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Locality Interpretation for

George W. Bush

 at Washington, DC





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New York, NY 10003



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     Name:       George W. Bush
     Date:        Jul 06, 1946
     Time:        07:26:00 AM EDT  +04:00
     Place:        New Haven,CT       
                      072W55'43"  41N18'29"


Locality Interpretation For
Washington, DC     074W00'23"  40N42'51"
Aug  1, 2002 to Jul 31, 2003



 Permanent Influences (Lines):
Pluto Ascendant

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Temporary Influences (CCG):
Venus IC
Jupiter Ascendant

Temporary Influences (CCG to ACG):



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A Locality Interpretation Prepared for George W. Bush



One thing is certain about you, no matter where you are -- you're one of the people who gets a lot out of life because you look beneath appearances and are willing to think for yourself, astrology being somewhat off the beaten track these days. So what is ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY*EXPLAINED? It's based on the common, instinctive idea that a person has different chances, luck, experiences or options in different localities -- that you aren't exactly the same person in New York that you are in Los Angeles. It works by looking at the planets' relationships to the places you've asked about at your birth moment. If a particular planet was especially powerful in the location noted when you were born, then the affairs that it symbolizes should predominate if you travel there, reside there or even have anything to do with that location from some other place.

Since 1976, when the now-standard ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY technique was introduced, wide acceptance by both the astrological community and the public has validated it. In addition, ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY has been able to benefit from the actual experiences of the thousands who have ordered its maps. The product of this experience is this new service.


To understand how this information will be useful, perhaps we should question why people move around so much in the first place. In addition to the obvious reasons are psychological ones. Psychologists (Carl Jung especially) have suggested that people instinctively seek wholeness, or a completeness of their experience. If it's true that different locations accent different parts of your potentials, moving offers a way to speed evolution, to get acquainted with new parts of yourself. So if you find that a location you are obliged to reside at is one in which some of the more problematical influences predominate (such as Saturn, Neptune, etc.), you should look beneath the superficial and immediate desires and concerns of your life and try to understand what emerging consciousness has brought you here. Every location is good for something, and you would not be considering living in a difficult one for no reason. Also, don't get frightened if some of the interpretations sound extreme or perilous. Every planet has numerous possible manifestations, and, while we've tried to include them all here, rarely do the more extreme ones occur. The point in this report is to enable you to anticipate the nature of influences at your potential residence and so become able to recognize and utilize their most positive manifestations.

Different people are apt to react differently to the same astrological influence. You will feel more comfortable with what you already know, so certain planets will be easier for you to live under than others. For example, if you are a woman with traditional values, Mars and the Sun will possibly pose more problems for you than for a man, since the qualities and life experiences associated with these planets are not usually socially encouraged in women's upbringing. Similarly, men will find the Moon and Venus more challenging. People who tend to follow external authorities and believe in society's order as unchallengeable may find themselves more at home under Jupiter and Saturn lines, and stressed by new experiences under Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, while individualists and the more self-reliant will reverse these reactions.

You might find it useful to realize that, when faced with challenging astrological potentials, it is sometimes easy to "project" these onto your mate or partner, seeing the emerging parts of your own psyche as things THEY are doing. If your interpretations seem to fit your mate, realize that these things are happening because of possibilities in yourself that you aren't ready to face, and try to develop the positive sides of the astrological potentials described.


But the most important thing to realize is that every location is good for something; if you recognize and understand its potentials, you can use them constructively. You'll find that in some instances you don't even have to travel or live in the location -- that its influence affects you through people who come from there, or remote concerns, such as business, cultural or other life interests that symbolize those psychological potentials described by this report.

So here goes with the ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY*EXPLAINED analysis of the locations you're interested in. We hope it opens up for you opportunities to find what you're looking for in life; but we also hope it enables you to look beneath the surface, to see patterns in your own development and your instinctive growth toward wholeness.


Washington, DC



This locality is under a very powerful influence; as you read the following description, realize that since you are extremely close to the exact, dead-center of the influence, your time spent here is almost certain to be unusual, powerful, and constitute a very important chapter in your coming-to-acceptance of the life activities and potentials symbolized. You would do well to judge the level of previous experience and acceptance that you have developed for these life activities, and expect that you will be forced to grow beyond this. If the type of activities and concerns identified seem to be ones that you do not wish to deal with as part of your daily experience, perhaps you should consider residence in a different locality, or at least try to locate yourself 300 miles or more east or west of the chosen locality, where this influence would be considerably moderated.



On a vacation or short stay, you probably won't have time to develop the deeper and more permanent changes listed below, but you might encounter a symbol or person who stands for a self that you may become at some future time. This awareness can be precipitated by exposure to the concept of mortality in some form, which could include sexuality as well as birth or death. This is a likely location for "self-renovation," particularly if undertaken consciously, such as in psychoanalysis, or for other types of peak experience. In Pluto's realm, the structures of society and selfhood give way to a more universal order. Do be careful though, especially if the ideas described below are repugnant to you.


If you are tired of three-dimensional reality, the laws of physics, cause and effect, and society, this zone may be congenial, as here the odds are continually defied, firsts and lasts in life are encountered, and actual miracles can happen. Most people would rather not think much about death -- we live as if we were immortal and feel that death is something that happens to other people, hopefully ones we don't know. But awareness of mortality is an important motivation for the quality and energy of life; philosophers have counseled us to live each day as if it were our last, and the power and intensity of the sexual experience stems from its relation to death, as through reproduction the individual is born anew. Death is the opposite pole from birth, and sex the bridge between the two. Residence in this zone will immerse you in experiences somehow allied to these peak-intensity realities, and images of rebirth, renewal, destruction, eroticism, alienation, rape, and leave-taking are apt to prevail. Exposure to such universal truths poses problems, as much of the world's day-to-day operations (like concepts of property and privilege) are predicated on ideas of immortality and continuity. In touch with absolutes, you tend to see yourself and others as one in five billion, truly equal in mortality, and exposure to (or awareness of) death changes your perspectives on life, leaving you seeing it with greater depth and clarity.

The theme of social alienation is prominent here, and you will probably do something to isolate yourself from normal, day-to-day, superficial, and trivial social intercourse, then complain about this self-imposed rejection, lamenting your image of outlaw or social pariah. You should have thought of that when you made yourself a focus or symbol of social forces. Total inner transformation of the kind stimulated by this zone demands total isolation and an awareness of the unique and lonely position of the individual as focus of the whole; it's impossible to communicate your self-perceived position in infinity and fate. Withdrawal from family and other unquestioned alliance underlies a war with anything that tries to define or confine you. Such total personal transformation is not pleasant, usually, as ferment and death of parts of self must precede new growth. The fields must be burned for new planting.


Pluto was, of course, the god of the underworld and lord of dead souls. His kidnap of Persephone in the myth adds to the concepts of mortality and finality, those of rebirth, loss of virginity, the imprisoned female, abduction, and birth, and suggests that within the female (and her capacity for childbirth) lies the potential to transcend death, to return from Hades. There is also implication of renewal through peak experience and the erotic, as well as symbolic association with resurrection motifs. Through all the trauma, identity is purged, and a new self emerges, enlarged by the intensity and greater depth it has experienced.

The earlier stages of consciousness of this zone are apt to center on loss, as it is only through this that the new can be given room to grow. A loved one may leave your life; childhood may be "lost," with a resultant resentment against family; virginity and "innocence" may be lost, creating a resentment against sexuality or perhaps the opposite sex. Social position or status may be lost, with a resultant feeling of alienation and outlaw consciousness -- you alone pitted against everyone else. This stage sees a wounded pride and an "I'll get even" mentality that can run the gamut from self-destructive despair to firearms fetishism, with the emphasis on how much you have been wronged. A more mature outlook centers on acceptance and begins to adapt to the new situation. Depression and pessimism are internalized and gnaw less evidently at the outer personality, but there is a feeling that life will never be the same. Finally, in stages of mature, conscious awareness of the power and nature of this zone, you are able to see the immortality that is afforded by the perishing of old forms and their replacement with the new. Life's limitations are seen as its motivations, and its losses are seen as a necessary part of the equation of existence. In this stage, true magic is possible, as this alchemy of mortality is Nature's secret of creation; when understood on inner psychological planes, it allows the transcendence of physical laws, along with sentimentality, illusions, even blind hope and faith. The butterfly emerges from the cocoon, and just when hope was abandoned, a miracle occurs, redirecting life with a singleness and purpose only dreamed of before. For those who give up the pleasures of the trivial, nature awards the absolute.


In light of the foregoing, it should be clear that it takes a special sort of person to enjoy and prosper in this intense and powerful zone. But it is hard to know who will or won't, as anyone is apt to change radically here, perhaps into a person who enjoys intensity more. But the process will be more painful if you're the type who shies away from the darker side of life experience, wants life to be pleasant, ordinary, superficial, social, and stable. If the power of sexuality frightens you and changes or upheaval elicit more fear than anticipation, then this zone may be particularly trying for you, but the depth with which your experience is rewarded may be all the more needed. People attached to their possessions, who feel that money constitutes security, also have problems, as the experiences of this zone force acknowledgement of the impermanence of material reality and how it is underlain by the more powerful laws of energy exchange and equilibrium.

As a man, your tendency may be to relate to the separativeness and intensity of this zone with a brutal competitiveness, a rebellious, outlaw mentality, becoming resentful and alienated from society as a result of some real or imagined injustice to which you have been subjected. Often there is an isolation from women or a tendency to objectify relationships into the purely sexual. Femininity seems alien and absent or can take threatening forms, as in designing and treacherous relationships; this may extend to the broader concepts of cooperation, community, and society, which you tend to deny yourself. Relationships of all kinds center around power, money, and possessions and you learn, rather unwillingly, a new respect for your limits in an unequal society.


On more immediate and practical levels, while in this area, you may come into closer contact than before with the central themes of death and rebirth; partnerships may undergo transformation, relationships become intensely competitive, or people close to you might pass away, leaving you with a more intimate and painful grasp of this universal reality. Sex is also apt to become more prominent in your life, and firsts in erotic experience often are encountered here. Socially, power struggle seems the key concept in this zone, and your relationship with society may center on oppression or persecution, with resultant formation of self-reliance and resentment against authority and "normalcy." If you do not experience these realities directly, they may come to you through other people, and outlaws, criminals, underworld types, and the extremely powerful and unprincipled may enter your life. There is even the possibility of becoming the victim of violent crime, but this is most often the case only when people repress the other, less extreme expressions of this energy, so that it has no choice but to manifest outwardly and beyond your control. All these uncommunicable experiences and traumas serve to assure that the rest of your life will be shorn of some of the illusions that most of us live in, and this heightened awareness of reality, like that of a Nazi concentration camp survivor at a cocktail party, makes you somewhat unwelcome, as you force recognition of issues most of us would rather forget.

Obsessions are also often experienced here, and when they have passed or you have moved elsewhere, you will wonder at the power of an idea and the hold it held over you. In this zone, you are stripped to your essence, and in learning a weighty lesson, you acquire a sensual depth, a magnetic charisma that requires you to live in a world more real than most. Your work may deal with these vital issues in some way, as, for example, counseling the recently traumatized or bereaved. Flies, wolves, or dogs are among the symbols of death and decay which may surface frequently as signs of the change going on within. Money, itself a potent symbol of how material reality can acquire a life of its own, will be a preoccupation or obsession in this area. The acquisition of depth is the overriding purpose of what happens to you here, and any attempts to forestall this will only up the ante. Better to make a study of mortality and to seek understanding of the extremes of human possibility.


Even if you cannot travel to these zones, they are apt to stand in your mind for absolutes, firsts, lasts, and beginnings. People from these places may arrive as great changes are about to beset your life, or, similarly, you may be a catalyst for change in other's lives who live there. The symbols of decay, fermentation, and rebirth may be associated somehow with this locality and, a total resurrection of your possibilities may accompany any dealings with it.


The particular position that  occupied in this location at your birth will direct this type of energy and experience particularly into certain life areas; while the most important thing to understand is the underlying meaning and psychological principle, these are apt to manifest more obviously in specific life areas than in others.


The position of Pluto in this location tends to powerfully evolve your self-concept, and peak-experience and mortality themes will work through your own sense of identity, which will undergo considerable change and transformation here. You feel passionately about what moves you, committed, intensely competitive, and easily affronted, particularly by those in authority. Others see you as hypnotically charismatic, memorable, somehow dangerous, and associate you with things and ideas they'd rather forget. So you spend a lot of time alone, which alienation has the effect of intensifying sexual needs. You may come to identify yourself with transformation and enlist in an endless progression of self-improvement courses in the desire to transform yourself into something entirely different. You act as catalyst for change in the lives of others -- people who come under your influence may have just survived, or are just about to enter, periods of their lives where great upheaval and chaos occur.

For your own part, you want privacy and isolation, spend a great deal of your time alone, hide some aspect of yourself from others, and seem more private, enigmatic, and mysterious than usual. People see you instinctively as a leader or a menace, and the hidden power within you brings to consciousness repressed rebellion, challenge, rejection of authority, and desire for change in those you deal with. There is danger here, especially for people who prefer to ignore harsh realities; conversion experiences, near-death encounters, social ostracism, and scapegoating all are unfortunate possibilities. Phobias and fears develop, especially social ones, and you are all too aware of society's inclination to blame its problems on those who are "different." Intense experiences involving supernatural or archetypal forces occur, yet when all seems lost, you can pull miracles out of your hat and save the day. The total personal transformation may be very physical here -- changes in appearance, body, and "aura" see you renewed by the forces by which you are purged. Issues of possessiveness, jealousy, domination, money, and sexuality become central, making it hard to have a simple, pleasant, friendly relationship with anyone. You are indomitable, but get a little tired of proving it.

This location is a little west of the actual planetary influence; therefore, among the possibilities listed above, those involving your direct perception of your own personality and identity should be where most of the action manifests. You will probably come to identify strongly with the various functions, energies, personality attributes, and activities of this zone, and consciously incorporate them into your repertory of personality options. Power comes from recognizing the nature and potency of this influence, which you can come to symbolize in a very real way for others --      exaggerate it, consciously act out the positive aspects of its role, and you'll find other people empower you, recognizing your instinctive ability to handle energies that make them uncomfortable, or which they do not understand. In your personal relationships, you will often play the role assigned by this psychological influence, and your partner may well play whatever is opposite. Success comes from accepting this role and learning to manage and project it consciously.


The material presented above describes the most potent and significant planetary influences operating at the location you have designated at the time of your birth. It is these concerns and manifestations that should demand your concentrated attention, and it could be suggested that it is to assimilate and understand this type of experience that you have considered residence in this locale. However, there are additional, less potent influences, that also operate here, due to the geographical latitude at which it is located, a latitude that has special importance for you. These influences will constitute a "subplot" or subsidiary influence while you are here, influences of about one-third the power of the major ones described above, and ones which are apt to manifest in relationships especially -- with either you or your partner acting them out.

The following influence is so weak that it may entirely escape notice. Still, it is an option that can be developed, if desired, and will manifest more strongly if it relates well with your personality or other influences present at this location.



Obviously, the influences of the Sun and Moon together identify a locality where the concepts of male and female are related, and one where your sexual or social identity may reach some sort of crossroads. Men may for the first time get in touch with the full power of their nurturing instincts, and feel a "mothering," gentle and supporting personality within them; women may find opportunities to enact long-held dreams and career desires, especially if these involve acting out individuality in the public arena. Either sex may become parents here, and you can perceive the interaction of your family "karma" or inheritance as it conflicts with or supports your ego and its needs. Shallow egocentricity could result, or a rebellion from authority that masks overcompensation for feelings of inadequacy and expresses a resentment that the only behavior that is "approved" is one that allows little latitude for individuality.

Sexual and personal polarities are intensified, so that it is hard to relate to the opposite sex except through conventional, marital gender-cliches, often ones patterned after one's parents, for better or worse. The need for others' approval (parents included) is powerful, and while you are able to attract situations that you want, you feel somewhat out of control. You may here become acutely aware of a social role that has been "ordained" for you and resent its inevitability, feeling (correctly) that it ignores your individuality. This is not an area where you grapple with cosmic issues, and your life concerns seem ordinary, involved with conventional values and what others think. The purpose of being here is to integrate selfhood and social position, but until that is done you may attract, seek, or act out dependent roles or shallow authoritarianism, often in a manner too wholeheartedly supported by your social milieu, which doesn't want to deal with real issues any more than you do.


In addition to the permanent, lifelong planetary influences described above, which affect the location you inquired about no matter when you reside there or deal with it, there are also important influences of a temporary nature. These operate strongly during the period about which you inquired (this year if you did not specify a time period).



 Venus to Natal Pluto

The period you designated for residence in this locale is one in which its potentials are strongly activated and actualized, though in perhaps the least disruptive and confrontive way possible. Processes of change, growth, intense personal unfolding, and evolution are likely accomplished through the agency of relationship, and while this may mean that stable, important relationships such as marriage are under stress or compulsion to change and grow, they also act to spur you on to realization of who you truly are and your purpose in the world. Instead of seeing sex and relationship as ends in themselves, or in terms of possessiveness and commitment, you must become aware of their catalyzing effect and how they act as precursors to emerging parts of personality and consciousness. A symbol of this realization may be an attraction to rather rebellious, asocial types, or even to outlaws, the alienated and unique, who act out or require recognition of super-social aspects of your own potentials. Obsessions and unreasonable fixations may occur from time to time, as any breaks with the past often result in a compulsive need to attach yourself to whatever first offers itself in an attempt to fill the void. Financial matters here reflect the general instability and become involved with larger issues, the economy, and your own personal problems. This period, which is apt to last about a year, is good for settling up old accounts and making final and clean breaks with the past, as such can be accomplished with a minimum of trauma and heartbreak.



During the time period you designated for residence in this zone, there is a powerful temporary influence, lasting about three months, though possibly briefly recurring throughout the year. When it is past, your reactions to this zone should return to conformity with its lifetime indications described above, but during this period, expansiveness, optimism, and increased self-esteem are promoted by external events which offer opportunities, honors, rewards, and recognition. You will be dealing significantly with concepts of conformity and social or cultural regulation at this time, most likely through authorities' recognition or reward of your accomplishments, but your appetite for success and wealth may exceed the benevolence of even this fortunate influence, as you complain that what has been offered you is not enough or is not what you wanted.

Objectively, however, business is apt to be excellent, and opportunities proliferate; social advancement occurs, and health improves. Progress is made in an atmosphere of plenty and surplus. Others see you as somehow deserving of recognition and honor (perhaps subtly unwanted or limiting to freedom and individuality), and your teaching and healing abilities are at peak effectiveness now. You exude leadership and "quality" and expect everyone to acknowledge an inherent superiority which you feel now, an expectation that may not lodge well with the less trendy and fashion-conscious of your acquaintances. Too bad for them, though, since you may now be admitted to the company of the rich and famous (albeit briefly), expand your social circle, and find you have more (too much?) to do to worry about depressing problems. Others' rights and opinions may not seem very important right now, as you feel your way is the only right way and that this opinion is validated by the new world of opportunity which seems to be opening for you. In the midst of all this hope for the future, keep in mind this influence is short-lived, and try to accumulate durable and real accomplishments.


These, then, are the important astrological influences which affect this location, now and in the future. Needless to say, they all won't manifest the moment you arrive, but will indeed emerge as the most powerful psychological potentials over time.


This concludes our enumeration and description of the planetary influences, permanent and temporary, that affect the locations that you submitted. As you have observed, some of the information is psychological in nature, as it is the belief of ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY that planets act, not through any mystical "power" or magic, but by paralleling potentials in the human psyche, and in orderly and comprehensible fashion, marking the development of this maturity. It is hoped that you are able in this way to see that there are really no "good" or "bad" locations for you -- that in the process of growing into mature completeness, you will have to experience every psychological possibility. At best, this report will work to inform you what these are for you in the locations you are considering, letting you know what to expect, and so empowering you to be able to utilize the most positive possibilities.