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The North Node in Virgo

True North Node in Virgo November 11, 2015 - May 9, 2017

The Lunar Nodes precesses, or moves backwards through the zodiac. The Nodes spend approximately a year and a half in each sign, completing an entire orbit in about 18 years.

As the Lunar North Node precesses into Virgo, the question to ask yourself is - how am I going to STOP being a victim? After the past year and a half of the North Node in Libra, you are now ready to apply the balance of giving of receiving so you can stop being a martyr and start giving service to the world - without being a victim of the world - or yourself. Ready or not, it's time to get 'out there' and make your contribution.

In different ways, we all play the martyr role at times. Poor us. We give and give and get no recognition or appreciation or what we hoped for in return. So we give more. The truth is - no one can ever give you what you can give yourself. Giving to yourself gives you more to share with the world, without the baggage of expecting - or needing - anything in return - unless those are the terms of giving. When you work a job, the condition is that you are giving to earn; you will be paid for your work. This is different than unconditional giving that opens the free flow of giving and receiving.

There is so much you can do to help others heal, get organized, understand. You may find talent in a craft or perfect a craft. If you're "just working a job," you may come to see that as an act of supreme self-love as you keep body & soul together. You may notice details that previously escaped your attention, helping you to dig deeper and more clearly explain things to your clients, patients, customers, or co-workers.

Virgo North Node is an excellent time to get grounded. You can avoid getting spacey and focus on the job at hand.


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