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Relating Potential Report
Who attracts you? Who do you attract? This Report discusses your relationship skills, strengths, and attractions-- as well as potential setbacks. It considers all aspects of relating including sexual and psychological. More...


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[ArtCharts] Inspired Astrology Newsletter Archive

New Moon in Taurus: May 5, 2008

Full Moon in Scorpio-Taurus: April 20, 2008

New Moon in Aries Edition: April 5, 2008

Full Moon Edition: March 21, 2008

New Moon Edition: March 7, 2008

Full Moon Edition: February 20, 2008

New Moon Edition: February 6, 2008

Special Mercury Retrograde Edition: January 28, 2008

Full Moon Edition: January 22, 2008

New Moon Edition: January 8, 2008

Full Moon Edition: Friday, December 21

New Moon Edition: Sunday, December 9

Full Moon Edition: SUPER Full Moon: Saturday, November 24

New Moon Edition: Friday, November 9

Full Moon Edition: Friday, October 26

New Moon Edition: Thursday, October 11

Full Moon Edition: Wednesday, September 26

New Moon/Solar Eclipse Edition: Tuesday, September 11

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Edition: Tuesday, August 28

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