo will be changed for the better. When this happens you mayoften find yourself free to change directions once more. Most of the time thesechanges will be opportunities for you to help others understand new approachesand theories which they would otherwise not accept without your initiative.[1934-1, 2630-1]


Your Uranus isin an inharmonious pattern with Neptune.


        Because Uranus and Neptune are farthest from the Sun, they move veryslowly. As a result the aspect patterns formed between them operate for alonger time than aspects between other planets. Therefore many souls made theirflight from these realms to begin a new earth life when this challenging aspectpattern between these two planets was in effect. In entering the earth plane,then, you along with many others came when these planetary influences wereadverse.


        While having gained in soul development in past lives, the outcome inyour present life depends entirely upon the application of your will. Yourindependent, at times extremist urges from Uranus and mystical intuition fromNeptune give you psychic-intuitive powers which can either be destructive ifused selfishly or constructive if your powers are used to serve others.


        It is absolutely necessary then that you set and apply the highestpossible motives and ideals of service this lifetime. If you control yourinclination to go to extremes, you can go very far in soul development. Whenyour mental forces are constructively balanced with the spiritual, growth MUSTcome. However, when your mind is attuned to selfish motives irrespective ofothers, the result MUST be destructive in the final analysis.


        Moderation and balance is also needed between your emotions and yourwill, between feeling and logic, for the extreme tendencies from yourexperience in Uranus set them at cross purposes. A form of spiritual fanaticismcan be one result of this lack of equilibrium, while another can be an edgy,touchy temper, with considerable nervous tension at times. This tendency to behigh strung in turn may have adverse effects on your health.


        Of equal importance is the need to be guided by the Christ Light in yourseeking for spiritual truths. Otherwise, deceptive, perhaps disturbing,mystical or astral experiences may be the result. It is far better to rely uponthe guidance of your own heart attuned to the Christ or God-consciousnesswithin than to rely upon any spirit entities or self-proclaimed spirit guides.In these special pursuits always be sure to emphasize spirituality rather thanspiritualism, service rather than self. [2799-1, 1735-2, 4415-1, 543-11]




        NOTE: The Zodiac signs of the Sun and Moon are

        analyzed below. First they will be analyzed in

        the Tropical zodiac. If the positions are

        different in the Sidereal zodiac, then they

        will also be analyzed in the Sidereal zodiac.

        Also, if the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac

        sign, then only the Sun position is interpreted;

         the Moon position, being thesame as the Sun

        position, does not need to be interpreted in

        this case.



             Your Sun is in Aquarius (Tropical zodiac).


        Aquarius makes for the application of your mental self, so that thereare tendencies for you to analyze carefully any given project, or anyundertaking dealing with the material world.  Also, the more often you undertake projects when others mustbe considered as well, it will be far better that you manifest a trulycooperative spirit while doing so.


        The planet ruled or symbolized by Aquarius is Uranus, which is thepurely Atlantean planet.  In otherwords, Uranus is the principal theme of Aquarius, and because Uranus is therealm of a distinctive Atlantean nature, then Aquarius is the zodiacal signbest symbolized by thoughts, personalities and activities akin to the series ofprehistoric "space age" civilizations known as Atlantis.


        For example, you may once have been involved with scientific discoveryand invention, and therefore in the present have the potential again forinvestigating more scientific or technical areas like computers, engineering,inventing, research, astrology and parapsychology, space travel and the like.


        Other similar experiences and abilities with high technologies rangingfrom electronics in medicine to communications are close to you in terms ofyour interests and abilities, yet are far away in time.  This is also true of a great number ofsouls who have incarnated in the twentieth century (especially since World WarTwo), with memories spanning many millennia between the present time and theancient Atlantean civilizations.


        Yet other lifetimes have surely intervened since your Atlanteanincarnation.  They could range frombeing an astrologer or magician in the courts of kings to a dedicated pioneerat the frontier of a new land.  Oryou may have been one who set sail for distant ports only to be carried away insearch of lost legends.  Otherlives, including the present one, could well feature you as one whose stridethrough life has labeled you as a dreamer, at least to more material-mindedsouls. [1265-1, 3902-2]


             Your Moon is in Taurus (Tropical zodiac).


        Taurus' influence inclines you to be somewhat headstrong, with a veryset and determined manner.  Henceyou are not always understood in everything you try to do, or in things whichyou know yourself to be true. Yet long-lasting are the influences you make onothers with whom you have deep associations from previous lives.


        Remember, success or accomplishment in life is not a matter of somegreat force or influence.  Just astaught by the Master, it is not the power of the storm or of the earthquake orof great noises and the like. Rather it is the still small voice speaking from within you whichbecomes the influence through which movements of truly great forces reallyarise.


        Since your childhood, being outdoors and living close to nature isprobably more significant to you than to most others. This love of nature andthe great outdoors is from one or more past lives spent on a farm or in naturesettings.  For ages countries onthe Mediterranean such as ancient Egypt, Greece and virtually all of theancient Mideast lived in close contact with nature.  So did the Native Americans of pre-Columbian America. Andsurely you were one of them.


        Farming, fishing and hunting then, are among your familiar pursuits(even if they only involve occasional outdoor activities like gardening,boating or indoors, tending flowers and plants).  You also probably have greater confidence in holistic,natural healing approaches than in modern medicine's "advanced" yet artificialtechnology.


        Now, Venus is the planet which rules or best symbolizes the essence ofthe sign Taurus.  Of course, Venussymbolizes the female sex. Centuries ago in oriental cultures women were more feminine -- andexperienced much more respect -- than today.  A lifetime in Asia and lands like China, then, are also alikely part of your past life experiences.[1149-1, 1641-1]


             Your Sun is in Capricorn (Sidereal zodiac).


        Capricorn's influence inclines you to be one who is both a materialistAND one interested in spiritual things.


        For instance, you were probably once among the natives of North America,who long before the white man set foot upon this shore, had developed an extraordinarilyrich and meaningful culture.  Infact, many things associated with the American Indians are likely to be innatetalents or otherwise special to you.


        From one or more lifetimes as a native American, you developed a knackfor being able to handle powerful changes in your life situation.  You also have an appreciation of thebalance and organized interplay of Mother Nature and her creatures, as wellthis natural ability to move with the flow of life around you.


        While you have a strong sense of independence and personal identity, youalso well understand the necessity for people to live and work together associal beings.  Therefore youacknowledge and accept the need for group organization, responsibility andstructured communications.


        Order, responsibility and structure, along with a capacity to cope andgrow with heavy changes in life, are also key influences of Saturn, the planetwhich rules or best symbolizes the sign of Capricorn.


        Now, because of your independent, down-to-earth attitude, carried overin part from past lives when your personal sense of identity was intense, youmay often experience a kind of power struggle with your partner. This attitudeprobably occurred often in times of military involvement with the ideals ofvictory with honor, such as during the Greek wars between ancient Sparta andAthens. [1869-1]


             Your Moon is in Aries (Sidereal zodiac).


        From Aries are found inclinations often to be considered by others asbeing headstrong. You may also be very hard to convince alongside judgments youhave made which have been the determining factors in your experience. Yet onceyou are convinced of something, you become very determined in that particulardirection.


         This tendency towardself-determination and being headstrong is probably rooted in at least onelifetime in ancient Palestine. Your likely link with the tribal nomads known as the Hebrews isexpressed in your urge either to be a powerful yet somewhat dogmatic leader orto be inclined to follow someone with strong leadership qualities.


        Also, living in large or extended family units dominated by a strongdirector or leader (whether male or female), having special admiration forwinners, or even being totally submissive to another person who you feel issomehow in charge of you and your life are characteristic inclinations fromsimilar experiences long ago.


        Of course, Mars is the primary planet which symbolizes or rules the signof Aries.  This makes Mars andmartial urges of special significance to you this lifetime.  Therefore, depending on whether or notyou apply your will, responding to conflict situations with directness andforce are likely to be among your subconscious urges.  These urges are from your prior experiences in the realm ofMars and from one or more past lives in the harsh, ancient desert culture ofIsrael and neighboring Arab lands.


        Also from Mars, the Ram influence and this past lifetime in ancientCanaan and Palestine you may feel a need not only to be a leader or directorbut to excel in your career or in more physical endeavors like exercising or acompetitive activities such as sports.[279-4, 340-15, 1804-1
                Your Past Life Decanates


          According to anancient Vedic astrology method

     still  practiced  in  India,  Past  Life Planets  are  realms

     in which yousojourned between earth lifetimes. They

     are  identified  through  the  position  of  your  sidereal

     Sun and Moon in thedecanates (a decanate is a one-

     third  division  of  a  zodiac  sign;  each  is  ruled  by  a

     planet).  Any patterns involving these Past Life

     Planets  are  therefore  of  special  importance.    Pay extra

     attention, then, toany sections of your Report which

     interpret  these  planets.


     NOTE:    If  your  Sun  and  Moon  are  both  located  in  a

     decanate which isruled by the same planet, then

     only  the  Sun  position  is  interpreted;  the  Moon's

     decanate position,being the same as the Sun's,

     therefore  does  not  need  to  be  interpreted.


           Your Sun is in Capricorn Decanate


     Your sidereal Sun isin the decanate of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn.  Saturn is the all-important realm towhich the soul casts itself for purging and cleansing.  Your likely sojourn between earth livesin Saturn's realm points to a major experience of soul reprogramming andself-purification.  This bringsinto your present the essential of a "fresh start" lifetime.


     Therefore, armed withself-discipline and excellent organizational and management skills, you willhave special opportunities for spiritual progress through the mature way inwhich you face heavy changes and responsibilities.  Also, an early death in one or more prior lives, especiallyin childhood (or perhaps even through suicide), is indicated.


           Your Moon is in Aries Decanate


     Your sidereal Moon isin ARIES decanate, which is ruled by Mars.  Mars as Past Life Planet points to an active, outdoor,courageous, passionate yet at times warlike nature.


     Your exceptional willto survive and endure is built up from military-related lifetimes in theancient Greco-Roman world or more recently (within the past century) inpioneering experiences in Great Britain/Europe, colonial Asia, Africa and/orthe Americas.